Okay I love Zophis
He’s all badass thinkin that he has the last laugh since, even though he is beaten, Koko will be scarred for life and there’s nothing they can do about it. Burning his book is no big deal and they wouldn’t dare to kill him because he has the potential to erase Koko’s bad memories.

Until Brago threatens to hunt him down for the rest of their lives.
Then Zophis immediately becomes an obedient sniveling child for the rest of his screen time

And Sherry is like…….what.

I wanted to call and cancel my counseling appointment today because I’ve been under so much stress from my job falling apart and from being afraid of my exams and from the terror of career fair this afternoon, but then I realized that those are probs actually all good reasons to ovary-up and GO to my counseling appointment.

Anyway, I had a sorta meltdown, and then she talked me back up to being about as confident as I could hope for. But the weird thing, is like… the whole time I kept feeling my face doing “Zophie faces”. I’ve never seen my face doing those things, ‘cause anxiety attacks are not exactly a time I think “gee, I bet looking in the mirror would be perfect thing to do right now”, but I absolutely KNOW that I made the exact same muslce movements she does when she’s freaking out. It was really really weird to have happen around me, especially ‘cause I was noticing it happening in real-time.

anonymous asked:

How did bh6 change your life?

Oh anon, what have you done to me? This is actually a very good question. I honestly at first could not answer this question, because it was really hard for me to pinpoint exactly how my life changed. I still go to school and work, I still procrastinate on my homework, I still do my regularly scheduled stuff that I do day to day in college.



Big Hero 6, in the relatively short amount of time that it’s been in my life, has managed to consume me. And it’s not just in the way a person might be a fan of a book, or a movie, or a character. It’s more of like when I’m feeling melancholy, I only need to think about Big Hero 6 and my day just brightens up instantly. I love waking up in the mornings because my alarm is set to Immortals. And when I shuffle my favorites playlist, and Immortals comes on as well, I can’t help but smile.

Granted, I’m the type of person who easily lets things consume me (let’s not even bring up the 30+ times I’ve watched Inception. Hahhhhhhhhahah). But to me, Big Hero 6 has somehow really hit home.

Maybe it’s because Hiro really, really reminds me of my little brother—they’re close in age, and they’re both cocky and obnoxious and so smart and adorable. I could feel the relationship between Hiro and Tadashi mirrored in my relationship with my older sister, and my brother’s relationship with me. It may be because my sister and I are in college now too, and we often find ourselves giving my brother advice (which he never takes, that booger). The dynamic between these two characters is so down to earth, and so true, it’s something I can’t help but utterly and deeply relate to.

On top of that, my entire life, I’ve really struggled with my identity, especially my racial identity. I guess I don’t want to go too much into detail, but it was really hard for me to understand what being an Asian-American meant to me. There was a point in my life when terms like “white-washed” and being “really white” were badges to be worn with pride. Part of that, I realize now, comes from the utter lack of representation of Asians; they’re so often stereotyped it was really hard for me to understand how I fit in in this society that seemed to completely look over people like me.

Big Hero 6 has helped me so much in that regard. Is Big Hero 6 perfect? No, of course not. There is POC erasure going on in that movie, I won’t deny that. BUT, Big Hero 6 features main characters who aren’t just Asian; they’re human.

Big Hero 6 is a movie where I can look at Hiro and look at my brother and say to him, “look, you can do that too.” Big Hero 6 is a movie where I can look at Tadashi and realize that yes, I can be smart and yes, I can be Asian, and that doesn’t make me a stereotype, that just makes me me. Big Hero 6 has taught me that what I accomplish in my life may not be big, but it will be significant, and that through it all, I can and should be proud of who I am.

And I am.