Top 5 Things We Expect to See in The Power Rangers Movie!

So the power Ranger movie is right around the corner. I’m excited,  people are excited and the power Ranger world is buzzing right now. With the release of the movie a little more than a month away, people are pre-ordering their tickets and getting ready for the most  MORPHINOMONIAL movie 2017 has to offer.

So we here at Heroic Studios are listing off the Top 5 Things We Expect to See in the Power Rangers Movie.

5. Zords
When it was first annouced, most people weren’t worried about the suits, zordon, or even Rita, they wanted to see the zords. We all know the super awesome mechanized assault vehicles that could combine in the megazord, and use the power sword to defeat evil….everytime. Every generation of Power Rangers has one. I suppose the producers waited until the last moment to reveal the zords. Most fans thought the zords wouldnt make it into this film but what’s a power Ranger movie without zords. So far, they look dope to me, the Megazord on the other hand….let’s just say I’m reserving judgment on that part.

4 Goldar

Yes, that’s right, Rita’s right hand man. It was revealed during the Second Trailer that Rita will be looking to revive her golden comrade all throughout the movie and he will be the giant monster that tramples over everything. This incarnation of Goldar seems to be VASTLY different from the version of the original power rangers show and the sentai series. We still don’t know if he can talk, or if this incarnation of him is just a variation of his form….because he looks like a giant golden candle melting….no really, he does.

3. Other Power Ranger Easter Eggs

Most fans are confused as the involvement of the Zeo Crystal has been mentioned, alluding to the Zeo Power Rangers possibly coming full circle later on. Saban and Lionsgate have already confirmed that there will be AT LEAST 5 movies. So who’s to say they won’t throw some other characters in there like Rocky, Aisha or even Adam in the mix for fans to geek out over. Hey, I’m just saying!

2. Bulk and Skull

And whats a Power Ranger adventure without these two idiots, right? All their shinnenagans are what literally feed the the comedy portion of the show. Always trying to learn the identity of the Power Rangers through various means, which usually ends up being a disaster. There hasn’t been any confirmation that anyone was cast as the comedic duo. But hints in the trailers do suggest to a bully, very possibly being Bulk, and if you remember correctly, Bulk and Skull originally started off as bullies. It would be really awesome to see them pop up once or twice during the movie.

1. Tommy, and the Green Ranger Powers

Not Tommy as in Jason David Frank ( the original actor but it was hinted he may make a cameo), but Tommy as the character. Okay, so we all know that Rita was the green ranger who went rogue. So we all know how the movie will end. She’s defeated by the power rangers but as a strike back plan, she finds a teenager with attitude for own her and gives him her Green Ranger Power (duh, don’t act like that’s not how it’s going to go down!) But as far as the actor who will play Tommy is a complete mystery. No one has been cast, or at least we don’t know who it could be. My thoughts is Lionsgate is leaving it as a surprise as a possible post credit scene or maybe an Easter egg. But I mean come on, how can you have a Power Ranger movie without the most iconic Ranger of all time? That’s right, you can’t. And fans are already speculating that a post credit scene is definite! Of course, the second movie will possibly be the Green with Evil plot, or it has better be.

What do you expect to see in the movie? Let us know in the comment section below!

Well there you go. Lionsgate, you better not disappoint or THIS fan will have words! Power Rangers hits Theaters March 24th!