zorc the dark one

I’ve always felt sorry for Thief King Bakura.

When he was a child, he had to watch the cruel murder of all his friends and family members so that the Millennium items could be created. After that he was all alone. His grief, hatred and loneliness slowly made him go mad. Everything got even worse when Zorc took control of him.

Of course Bakura did some horrible things. Revenge is never a solution, but he didn’t deserve this destiny. It would have been great if only the darkness in his heart was destroyed and he finally found peace.

After all Bakura was a victim as well.

au idea:

it’s almost impossible to tell bakura and dark bakura apart but anzu realizes that if there’s a vase on the table then dark bakura will unfailingly knock it over

zorc is foiled because dark bakura is basically a cat

problem solved