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Just some gifs and photos of me at Universal Studios Japan cosplaying as Ace! Also with @barabarano-buggy who was my Sabo! I just wanted to share a few! :D

The Luffy was sooooo freaking cute. I seriously loved him. I wanted to take him home with me! **))


Today is my 22nd birthday, and it coincidentally is also One Piece 20th anniversary. So of course, I made a cake. Lol.
It’s an orange and french vanilla to represent Belle-mères orange trees that nami has.

Thank you Eichiro Oda for the 20 years filled with wonderful adventures and fun.
Thank you for your creativity and amazing characters that have inspired so many people including me.
I wish many more years of fun and adventure reading your manga.
Thank you.

Collab with @chokolala done for the @op20thzine which is free and out for your viewing pleasure! There’s lots of great stuff in there so please go check it out! 

After weeks of talking about what we wanted to draw it was settled with our top 4 boys playing jenga (with luffy crashing the tower of course). I think about a week into drawing we realized what a dumb idea it would be to play jenga on a moving ship in the first place. Dumb enough that Luffy would definitely drag anyone within 5 meters of him to do it with him  😂

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HCs for Zoro and Sanji sharing a bed with S/O for the first time? (Just sleeping in the same bed, maybe with cuddling? How they would react or feel about sharing a bed? Just fluff and cute stuff)

“the first […]” is always an awkward moment lol


  • You’re both not really sure how it happened, but it did
  • Lying like a stick next to each other
  • Never a heart probably beatten so fast
  • He’s trying to act casual but in all honesty he’s not in a good position
  • Once he move a little and feel better he’ll bring you closer
  • Won’t look at you, the walls are fascinating
  • hE CaN fEeL YOuR BReAtH aGAinsT HIS SkiN AnD He like it actually it’s really soft and calming
  • Scared he’ll fall asleep and punch or push you while dreaming
  • When you’re both on the verge of falling asleep he’ll bring you closer
  • You are sleeping on him now
  • You can cuddle him, he can cuddle you and use you as a warm blanket
  • He likes to put his nose on your head because your hair smells nice and then fall asleep (before you)
  • “SANJI I’M HUNGRY” coming from Luffy in the morning, as usual, put you out of sleep
  • There’s a little of drool on one of your arms coming from Zoro
  • He excuse himself and wipe it away while softly caressing your arm
  • Zoro never woke up in such a good mood. He and Sanji weren’t that much at each others throat thay day
  • He’ll ask you more often to nap or sleep with him


  • It’s actually you who entered his bed without a waring
  • He didn’t asked because he wanted you to feel comfortable enough to do it when you wanted
  • He automatically hug you deeply
  • Sanji is so happy
  • He looks at you with loving eyes and place a soft kiss on your forehead
  • He smile so big while petting your hair
  • Internally screaming
  • His heart is not beating fast, but instead is beating brutally like “WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW”
  • He fall asleep after you
  • Sanji can’t stop looking at you
  • Study your face and the pace of your breathing
  • As he have to cook he’s awake before you
  • Kinda want to wake you up but you look so peaceful
  • Wondering if you’re dreaming about him. Then blushes really hard
  • He push you gently and then put the blankets on you again
  • Kiss your forehead and your lips before leaving
  • Kick Luffy in his face for waking you up

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how would ace, lucci, luffy and zoro react to their s/o dancing by themself? especially if the dancing is as sensual as the song they're listening to~

Ace, Lucci, Luffy and Zoro. These are kinda modern!Au-ish


  • You’re in the kitchen making and the radio is on when they start to play a song that soon enough had you dancing around as you made a sandwich
  • Your hips moving this way and that in a very sexy manner
  • Ace just woke up and made his way to the kitchen looking for you
  • When he sees you swinging your hips right infront of the counter, he can’t help but smirk and walk silently to you until he has his hands on your hips, making you yelp
  • You quickly turn around and blush when you see his smile
  • “I didn’t know you can dance”, he’ll say and will nuzzle your neck with his nose
  • “I didn’t know you were a stalker”
  • Hearing his laughter in the morning is the best thing ever


  • Lucci come backs from work, tired. Like very tired and he’s secretly hoping that you will welcome him with a kiss and a hug
  • But the moment he opens the door of your shared apartment, he’s a bit startled by the music sounding through all the place.
  • He’s looking for you and he finds you in the living room, dancing around to a very sensual music
  • You’re body smoothly moving along his the music, your hips swinging, your butt slightly out, your legs moving elegantly
  • He literally can’t stop looking at you, you look beautiful
  • “You can’t dance like that when I’m feeling all tired like this”
  • He knew you had noticed him since your movements became a little more deliberate and slow and sexier and help him
  • “Oh, Lucci, you’re back”, you smile at him. More like smirk. “Like what you see?”
  • He smirks back at you and soon enough he’s all over you, kissing you and touching you
  • “Ah, didn’t you say you were tired?”, you tease
  • “Never tired enough to be with this hot person”


  • You and Luffy were probably listening to some music while you are making chores when some very sensual music starts to play
  • “Oh? What’s tha- oh!”, he looks at you and suddenly his mouth waters looking at your hips and torso slowly moving along the music. “Shihihi, I didn’t know you could dance that, [Name]”
  • He’ll grab your hips as you keep dancing because he likes to feel your movement in his hands
  • He’d be looking at you the whole time, a shy smile on his face and his cheeks just slightly flushed
  • You’re a little bit out of breath when you finish and he’s totally like “Ah, do you have more of those songs? I want to see you dancing again!”
  • “Maybe after we finish this chore I can dance for you a little bit more~”
  • He finishes in like three seconds and pick you up, running to the bedroom

Zoro (this one can enter in the nsfw spectrum, but there’s no mention of sex or anything too sexual)

  • Zoro checks the door of the bedroom is locked just about two times. He knows no one can enter, but just to make sure
  • No one can enter your apartment, of course, but if that’s the strange case, then no one can look at you doing this. Not anymore, at less.
  • He sits on bed, a smile growing on his lips as the music starts to play and you turn around to him, a smirk on your own as you start to move along the long and smooth notes
  • His fingers itching to touch you, but you told him clearly “not hands allowed” But he almost can’t help himself having you so close, all of your curves moving softly and so sexy and slow. He wants to touch you so badly
  • “Watch those hands”, you say on his ear and he’s surprised to see his hands halfway to your waist. He growls and you just chuckle
  • He wonders how long is that song your phone is playing. You’re the only one able to make him lose control like this In other words, he really loves to see you dancing