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how does halo compare to, like… pac-man? q*bert? zork?i mean, there is only one FPS i ever got into, and in it you were……

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Halo, as a video game, is a full-on FPS, but there’s also a huge number of paratexts. I haven’t played a Halo game since 2012 and I never played much. But there’s also movies, books and podcasts and if you want to see the games you can just find a youtube playthrough. There’s also Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2, which are strategy games, and Spartan strike, which is a phone game, which I haven’t played at all.

So, like, pick and mix the bits you like. I’m mostly a story fan (but I’m two books behind and its very stressful). I will totally dig you up a full list if you want one :) :)

full confession:

I love how Seto goes from some card-game obsessed jerk in class who steals cards, to the game-obsessed has to win at EVERY game head of a multi-million dollar company, to freaking batman, to a reincarnated pharaoh who helped rebuild all of freaking Egypt after Zork trashed it! I mean his character changed a LOT in unexpected ways! XD (I think Takahashi is making it up as he goes along)

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Oliver and Felicity played tic-tac-toe.

When she was frustrated, Felicity got the most adorable wrinkle between her eyes.  She had it right now when she looked down at the napkin on the slightly-sticky diner table.  

“How do you do it?!?” she asked, annoyance infecting every word.  “How do you always win at tic-tac-toe?”

Oliver shrugged, grinning at her.  “I’m good at strategy.”

“So am I!  I mean, when it comes to strategy games, I’m the best!  I designed a Linux emulator for Zork when I was eighteen, and that was no picnic, let me tell you.  I taught myself to play chess and used to hustle nice old men at the park in Vegas!”

Reaching over, she grabbed another napkin.  “We’re going again.  And this time, you’re going to explain what you’re doing.”

Hiding his grin in his cup of coffee, Oliver waved over their waitress.  “We’re going to be here a bit longer.  Could we get our coffees topped off, and what pie do you have?”

“Apple, cherry, coconut cream, and there’s a slice of peach left,” their waitress, a motherly-looking woman named Flo, said as she filled their mugs.  

“Apple a la mode, please,” Felicity said, carefully drawing a tic-tac-toe board on her napkin.  

“I’ll take the peach–thank you, Flo,” Oliver said with a smile.  

She nodded.  “You got it.”  Flo headed back to the kitchen, letting Oliver look at his girlfriend, at the love of his life, at his Felicity.  

Felicity looked up and met his eyes.  “C’mon, Oliver, let’s go!”

And here he thought Thea–the reason for his tic-tac-toe prowess–had been demanding.  But because it was Felicity, and he would do whatever she asked, Oliver leaned forward and began showing Felicity how he always won at tic-tac-toe.  

Send me fic prompts!

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Zork! Hardly anyone remembers Zork. I played what became Zork I before it WAS Zork I. And the game has a fatal flaw that was left in it…


I played them all.  My brother had a HATE on for games with the text controls.  My favorite was when we were trying to control the goat in King’s Quest.

For those who don’t know, there was a time when you typed out your command.  So in this game, you had to get a goat to a bridge, so the goat would attack the troll blocking it.

We knew what we HAD to do, but we had no idea how to do it, which lead to the following conversation:

-Get goat.

-You cannot get goat.

-Pick up goat.

-You can’t pick that up.

-Give goat carrot.

-Goat eats carrot.

So by now my eleven year old brother was getting so angry that he just types:

-Kill goat.

-Kill goat with what?

And he stares at the screen.  He stares at me.  I shrug.  Confused, but willing to give this a try, he types:

-Kill goat with knife.

-That’s not very nice.

I thought my brother was going to throw it through the window.

The instruction it was looking for, you see was -SHOW goat carrot.