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If you’re still taking drabble requests: could you do soft zouis on a chilly fall morning just being domestic with their three cats?

Sorry this is late but inspiration just randomly hit me just now so here it is!

Every morning without fail Daredevil follows Louis out into the backyard for his morning cigarette. Sometimes he has a cup of tea in his hand and nearly spills it, sometimes he trips over his own feet, sometimes he doesn’t want her to go out because she’s taken to eating grass and that never leads to anything good. Most of the time, Zayn catches her by her middle and holds her in the middle of the backyard so she gets her fill of the birds chirping and the morning air, far enough away that she’s not breathing in the smoke.

This morning is no different, except this is one of those rare times where he hasn’t yet swallowed a bit of cat fur. Just as Daredevil’s about to slip through Louis’ legs, he squeezes his legs together. But that just means that she wraps around his ankle and sinks her claws right into the sensitive skin. Louis yelps, nearly squashes her in his attempt to stop from taking another step, and goes tumbling down onto the concrete. The only things that keeps him from scraping up his hands are the oversized sleeves of his jumper.

A series of mewls and whines come from inside the house as Louis lies on the ground, trying to recover. Daredevil walks across his stomach, and he grabs her to stop her from getting away. Two more cars climb on top of him.

“For fuck’s sake,” he groans.

“Really living up to her name this morning, eh?” Zayn plucks the cat from him as he gently shoos the other two away and reaches a hand out to help Louis up. “Are you alright?”

Louis tucks his face into Zayn’s neck. “My arse hurts.”

“Could think of a few ways to fix that.”

It makes Louis laugh, which is hopefully what Zayn was going for. He pinches Zayn’s hip, who doesn’t even flinch. Louis is losing his authority in this house.

“Haven’t even had me morning tea and you’re already trying to get me back into bed?”

“Alright, old man, let’s get you your tea.”

Louis settles uncomfortably on the couch. His arse really does hurt. Thankfully, Zayn isn’t opposed to bringing him his tea and some cereal while he scolds Daredevil in a series of cooing whispers. Apollo and Freida just stare at the two of them from the opposite end of the couch, the only sign of them being alive being their excitement when Zayn returns. The two of them settle on his lap, making Louis pout.

“Why can’t they share? Just because they were here first doesn’t mean I’m any less important.”

Louis’ injury must’ve opened a particularly soft spot today, because he sets the cats on the carpet with a soft thud, and takes Daredevil from Louis to do the same. He tugs Louis into his space, letting him drape half across his body in a way that makes Louis afraid that he’s going to crush him.

“Relax, you’re not going to crush me.”

Sometimes Louis forgets that he, too, is all bony edges on a slim frame.

The cats don’t stay away for long, but Louis gets his fill. He sips his tea while Zayn holds his weight, hand secure on Louis’ hip. He takes care to brush his fingers through Louis’ hair, and the attention and coddling and comfort gives Louis that perfectly sweet feeling in his chest.

Louis pecks Zayn’s cheek with a kiss. “Love ya.” He makes sure to exaggerate his accent.

Zayn laughs, catches Louis’ lips with his own. “Shut up.”


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Everyone loves Louis: a fact. [Part 1]

[Part 2]  [XFactor Edition]

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If I had the necessary computer skills I would totally make a masterpost entitled 'Louis is loved by all the boys' with relevant multiple images and gifs to correspond because I am convinced that all of the boys were/are in love with Louis and I don't blame them in the least.

Don’t worry, anon, I’ve got you!


He just tears out a chest hair!! And Niall just…lets him!

Here we have two babies!

Niall GUSHING about Louis’s music and supporting him!

“I thought it was a very honest interview. I thought he was brilliant in it. But he knows that none of us every thought that, or think that. He’s an unbelievable guy, a great singer and someone that if…if…y'know, I’d say that we would have lost the plot along the way if we hadn’t had Louis. He was a very very very, extremely vital member of One Direction.” - Niall on the Observer interview.

Louis gently teasing Niall!

I watch your back and you watch mine!!


Someone insulted Niall and Louis gives them the cold stare! No wonder Niall adores Louis!

Look at that body language!

Look at his smile!!


Look how gentle!

Louis teasing Liam and Liam being giggly about it! (BONUS: Harry’s fond face)





Me too Liam!

Another favourite!


I mean, do we even have to talk about it, like!

(x x x x x x x x x x )

And finally, because it is a part of their history,


(x x x x)

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I seem a post from a while back where you called zayn a group mom by scolding the others and being protective and I can see it, but can you think of any times where he particular showed it or do you have a masterpost??

I don’t think I did, but have a mini-masterpost:

Zayn sticking up for Niall and telling him he doesn’t have to do something during an interview.


Telling Niall he can spit out his vegemite after he tastes it for the first time and finds it really not to his liking.

Taking Liam to task for not coming up with genuine compliments about Niall during an interview section.

Feeding Niall against the rules during 1D Day because Niall is always hungry and it was a very long day.

Worrying about Louis falling off the stage and trying to corral him.

Fixing Louis’ sleeves for him during one of the hotter concerts.

Tying shoes.

Being careful about water safety.

Protecting Liam when the jokes get a little too rough.

And again.

Watching out for Liam after he broke his arm.

And again when Liam was under the weather.

Saving Harry from becoming a shish kabob.

Standing up for Harry’s reputation during an interview.

And again.

Making sure Harry didn’t poison himself.