A peek inside Berlin’s queer club scene before Hitler destroyed it (x)

For Germany’s gay men and lesbians, though, Berlin represented promise. Its gay scenes offered exciting places to hunt for love and happiness. Christopher Isherwood, whose short stories based on his stay in Berlin eventually became the basis for the 1972 film Cabaret, with Liza Minnelli, put it simply enough: “Berlin meant boys.”

This sketch was supposed to be cute and adorable… I don’t know what happened

Yuushishio Storenvy open PRE-ORDER in July

Hello everyone,

So, like I said in this early month when you guys asked me about the donut set and new pre-order, here it comes.

Pre order will be from July 26th to July 31th.

in Pre-order time there’ll be some limited set/items which come in lower price. Also this time will have free gift if your order reach $40 (not included shipping fee)

Below is some summaries

The Donut set

available as A5 notebook/sketchbook and charm
or you can buy them as SET (only available in pre-order)

The Fox Sanji set (limited)

available as A5 or A6 notebook + 2 round badges.

only available in pre-order.

New Clear Acrylic Keychain.

Available for ZoSan and Frobin.

they’re doubleside and different in each side >> view here for more detail.

Round Badge of ‘I got my ears on you’ Ava set

also this set is a FREE gift to you if your order reach $40 (not included shipping)

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okay but like? jace is super attracted to simon from literally the first second he sees him

they meet at the end of ep 1 right, and ep 2 is set during the same time

so like… within the span of, what, an hour? he’s touched simon like, 5 times? holding his hand (for glamour reasons but still), putting his hand on simon’s chest, slapping/petting his shoulder and back like twice, HE PETS SIMON’S FACE for god’s sake

sure he does it under the guise of being a patronizing ass but he sure does love to initiate physical contact with simon that’s all i’m saying