Sorta “The Little Mermaid”... but it’s Trimberly
  • Trini is an 18 year old mermaid princess, unhappily living in the underwater kingdom of Angel Grove which is ruled by her mother Queen June
  • She dreams of what the world above her is like and collects sunken artifacts with her best friend Billy (an anxious but easily excitable little flounder fish)
  • She often visits the surface to see her other friend Zack (an “all knowing” seagull) and he tells her all kinds of stories about the human world
    • “I’m tellin’ ya crazy girl! I was this close to snaggin that Fittlefru for ya! Man, you’ve got to have one of those in your collection ‘cuz they’re super rare!”
    • (He’s talking about a bobby pin)
  • Her mother hates it when Trini visits the surface and will often assign the court advisor Jason (our little red crab and the voice of reason) to “babysit” her
  • One night, Trini, Billy, Zack, and a reluctant Jason visit the surface to watch a celebration for the birthday of Princess Kim aboard a ship
    • Trini is infatuated by Kim, much to Zack’s amusement and Jason’s distress
    • “She looks like all she eats is salads… but I bet ya could turn her into a good ol’ fish lover, eh crazy girl?”
    • Trini plucks a few of his feathers before Zack has time to fly off
  • The celebration is short lived when a storm hits and destroys the ship, sending Kim overboard after she saves her dog (Alpha Five)
  • Trini rescues her and brings her to shore, where she sings to Kim which seems to bring her back to consciousness, but Trini flees back into the ocean to avoid being discovered by Zordon, the royal adviser, who finds Kim on the beach
  • Kim’s parents, King Ted and Queen Maddy, are relieved to see there daughter safe and sound, but instantly grow worried when she starts talking about a mysterious girl with an amazing voice
    • “You don’t understand. It was like… the voice of an angel. Mom, Dad, she saved me. That woman saved me and I swear to you, I will do whatever it takes to find her again. And then, I’m going to marry her.”
  • Back in the ocean, Trini can’t stop thinking about Kim and actually finds a painting of Kim in a suit of armor still intact from the ship wreck and brings it back to put in her collection
    • Billy has to do quite a bit of poking and prodding but Trini eventually admits that she might be the tiniest bit in love with the human princess
  • Jason accidentally lets slip that Trini rescued a human to Queen June, and when June goes to confront Trini about it, Trini admits she’s in love with Kim and wants to go back to see her again
  • As punishment June destroys her entire collection of human artifacts with the Zeo Crystal (an oceanic crystal attached to the end of a golden staff)
  • After June leaves, Trini’s left to cry by herself until two eels named Goldar and Putty, convince Trini to visit Rita the sea witch
  • Rita makes a deal with Trini to turn her into a human for three days in exchange for her voice, which Rita puts in a green nautilus shell
    • Rita tells Trini that she needs to get “true love’s kiss” from Kim before the sun sets on the third day if she wishes to remain a human and be with Kim
    • If not, Trini will turn back into a mermaid and belong to Rita for all eternity
  • Trini’s tail turns into a pair of legs and shes quickly rushed to the surface by Billy and Jason where Zack helps construct some clothes for her out of an old sail and some rope
    • “Ya look great crazy girl. Ya look sensational.”
    • Jason: *facepalm*
  • Kim’s walking Alpha Five down on the beach when Alpha Five smells Trini and leads Kim to her
  • Thinking that this mysterious girl might be the same girl who rescued her and sang to her, Kims a little disappointed when Trini can’t speak
  • Kim takes Trini back to her castle to help her recuperate after which a hilarious dinner ensues
    • Maddy and Ted are quite confused by the mute woman their daughter found, sitting at their table and combing her hair with a fork
    • Kim finds it both amusing and absolutely adorable and nearly busts a gut when Trini blows all the tobacco out of Zordon’s pipe
  • Zordon suggests Kim show Trini around the kingdom, so the next day Kim shows Trini around the surrounding village, trailed by Zack, Jason, and Billy
  • Kim then takes Trini out on a little row boat in a secluded lagoon
    • Zack tries to “set the mood” with his terrible singing
    • Jason and Billy take over
    • Kim tries to guess Trini’s name (since Trini can’t tell her herself)
      • Jason: *whispering* “Trini. Her name is Trini!”
      • Kim: Trini?
      • Trini: *nods and smiles*
      • Kim: *smiling* “Well that’s kinda pretty… Trini.”
    • But just before they kiss, Goldar and Putty flip the boat and ruin the moment
  • Rita decides to disguise herself as a beautiful young woman named Tommie and hypnotizes Kim using Trini’s singing voice
    • Under Rita’s spell, Kim tells her parents that she wants to marry Tommie because she’s the girl that rescued her
    • Maddy, Ted, and Zordon try to get Kim to see reason but eventually concede and begin preparations to wed the duo at sunset
  • Trini is absolutely devastated when she sees Kim with Tommie and watches as the ship leaves from the dock just as the sun starts sinking in the sky
  • Zack is flying over the ship when he hears Tommie singing and discovers that Tommie is actually Rita the sea witch
  • He races back to tell Trini, Jason, and Billy that Kim is in danger and that Tommie is actually Rita in disguise
    • Jason: “Are you sure about this?”
    • Zack: “Have I ever been wrong? … I mean when it’s important!”
  • Trini jumps in the water and starts swimming with Billy towards the ship while Jason races to inform Queen June
  • Zack is tasked with recruiting and stalling the wedding
    • Two words: IT’S. MAYHEM.
  • Just as Trini climbs onto the ship, Zack destroys the green shell around Tommie’s neck which restores Trini’s voice and breaks the spell on Kim
  • Kim realizes that Trini was the one all along and races to her side, but just before they kiss the sun sets and Trini turns back into a mermaid
    • Tommie turns back into Rita and drags Trini overboard (and Kim jumps in after them), only to be confronted by Queen June and a loaded Zeo Crystal
    • Rita agrees to let Trini go if June hands over the Zeo Crystal and takes Trini’s place and June agrees because she loves her daughter too much to see her suffer under Rita’s wrath
  • Rita’s now the most powerful creature in the ocean and she threatens to kill Trini but Kim shows up and rescues her and they frantically swim to the surface while Rita grows to the size of a castle
  • Using the Zeo Crystal Rita creates a whirlpool that resurrects a few sunken ships, one of which Kim is able to board (it’s called MegaZord)
  • Trini falls into the whirlpool and dodges Rita’s blasts while Kim steers the MegaZord at Rita and stabs her with the ship
    • (A Rita Repulsa shish kabab)
    • Rita’s death reverses her magic, freeing all her prisoners and turning them back into merpeople, including Queen June who reclaims her crown and Zeo Crystal
  • Trini rescues Kim and drags her to shore once again, but leaves before Kim wakes up
    • She’s a mermaid and Kim’s a human, even if Kim wanted her theres no way it could ever work between them
    • So she sits in the water and watches from a distance as Zordon, Alpha Five, Ted and Maddy race to Kim
    • Kim frantically searches for Trini, calls out her name into the ocean, but Trini doesn’t appear
  • Queen June watches her distraught daughter and decides its time she let her make her own choices and turns Trini back into a human (with clothes this time)
  • Just as they’re leaving the beach, Alpha Five starts barking and when they turn around, Trini’s walking out of the surf and singing
  • Kim races to her, crashing through the waves before picking Trini up and spinning her around, both of them laughing and crying and happily in love
  • Kim pulls Trini close and finally kisses her
    • Zack, Billy, and Jason all watch a little teary eyed with June as the humans + Trini leave the beach and head back to the castle
    • Zack: “I-I’m not crying… there’s just sand in my eye you guys, it’s fine.”
  • Trini and Kim are married a month later, out on the water where her family, friends and her new human friends can all enjoy the ceremony
  • FIN

Wow. This turned out suuuuper long monster. Sorry! Feel free to add anything or fix any goofs I made. (Also may not be the only ‘…But it’s Trimberly’ in the works *cough cough*)

Just saying, for the next movie, when Kimberly starts crushing hard on Tommy Oliver, we better get jealous reactions from Jason AND Trini.

And Zack and Billy are just looking at this situation like, “Our lives were complicated enough, now we got this love square shit.”

A convo about billy
  • Trini: I love billy
  • Kim: i love billy
  • Zack: i love billy
  • Jason: i love billy
  • Billy: i love billy too
  • Zordon: is this what these kids do all day???
  • Alpha 5: yes but is it not true zordon???
  • Zordon: yes *dreamily i love billy
  • Convo #8

billy: *coughs*

this was supposed to be short, but my rambling got the best of me

Okay, Trini being a cute and awkward gay mess is adorable asf but Trini being a chivalrous sweetheart gets me in the feels. Like she wouldn’t even have to be doing big stuff, just holding the door open for Kimberly or buying her a flower just because or sending Kimberly a picture that reminded Trini of her.

Zack trying to make fun of Trini by poking fun at the fact that she would literally jump over the car to open her girlfriend’s door and Trini just raising her eyebrow and him and saying, “romance and chivalry aren’t dead y'know” before slamming the door into his face when he tries to get out.

Jason trying to tell Trini to tone it down because she’s going to attract unwanted attention when she’s literally blurring to stand in front of Kim when a car splashes onto a puddle or carrying Kim around town without breaking a sweat

Billy being confused when Trini lands herself in detention for the rest of the year because she usually just saunters in without reason but understanding once he sees the faded bruising on her knuckles and face plus the fact that Ty and some of the other football players aren’t at school for a week or two due to some mysterious fight that happened after school.

Kim just playfully rolling her eyes at her adorkable gf while secretly swooning when she does things like this.

The rangers ship it

The Harts and Scotts ship 

 Alpha and Zack are #1 shippers

Billy’s mom and Zack’s mom ship it

Jason giving the “if you hurt her” big brother speech to Trini

Trini paying rapt attention and taking it seriously

Zack trying to give the same speech to Kim, but Kimberly can’t really take him seriously when he’s hanging upside down by his shoelaces

Kim being intimidated and taking it seriously when Zordon gives her the overprotective “wall-dad” speech because he knows what Trini goes through at home, especially when he’s seen Trini wander into the pit to release some frustration and cry because of her parents

Mateo and Isaac (Trini’s brothers) originally not liking Kim because they feel like she’s taking Trini away from them before eventually and slowly warming up to her when they notice how happy she makes their sister and how Trini smiles more

Minor Headcanon about how the rest of the Rangers find out of Trini and Kimberly

-Billy is the first to figure it out, he’s seen them sneak kisses between training sessions and detention. He promised to keep their secret and is super happy for them being together.

-Jason kinda thought there might be something but he wasn’t sure until he went to Kim’s house one night to talk to herand found them both topless making out in her bed. Kim started making sure to lock the window when Trini is over now(after trini comes in that is) so it doesn’t happen again.

-Alpha and Zordon are both surprised when they saw the morphing grid acting up and showing Trini and Kimberly doing things. The first time they were worried about Kimberly trying to hurt Trini and the second time they had to remind them that morphing and the zords are only for training and battles.

-Zack somehow is oblivious to all of this. Like Jason, he has caught them together not fully dressed but assumed they were just helping pick out clothes for the other. He referees to them as close friends when he sees them holding hands in public and whispering in each others ear and even sitting on each others lap.

-Zack has also tried to set Trini up with different girls because he wants her to have a girlfriend. And when Trini mentions she has a girlfriend, Kimberly he says that he means someone she can fuck.

-Zack finally realize that they are dating after Alpha reminds them for the 5th time that morphing is only for training and fighting and not for personally pleasure especially not in that sense. (Tagging @daddyleksas because of the whole morph orgasm that they posted that made me think of that)

-Zack trying to act like he knew all along and was just trying to keep it a secret because he didn’t wanna out them (but secretly being pissed that Trini didn’t tell him (which she reminds him that she did he just didn’t listen))

-Tommy takes one look at them after she joins the team and just knows right away they are a couple and if you mess with one the other will end you.
Go Go ‘Power Rangers’ (2017 Review)

Is this good? Is this bad? Will my inner-child allow me to judge this appropriately?

“Power Rangers” is a reboot of the classic 1990s action-packed children’s show “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” which in turn is based on the Japanese tokusatsu “Super Sentai Series.” It’s directed by Dean Israelite and stars a cast of young actors, as well as Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader and Elizabeth Banks. The film is set in the small, fictional town of Angel Grove, where local high school students Jason Scott, Kimberly Hart and Billy Cranston (Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott and RJ Cyler, respectively) are all caught up in detention. Through a series of shenanigans, they come across Trini and Zack (Becky G and Ludi Lin, respectively) as they all discover an ancient, otherworldly construct. It’s there where they meet Zordon (Cranston) and his robot assistant Alpha 5 (voiced by Hader), and attain the responsibility of becoming a powerful team known as the Power Rangers, and to stop the destruction of an ancient, powerful witch known as Rita Repulsa (Banks). 

This is the absolute perfect “what if” movie. The answer to “what if they remade ‘Power Rangers’ for adults” question. This is the film we asked for, albeit cautiously. We really owe it to franchises such as the “Transformers” series, because without them, this film would be seen as an impossible reach.

Being a millennial, I was very much a child when “Power Rangers” had its long television run, and I stayed true through each incarnation, from “Mighty Morphin” to “Lightspeed Rescue,” and considered myself a retired fan after “Dino Thunder” (I was already in middle school at the time). So yes, shameful as it is, I know my shit. As you can see, I want this to be good. But was it?

Yes. Surprisingly, it was pretty good. It’s not shockingly “I thought this was going to be shit but it ended up being amazingly amazing” good. It’s just good.

Here’s one thing that the film does better than the TV show: the acting. In a great departure from the “Saved by the Bell” mood that the 90s actors gave us, we now have grounded, realistic, rebellious teenagers. These new actors fit the “teenagers with attitude” description way better than the 90s actors ever did. You have Montgomery as Jason, playing the rebel who ends up having to deal with the most responsibility. Scott plays Kimberly, the girl who does a good job of not just being the obligatory female casting, or the fighting damsel-in-distress, unlike the original. The dialogue between these two is usually filled with charm, whether its casual banter or a proclamation of their contempt for Angel Grove. 

But they do something different with the rest of the cast, which helps to modernize them. Cyler as Billy provides the humor and keeps the grittiness from ever getting lower and lower. Of the five teenagers, he is the one with the most charisma But he also serves to represent autistic teens everywhere. Yes, unlike the television counterpart, they made the Blue Ranger autistic, which is a pretty bold and commendable step for something based off a children’s property.

To keep the ball rolling, they then make Becky G’s Trini represent lesbians and confused, oppressed teenagers everywhere. Okay, this film had me at shedding light on autism, but encouraging more LGBT representation? Hats off to you, Lionsgate and Saban. Despite this, I found Becky G’s performance to be slightly annoying until about halfway through the movie, when they developed her much more, and gave her a more integral role in the plot. 

While I praised the rest of the cast, I’d have to drop the axe on Ludi Lin as Zack, the Black Ranger.  Compared to all these convincing performances, Lin’s is absolutely haphazard. The way he is introduced is to set up how much of a cocky outsider he is, so naturally he’s by himself. He then starts speaking to himself, which is one of my absolute biggest pet peeves in a movie. I despise movie moments where normal-functioning people start speaking or quipping to themselves, the only sensible reason being that the writers assume the audience is too dumb to know what the character is thinking. I get it if a character has schizophrenia or another mental illness, or if the words are limited to comedic inner-banter, but not in this case. He’s someone with decent social-competence and no reason to quarrel with himself, other than provide exposition to the audience.

But like Trini, I did find him to be much less annoying when he opened up. They gave him a pretty touching backstory with his own troubles, and they make his motivations really apparent. And just to keep the ball rolling, he’s also the most foreign one of the group, being bilingual, unlike the original black ranger. Now that I think about it, many of the Power Ranger series’ casts don’t feature any overtly foreign characters, apart from maybe of an alien race. 

That is precisely why this casting works. Whether or not you find these characters annoying, you can’t doubt that they’re there for a good reason, and you might even warm up to them as the movie progresses. They also help to introduce bouts of political correctness, but they aren’t preachy or condescending about it (which is really the only good way to go about political correctness). They represent people of various colors, mental states and social capabilities, showing (but not telling) that everyone is capable of extraordinary things as long as they have camaraderie.

I can’t say much about Cranston as Zordon. It’s a great homage, seeing as how Cranston has actually been a part of “Power Rangers” since the original television show, where he voiced many of the villains they face. I do love his voice-work here, and while it took some getting used to, I ended up really liking how they presented him. Rather than a chubby, floating head in a tube, they made him manifest into a wall, kind of like one of those pinpression toys. Not to mention they could have easily made him a one-dimensional character. But they went above and beyond to give him his own arc, his own set of feelings and doubts, and a world of lore behind him.

If you thought Alpha 5 was annoying in the television show, then you can rest your worries because Bill Hader fixed him up good. The original’s voice was so high-pitched and screechy; basically in typical 90s fashion (or how the 90s thought Aliens would sound like). This time, he just kind of does the same thing he did as Fear from “Inside Out,” except less screaming. His design had me slightly worried but I got used to it.

Now, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa has me split down the middle. On the one hand, I do like that at least ONE person in this entire film is trying to recall the absurdity and campiness of the original series. At the same time, I found her to be over-the-top, and incredibly outlandish compared to the rest of the grounded cast. She is guilty of overacting here, which is both a blessing and a curse. The prosthetics on her are amazing though, from both start to finish. She starts out as an outright horror character, which is something I didn’t expect to see even in the gritty version of a children’s property. 

If you kept up with me for this long, you know that a recurring theme here is that this film takes several risks that are rather uncharacteristic of a children’s property. Sure, there are hints of silliness to try and match the youthful appeal of the original, but they also throw in more mature bits of humor, about things such as drug tests and jacking off a cow (no joke). Me personally, I welcome these jokes. If anything, this is much more of a film for the adults who grew up watching “Power Rangers,” rather than children. The maturity really shines through in the form of character development and chemistry.

I must say that if you are bringing a child to watch this, keep in mind there will be mild swearing, and several mature jokes.

A common criticism (ad nauseam, pretty much) is that this film is a forced collision between two different movies. Two thirds of the movie is essentially the origin story, which focuses mainly on character development. At the same time, this is the section that appeals to the audience the most, whether you’re fans of the original or not. No one comes into anything titled “Power Rangers” and expects to feel for the characters. But through one particular scene where all the characters develop a kinship, we develop a peculiar attachment to each of them. It was at this moment that I’m glad these people are the ones I’m spending five more movies with (Yup, that’s right).

But when it sticks to the original, it definitely sticks, and that’s where the last third of the movie comes in. If you’re looking for cool looking suits fighting monsters with martial arts and gymnastics, you will get it. If you’re looking for giant robot dinosaurs battling another giant monster, you will get it. And MOST OF ALL, if you want to, at least once, hear the iconic theme song, you will get it. In all it’s pure, epic goodness.

But this is where I have to defend my appreciation for this movie, because many people will come in accusing me of being “blinded by nostalgia.” Despite having these borrowed features from the original show, there is really nothing nostalgic about it. The action here is far better than most of the show’s episodes. There is no silliness to be had apart from what would be silly by realistic standards (as opposed to having two obligatory bully characters).

Even some elements taken from the show are vastly different. Case in point: Rita, who in this film is actually getting shit done by herself rather than sitting up in some moon tower yelling at everyone.

Even the formula of the show is broken up here. Back then, everything was so fast-paced to where every time a new series was brought in, the new team of Power Rangers would unrealistically form intimate familial connection and extraordinary abilities within 20 minutes. This film actually shows you that the Power Rangers had to train for this, both physically and mentally. They didn’t just have these abilities bestowed upon them as a result of the plot rushing it together. You see them work for it, which is something I really appreciated about it.

I had to bring that up because many of the people who didn’t like this film will be quick to see reactions like mine and guilt me for “nostalgia.” But that “tone difference” that they’re faulting this for is the reason why you can’t pin nostalgia on this. All that means is that everything I liked about this film has been on its own merits, maybe (at most) perpetuated by quick little homages to the original. 

I suppose before I wrap this up I should mention one more thing. Not really a problem, but more like something I wish happened: I wish they played the theme song more. It was wonderful hearing the iconic theme song, perfectly borrowed from the 1995 film, and at the height of its “Power Ranger-ness.” But I felt that if they really were gonna throw it in there, they should have totally owned it and at least left it playing for a bit longer. If not that, then at least make an instrumental cover to play in the background during the climax, rather than GODDAMN KANYE.

This is a film that has fans and critics alike split down the middle, but it’s pretty clear that everyone who hates it is hating it for the same two reasons: (1) It has a massive tone-clash towards the end, and (2) It caters way too much toward product promotion for Krispy Kreme donuts. I do agree with the latter, make no mistake. But when I hear people complain about this tone-clash, it reminds me of people who complained about the “slow parts” of every other superhero film, whether it’s “Captain America: Civil War,” or “Batman v Superman.” Apart from being a “Power Rangers” movie, this is also an origin story film. And for something as ridiculous as “Power Rangers,” it definitely requires a slow initiation process. To get us going on a six-movie deal, the creators will have to help casual viewers acclimate to the premise, because chances are the naysayers are the ones who skipped out on this franchise as children, and therefore missed their window of opportunity. Ironic how a movie based on a children’s property requires a mature level of patience from the audience.

As I said before, if you came into this wanting to see colored suits, martial arts, explosions and giant robots, you will get it. If you’re dragged into this film but appreciate elements like character development and chemistry, you will get that too. As someone who enjoys both, I actually would go so far as to say I loved this movie. I don’t care if I’m alone on this, but I can comfortably say that I loved the “Power Rangers” movie.