zordfiles said: i love the subjects of your photos„do they consent when your taking their images or? and i love how they are also in trains

Many thanks, my friend! Compliments like that of yours are like water in deserts, never enough. I’m following your work too, and liking it very much.

Er…, no, i don’t ask for my subjects consent, before taking pics. I’m by a great deal too a shy person for this, and this is the main reason.
Secondarily, I do utterly prefer that the people I photograph don’t know they’re shot, since I’m looking for natural looks on their faces, and for natural gestures.

Thankyou again!



There is a new generation of African female singers and songwriters on the rise, these young girls seem to embody an intricate balance of new and old African music with a steady head while watching the world of music evolve around them. I had an amazing time listening and shooting this girls at the Sauti Academy concert. Africa is Now!!