Reasons someone liked your art but didnt reblog:

* They already reblog to much of this fandom and dont want to spam their followers

* They dont make part of the fandom but they liked the art and want to save suport or save it to see in the future

* It is one of their guilty pleasure

* The fandom are having a lot of problems so they are trying to stay away from it

* They dont like the caracther/ship but your art is so good that they decide to show you

Not reasons someone just liked your art but didnt reblog:

* They dont like

I know rebloging is important so that more people can see the work you make and more people should reblog, but when people just like they may have their reasons and it isnt about the quality in your work, it is their way to show you they still enjoy it


Someone on Reddit noted that here Zoro says “I’ll kick you” ( 蹴る, “keru”) instead of “I’ll cut you” ( 切る, “kiru”), which is what he’d normally say.  It’s an easy slip up, but it further proves that Zoro really was worrying about Sanji, as words related to the cook are unconsciously slipping out of his mouth.

My ex boyfriend once said that I have commitment issue, well the fact that I am able to ship an almost dead ship for freaking years and the fact that I am STILL ABLE to sail the ship when my otp started killing each other just proved otherwise. Hah, take that Giovanni, you don’t know shit.