zoot suiters

In popular memory zoot suiters are often associated with African Americans and Chicanos during World War II, but many Nikkei (second generation Japanese-Americans) also participated in this cultural movement. While it is not possible to determine the exact numbers of Japanese-American zoot suiters, the available historical evidence suggests that they were a visible presence in 1940’s California.


recently in my mexican american studies class we learned about the zoot suiters and how just simply because of the way they dressed (and because they were mexican -__-) saliors would want to beat them up, obivously the sailors would lose (lol) but even police allowed it and sailors started using chains and bats to beat them up..

the riots were soo bad and the sleepy lagoon muder case raised, that police would arrest people that wore those suits because they were “illegal” to wear..crazy huh

i personally liked the zoot suits though lol :)