Okay I love Zophis
He’s all badass thinkin that he has the last laugh since, even though he is beaten, Koko will be scarred for life and there’s nothing they can do about it. Burning his book is no big deal and they wouldn’t dare to kill him because he has the potential to erase Koko’s bad memories.

Until Brago threatens to hunt him down for the rest of their lives.
Then Zophis immediately becomes an obedient sniveling child for the rest of his screen time

And Sherry is like…….what.


2012 vs 2015

My art has changed so much!! Same character but such a different style lmao, I used to want to work at disney. This is also my first time uploading an OC? This is my character Zophie, and she’s one of, like, 5 OCs which will all remain secret for now 


Screenshots of the game I’m working on with Accha, Painted Heart!
This has nothing to do with Dreaming Mary or the Myrrh Tree Series. It’s an RPG made for the June RPG Maker game making competition. The two character designs up there (angel and demon) are the playable characters in the party, Zophie and Agiel. The Main character himself is called Cor (the one in the SS)

Wish us luck! (And look forward to the game itself!)

Quand au bout d'une heure de réunion/présentation/distribution de papiers divers une élève réalise qu'en fait elle n'est pas du tout dans la bonne classe

(Merzi Zophie !)