Hellsing Headcanon Time!!!: amusement park
  • Through the magic of me being the one writing this shit our favorite monsters that kill the other monster are at the amusement park. How are they doing, what are they doing?
  • Alucard:lurks in the shadows of the haunted house. Integra assumed he went home but no he's frightening hipsters. Only the hipsters.
  • Integra:I guess I could go on a ride or two. The Ferris wheel might be nice.
  • Seras:look a petting zoo! Roller coaster! Walter that ride goes upside down, let's go!
  • Walter:(what he says) I'm not sure I'm one for thrill rides Miss Victoria... (What he's thinking) "fuuuuuuucccckkkk yesssssss"
  • Pip:apparently this place has laser tag. He has not been seen since.
  • Anderson:"heathens, all of them. I'm going to pet the animals"
  • Major:Dok this place might be too much fun to blow up...just kidding!
  • Dok:what mad science created a deep fried Twinkie. I'll take 10.
  • Zorin:was not invited cause they suck
  • Heinkel and Yumie:*have been on the big roller coaster 20 times already and are showing no signs of slowing down. Part hard*
  • Maxwell:"Anderson do not touch the heathen animals!"
  • Captain:*totally not the dog in the petting zoo*