Conquering Six Enemies of Deep Point of View

Some roleplays require you to write in third person deep point of view (different to third person POV). Here’s a few tips that’ll help you with this narrative voice! Please note that this wasn’t written by me, and credit goes here. [x]

So you know the rules of point of view (POV), the difference between first and third person. You understand what writers refer to as “deep POV.” You’ve decided you want to write that way, offering your reader an immersive experience in the thoughts and senses of your character. But when looking at your scenes, how do you know you’re writing deep? And if you’re not, how do you start?

1) Eliminate sense verbs; instead, describe the sense itself. This is the difference between He saw a flower growing through the gaps in the fence and A flower grew through the gaps in the fence. In the first, the reader is seeing the character see something. In the second, the reader is seeing what the character sees. For the same reason, deep POV characters should never remark on their own blushing cheeks or white smile (unless they’re standing in front of a mirror). This principle can be applied to all of the senses, almost all the time. He heard an alarm blaring from the hallway vs. An alarm blared from the hallway. Tell us the coffee tasted too sweet, not that she tasted the coffee.

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♔ five cutesy couple scenarios

So I got an anon asking for a masterlist of cute things to do as a couple, and instead of just listing a ton of things, I’ve decided to write up little paragraphs about my five favourite cutesy couple scenarios.

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-Zoey. x

#1 - Time to Bake [x]

Baking is always a fun way of getting to know your significant other. You get to learn about their favourite flavours, their cooking habits, and whether or not they’d got a few tricks up their sleeve. Plus the act of actually baking something together, whether it comes out successful or not, is almost intimate in a way because the two of you devoted time to create something together. One of my favourite scenarios are when it turns out both characters can’t bake (or one of them messed up the recipe somehow) and they end up getting fake angry and start tossing flour at each other before erupting in laughter. Little things you can include in this interaction are nose kisses, and maybe even tracing little icing tattoos on one another’s arms and faces.

#2 - Cherry Blossoms in the Spring [x]

Cherry Blossoms have always been associated with romance. In Japan, tourists fly over every Spring to see the blossoms in full bloom with their significant other. It’s the perfect place for wedding photos to be taken or as a location for their honeymoon. My favourite Cherry Blossom scenario (works with any type of flower, really) would be one of the characters live on a street with flowering trees, and after the two characters have a fight, perhaps break up even and one of them returns home out of upset in the Winter. After both characters have bided their time through the cold, and Spring has twined it’s way through the frost and ice again, they feel the need to be with their significant other and the character who didn’t move home goes to visit the one who has. They meet in the middle of the street, petals drifting to rest in their hair as they whisper their apologies and seal it with a kiss.

#3 - Baby, You’ve Got Game [x]

Stereotypically, guys are better than girls when it comes to gaming. One of my favourite scenarios are when the guy becomes a little too cocky and offers up a challenge for her to choose any game to play, and if she wins, he’ll do whatever she asks him to. Much to his surprise, instead of choosing the games he’s used to playing, she chose Mariokart, a game he hasn’t touched in years. Although intrigued by her choice, he doesn’t doubt his chances so when the two sit down to play and she wins the first two rounds, he’s decided to intervene before she wins the third and last one. That’s when he tickles her until she’s bursting with laughter and the two of them engage in a tickle fight on the living room floor until one of them begs for mercy. This is also the day she gains his respect as a gamer as she’s defied the stereotype – guys aren’t always better than girls when it comes to gaming.

#4 - Round and Round, the Carnival’s in Town [x]

When the carnival comes to visit town, everyone’s excited. It’s a new place for the townspeople to go, and provides a new land of adventures for the young and the curious to explore. There are so many things you could do in this scenario so I’m going to give you a few ideas. One of the characters could be afraid of heights, and the other has to comfort them with kisses when they’ve stopped at the highest point of the ferris wheel. One of the characters could adore rides that make your adrenaline pump while the other is a little bit terrified. Regardless, the one who’s terrified keeps quiet about it until they’re on the ride, and to let them know it’ll all be okay, the couple holds hands for the entire ride as they scream together through the twists, loops, and turns.

#5 - I’ll be your Lighthouse, if you’ll be my Sea [x]

Living by the water had never impressed your character very much. The beach was where they’d grown up, and by the age of ten, they’d explored and memorized every nook and cranny of the sandy strip. But that was before they’d met their significant other. After they became a couple, visits to the beach became a norm. There are many things you can do at the beach, so I’m just going to give you a few ideas. The couple could be swimming, and get into splashing fights – if you want a little bit of drama, one of them could accidentally swallow some water or have some trouble staying afloat, and the other freaks out and goes to see if they’re alright/completely over reacts. One of my absolute favourites could be they stayed up all night talking by the bonfire (and eating s'mores) until the fire dies out. At this point, it’s pretty late, but neither of them want to return home so they decide to go out and look for driftwood. Walking across the beach, they come across sea turtles making their way onto the sand to dig nests to lay eggs in, so they sit a little ways away and huddle together in the cold night as they watch the sea turtles return to the water, and wait for the eggs to hatch.


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