New York City-based composer John Zorn’s prolific career includes just about everything from chamber music to film scores. His latest work is more experimental and avant-garde, as we hear in today’s Fresh Air interview.

For his 60th birthday the city of New York has arranged a series of events to honor is “epic oeuvre.” Today he’s on the show to talk about his career, process, and what turning 60s means to him:

I feel like there are messages, I feel like there are angels, I feel that there is a legacy and an energy. I feel that it’s possible to tap into that. I just don’t believe in ego that much. I don’t think it’s just me. I think you can even just talk about community. I could not do this music without these musicians. It’s about people. Music is about people for me. It’s not about sounds. It’s about people; it’s about putting people into challenging situations. And for me, challenges are opportunities.

via New York Times