for a sec i thought pieck was referring to them sending out the original bram, but nope. bram 2.0 w/gabi, falco, zophie, and uhhhhh bert kid

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Which Disney characters would the 104th + vets + warriors be?

Mikasa: Nani (Lilo & Stitch)
Reiner: Hans (Frozen)
Bertholdt: Tadashi (Big Hero 6)
Annie: Snow White (Snow White)
Eren: Ariel (The little mermaid)
Jean: Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc.
Marco: Cinderella (Cinderella)
Sasha: Merida (Brave)
Connie: Kronck (The emperor’s new groove)
Historia: Esmeralda (Hunchback of notre dame)
Armin: Belle (Beauty and the beast)
Ymir: Wilhelmina Bertha Packard (Atlantis)

Levi: The Beast (Beauty and the beast)
Hanji: Lilo (Lilo & Stitch)
Erwin: Triton (The little mermaid)
Nanaba: Kida (Atlantis)
Mike: Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)
Moblit: Roger (101 dalmatians)

Gabi: Happiness (Inside Out)
Falco: Dash (The incredibles)
Colt: Elsa (Frozen)
Zophie: Ferb (Phineas and ferb)
Peak: Hiro (Big hero six)
Galliard: Scar (The Lion King)
Udo: Marlin (Finding Nemo)
Zeke: Zeus (Hercules)

These are not really accurate though looking back at it lol

“Yet the Renaissance was also a period of almost incessant warfare, periodic famine, high infant mortality, rapid aging, widespread epidemics, peasant and artisan revolts, intolerance of any form of diversity, grinding poverty, massive illiteracy, forced conversions and migrations, cruelly elaborate public executions of ethnic and religious minorities, and a ferocious witchcraft craze that occurred mostly after the 1590s. For much of the fifteenth century, the European economy suffered a serious depression. The Renaissance began against the background of a series of natural and human disasters and ended in the bloody religious conflicts of the Reformation Era…Those relatively few people who consumed the dazzling higher culture of the period were supported by the drudgery of the masses. For many Europeans who lived through it, what we call the Renaissance must have often seemed like the worst of times, as the influential humanist Erasmus called it shortly before his death in 1536.”

From A Short History of Renaissance and Reformation Age: Dances Over Fire and Water by Jonathan W. Zophy

Satisfy Me

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Saeran POV. MM Fantasy AU. Fic Rating: Explicit

Tags thus far: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Rough Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Explicit Language, Derogatory Language, Masturbation

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Okay I love Zophis
He’s all badass thinkin that he has the last laugh since, even though he is beaten, Koko will be scarred for life and there’s nothing they can do about it. Burning his book is no big deal and they wouldn’t dare to kill him because he has the potential to erase Koko’s bad memories.

Until Brago threatens to hunt him down for the rest of their lives.
Then Zophis immediately becomes an obedient sniveling child for the rest of his screen time

And Sherry is like…….what.

Kentucky Derby #16. Tapwrit 20-1

Tapit x Appealing Zophie (Successful Appeal) KY
T Pletcher / J Ortiz
3-1-0 (6) $343,902

Here’s another colt that looked seriously special early on the Derby trail. He’s a gorgeous grey who looks every bit the $1.2 million spent to buy him. After breaking his maiden in second asking, he pulled away from Master Plan - the future G2 UAE Derby 3rd-place finisher - and was a fast closing second to McCraken in the G3 Sam F Davis. With McCraken out of the way, he exploded in the G2 Tampa Bay Derby. But then the G1 Blue Grass happened and he threw in a total clunker. The Blue Grass has been quite the undoing for several hot horses.

His only start over a wet track was a win in the off-the-truf Pulpit  Stakes.

Pedigree Note: His dam Appealing Zophie won the G1 Spinaway at 2 and the G3 Silverbulletday at 3

jesteremily  asked:

who are morning people and who are angry awake people in the mornings?(im an angry awake person)

Morning people: Mikasa, Reiner, Bertholdt, Marco, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Nanaba, Colt, Zophie, Udo

Angry Awake: Annie, Eren, Jean, Sasha, Connie, Historia, Ymir, Hanji, Mike, Moblit, Gabi, Falco, Peak, Galliard

Garde Baby Names (bec I’m obsessed w names)

Jarah Baby

  • Girl: Lara Amelia (Reasoning: John would want to name his daughter after his mom, and Amelia is an adorable name that I think Sarah would choose to go with Lara)
  • Boy: Liren Henri James (Reasoning: I mean, pretty obvious but Liren was John’s dad and Henri was John’s Cêpan. James would be there as a second middle name to honor Mark ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Sammix Baby

  • Girl: Maren Katarina (Reasoning: This name pays homage not only to Six’s old name/self but also to her deceased Cêpan. Also her nickname would be M Kat!!)
  • Boy: Archer Arun (Reasoning: Let’s face it, Sam is a huge Trekkie, and he’s convince an unknowing Six to name their baby Archer after Johnathan Archer. Arun was the name of Six’s father.)

Navrina Baby:

  • Girl: Estrella Anindita (Reasoning: this name incorporates the Spanish from Marina’s past, as well as the Hindi from Eight’s. Estrella means “star” in Spanish and should Marina and Eight have a daughter, she’d be their little star. Anindita means beautiful, and I’m sure that’d be fitting.)
  • Boy: Devan Hector (Reasoning: While Devan isn’t quite Devdan, the name is still close enough to be a tribute to Eight’s mentor. Hector was Marina’s good friend who gave his life for the Garde.)

Oadam Baby:

  • Girl: Cordelia Noelani (Reasoning: Both names have meaning rooted in the sea, and we all know how much One adores the sea. They also have very formal sounding names, like something Adam would do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Boy: Beck Dexton (Reasoning: I know that this sounds a bit harsh but hear me out, it has a nice meaning. Beck is another water name and also has four letters like Adam. Dexton is a mix between Dust and Rex, two positive figures in Adam’s life, without being exactly like either one.)

Lexa Baby??

  • Girl: Zophie Nova (Reasoning: Zophie was Lexa’s best friend- only friend really- who came to Earth with her. Nova is a space name that I feel Lexa would appreciate for its simplicity.
  • Boy: Zane (Reasoning: Zane was Alexa’s little brother who died during their time on Lorien. Lexa wouldn’t pick a middle name for Zane because she wouldn’t want to taint the name.)

Devdor Baby:

  • Elira Alzena (Reasoning: Both names mean Freedom, something both Sandor and Devektra yearn for and would hope to give their daughter)
  • Sandor JR (Reasoning: I know, I know. But think about this; Dev and Sandor sit on the couch. Dozens of books are strewn across the table and Devektra moans as the baby kicks again. “Can we just call him Sandor 2.0?” She sighs. Sandor laughs “Sure.” At the time, he didn’t think it would stick. But after that, whenever he would speak with his unborn son, he’d refer to him as Sandor Junior. And thus, the name stuck.)

Ella Baby??

  • Olivia Erina (Reasoning: Olivia is the name of Ella’s longtime Chimæa companion. Erina was her mother’s name.)
  • Clayton Ray (Reasoning: Clayton is obviously very similar to Crayton and is a fun alternative that still pays homage to her fallen Cêpan. Raylan was her father.)

Keep in mind for all of these- while the ships are listed, its more about the people. To find what other ships would name their kids, shift around the names from two people. For example, if you want to find Jadam baby names, take some names that say Adam would have picked them and some names that John would have picked. The result are names like Lara Cordelia and Henri Daxton ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

May I request that you do the newly announced Sophie from FE Fates?

aah of course ! sophie is my precious baby (going to marry cyrus hoshido route haha); had such a difficult time doing her hair though, I’m terrible at drawing pulled back // no bangs ; A ;

also, have a long list of requests, so please don’t worry if i don’t reply to you immediately ! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

theme in mind while drawing her: you can rely on me ! ♡

jesteremily  asked:

what would the 104th, warrior babies and vets favorite novel be? (Mine is Percy Jackson)

Mikasa: Hunger games
Reiner: Shades of Grey
Bertholdt: The Notebook
Annie: Maze Runner
Eren: Percy Jackson
Jean: Inkheart
Marco: Harry Potter
Sasha: Hitchhikers Guide To Galaxy
Connie: Scott Pilgrim
Historia: Mrs. Peregrine’s home for peculiar Children
Armin: Sherlock Holmes
Ymir: Game Of Thrones

Levi: Fairy Tales
Hanji: Lord Of The Rings
Erwin: Da Vinci Code
Nanaba: Divergent
Mike: Doesn’t really read that much
Moblit: Shit by E. A. Poe

Gabi: Lolita
Falco: Nothing really…
Colt: Brave New World 
Zophie: Pride And Prejudice
Peak: The Fault In Our Stars
Galliard: The Great Gatsby
Udo: Ulysses

chandria-v  asked:

Hajimama, what will the 104th, vets and warriors think of the Philippines?

Mikasa: It must be a very relaxing place
Reiner: Where are those even?
Bertholdt: So beautiful!
Annie: Must be a great place to see new animals!
Eren: Seems kinda boring
Jean: What a romantic place for a couple holiday!
Marco: It’s worth looking into!
Connie: What?
Historia: A historically and socially very interesting place!
Armin: The constellation of it’s islands makes it a very interesting geographical place!
Ymir: I don’t really care?!

Levi: It looks nice, but is it really?
Hanji: SO much to do, so much to see!
Erwin: seems worth a visit
Nanaba: I wanna be at those beaches!
Mike: Seems pretty cool!
Moblit: Where do I sign up?

Gabi: Why would I want to go there? 
Falco: So many islands, that seems interesting
Colt: Seems worth going to!
Zophie: Uninteresting. 
Peak: The Philippines are really nice and interesting
Galliard: So?
Udo: Seems kinda scary?!?
Zeke: Must be nice place for a vacation

Quand au bout d'une heure de réunion/présentation/distribution de papiers divers une élève réalise qu'en fait elle n'est pas du tout dans la bonne classe

(Merzi Zophie !)


Screenshots of the game I’m working on with Accha, Painted Heart!
This has nothing to do with Dreaming Mary or the Myrrh Tree Series. It’s an RPG made for the June RPG Maker game making competition. The two character designs up there (angel and demon) are the playable characters in the party, Zophie and Agiel. The Main character himself is called Cor (the one in the SS)

Wish us luck! (And look forward to the game itself!)