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A Night No One Will Forget (Part Three)

Hey everyone! Thank you for being so patient! School has been insane and  and let’s just say it isn’t easy writing fanfiction and doing homework at the same time. >-@northmelody for being a real life unicorn and princess (unicorn princess??) and @certainwombatdreamer for making my day with her comments and her constant support.

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Judy felt the world slow down as Nick deepened the kiss. The music throbbing in her ears was muted and the lights seemed to flash slower. It was no longer Club Radical. It was only her and Nick in each others arms.

Only her and Nick.

In each others arms.

Oh No.

Judy broke off the kiss and felt her body go cold. Oh God, what had she done? Suddenly the whole reality of what she had done fell on her.

She had kissed Nick Wilde.

Her best friend.

Her partner.

This was bad. “Judy?” Nick asked concern lacing his voice. Judy pulled herself away from him and looked to the floor so that he wouldn’t see the tears forming in her eyes. “I…I’m sorry…I need to go.” she whispered and ran towards the nearest exit. She blinked away her tears and fought to get to the door.

Whithering bodies made it difficult but when Judy finally got out it was a relief to be in the fresh, cool air. Judy started to speed walk to her apartment and planned what she would do the next morning. She was going to sleep in until noon and if Nick came knocking on her door, she would just act sick. Judy walked for a few more minutes and stopped at a park. She sat down on a wooden bench, giving her aching feet a rest from her high heels.

“What have I done?” Judy asked putting her head in her hands. “You let jealously get the best of you, that’s what.” She mumbled to herself. She had kissed Nick. And was it jealousy? Or was it because she started to find him more and more attractive each day? The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became.

The knot in her stomach tightened and she wanted to throw up. That could also be the shots talking but either way, the outcome wouldn’t be good. Judy let out a frustrated groan and looked at the sky and saw how bright the stars were. “I wish that tonight never happened.” she said softly.

“Really, Carrots? Because I wouldn’t of changed a thing.” said a voice from behind her.