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We were lucky and could see this grand entertainer live at Zosch were The Wings of desire also played on this evening (video comming soon). But after these songs my battery was empty. However, you should watch this great video and check https://www.gigmit.com/stephen-paul-taylor I am a fan now.

All downloadable ZP/Zustand D./Del_F64.0 tracks: https://soundcloud.com/user7837942/sets/pest-of-del_f64-0

Del_F64.0 is a two women project dealing with political activism, music & art.

We face sexistic and genitalistic / bodyfashistic violence and exclusion any day, we know the structures, the stupid and lazy excuses of anyone, the fear of all the stupid machowankers of what their friends could say, what other ppl think of them and that their education program could be wrong, but plz. - we bet all sexistic, lookistic, racistic and sexism-tolerant ppl to fuck off and die immediately.

We like to say fuck you and die to anyone trying to question our femaleness, cuz we were born with dicks and violently forced to behave like we would be male for many years - what shows nothing except that this society is a piece of dumb crap trying to break the power of anyone not fitting into its filthy social corsets drawn up with fear and poison.

They say “woman = vagina / man = dick”
I say “Suck my female dick & suffocate!

Antigenitalism means fuck their bodyfashistic propaganda.

Women have different bodies. They can have ANY body.

Men too.

Other genders the same.

Every “gender-cop” who feels funny, important or mighty while asking people about their gender in an offensive way or, just more turdish, is telling people which gender or sex they “really” have (in the gender-cops mind or their genitalistic suggestion) to attack them and demonstrate them who has “the power” of the brainwashed majority´s acceptance, deserves to die in a cruel and slow way laying on the floor and getting kicked 696 in his/her dishonorable face by us.

This is evident as it is evident that every time has its stupid human scum that is suggested to be “normal” while spreading repression, stupidity and turdish, conservative values which result into hierarchic and fear conducted thinking and acting of groups and individuums.

We fight against this discrimation & repression every fucking day.
Don´t believe I would only talk about that for fun.

Our music and art is unsepparable from these experiences and our resulting social and economical situation (which might be okay in comparation to situations in other parts of the world, but still not because wrong assigned people like us are getting problems in every state of the world because of official and legal repression and they are our mental “tribe” because we all share a specific kind of today´s repression that we are fighting).

We are having a fight against the majority everywhere because these people yet liked to put us in a concentration camp 20 years ago. And they still despise us, our bodies and everything that we are. There is no freedom nowhere, there is only Christian and other patriarchic monotheistic traditions based on homophobic and bodyfashistic propaganda. You can evidently see this everywhere in this culture. Every stereotype and sexistic “joke” in hollywood as in non male-stream movies can tell you the story again and you will never see a wrong assigned man or woman as a hero/heroine in this culture, not in books nor in movies, not in the fucking charts nor as a famous producer nor smiling on one of these fucking high gloss magazines (and fucking Conchita Wurst is not a wrong assigned person, it is just a gay men benefitting from the instrumentalisation of wrong assigned people´s repression like every fucking moviemaker, artist and media-asshole who works with filthy stereotypes of “men who feel like they´d be women” or “trapped in a men´s body” does).

There is a evidently clear relationship between today´s racism, sexism (both is bodyfashism, as even genitalism is) and capitalism. I won´t say that this world wouldn´t know these repression forms if there wouldn´t be capitalism, but this system is based on bodyfashistic stereotypes and hierarches. Everyone who believes in the possibility of a state and/or a bourgeoise value system that is able to end this state of bodyfashistic repression, daily exploitation and humiliation of women and the glorification of homophobia, is, to my opinion, a fool. So we will never give up to smash down any state and rise against bourgoise values because this is what makes us sick and made most of the people remote-controlled zombies who despise us only because of not fitting optically into their remote-controlled bodyfashistic worldorder. But they forgot to ask us if we accept them, so it is time to execute the fucking right assigned majority. 

If you want to support us, please kill your neighboors and then a cop and give us their money at the next Del_F64.0 concert or start some cool rrrriot action against the capitalism that works and inform us so we can help you.