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Latinx Fentons headcanon + Memory Blank au

I forget who first mentioned the original Latinx!Fentons headcanon, but I just had an idea for an addition.

Paulina’s big meteor shower birthday was her quince, so I thought instead of just asking Danny to invite Phantom to the party, she asked Phantom to be her escort. Danny’s kind of lost interest in her at this point but agrees to be her escort because he knows how monumental this is.

Due to all the time they have to spend together to prepare, Danny (as Phantom) and Paulina actually become real friends, and maybe at some point he even mentions that he remembers the chaos that was involved with his sister’s quince, at which point Paulina realizes he’s Latino. They end up laughing over the fact that Paulina’s got a brother two years younger than her, and they tease each other over their differing perspectives and how Danny understands a lot of Paulina’s brother’s frustrations and how she understands Jazz’s (not that she knows they’re talking about Jazz).

It’s also the first time that Phantom has told anyone outside of Sam and Tucker about his life as a human, and they connect in a way Danny didn’t expect. He doesn’t tell Paulina that he only “died” recently, but he doesn’t exactly dissuade her from thinking he died in the 1940s either. Paulina thinks she’s narrowed it down to the Zoot Suit Riots in ‘43 or fighting in WWII.

At the quince itself, the court’s entrance is absolutely incredible, and Danny and Paulina dance like pros. After the Changing of the Shoes, there’s a slight problem as Paulina’s never worn heels before, but Danny floats a little so she doesn’t trip.

As for Jack and Maddie, they don’t bother Phantom throughout the entire deal- practicing, official rehearsals, the actual quince- they aren’t going to mess up a girl’s quince, especially since they remember how chaotic the preparation for Jazz’s was.

LA’s Zoot Suit riots

The zoot suit was a popular style of dress among Black and Latino youths during WWII. With ballooned pants that tapered at the ankle, oversized jackets, and a broad-rimmed hat, zoot suits were a way for these marginalized groups to express autonomy. Mainstream society, however, viewed zoot culture as rebellious and aggressive.

In June of 1943, violence escalated in Los Angeles when white servicemen scoured the city attacking zoot suiters. The targets were predominately Mexican Americans, but African Americans and Filipino Americans were also attacked. For several days, servicemen dragged nonwhite youths into the streets where they beat them and stripped them of their zoot suits. Police often aided the attackers or arrested the Latino victims. The Zoot Suit Riots lasted for days and sparked racial violence across WWII America.

REPOST: Anytime you hear someone criticizing black people for rioting, share this info with them.

Prior to the 1960s, rioting (or race riots), consisted of whites burning down and destroying black communities simply because they didn’t want them there. Mostly in major northern, western and Midwestern cities, where the population of black citizens grew tremendously due to the great migration. Blacks fled from Jim Crow south to seek refuge and to find jobs and homes. The competition was fierce, thousands and thousands of blacks flooded the cities resulting in “white flight”.
White people were angry that blacks were taking over jobs and building their own communities. Even white soldiers that have been stationed away from home were furious when they came back to this “change”.
This is how race riots started. Whites were not too happy about desegregation in their cities. With subliminal attempts to keep their city segregated, blacks were not allowed in the “white” part of town. Black homes and communities were destroyed and burned down by angry white mobs and countless deaths occurred.
Here are ONLY just a few examples of race riots that took place in our country:

1921: May 30- June 1. Tulsa, OK. Black Wall Street Massacre
1922. May 6, June 9 Kirven, Texas
1923: January 1. Rosewood, FL Rosewood Massacre
1930: October 12-15 Sainte Genevieve, MO
1931: March Scottsboro, AL
1935: March 19 Harlem, NY Harlem Riot of 1935
1943: May Mobile, AL
1943: June Los Angeles, CA Zoot Suit Riot
1943: June 15-16 Beaumont, TX Beaumont Race Riot of 1943
1943: June 20 Detroit, MI Detroit Race Riot
1943:August 1 Harlem,NY Harlem Riot of 1943
1949: August-September Peekskill, NY
1951: July 11-12 Cicero County, IL Cicero Race Riot
1958: Maxton, NC Battle of Hayes Pond
1959: February Pearl River County, MS
1960: April Biloxi Beach, MS
1962: October Oxford, MS Uni of Mississippi
1963: September 30. Oxford, MS Ole Miss Riot
1963: July 11 Cambridge, MD Cambridge riot of 1963
1963: May 13 Birmingham, AL Bombings
1964: July Brooklyn, NY
1964: July 18 Harlem, NY Harlem Riot of 1964
1964: July 24-26 Rochester, NY Rochester riot
1964: August Jersey City, NJ
1964: August Paterson, NJ
1964: August Elizabeth, NJ
1964: August Chicago, IL
1964: August 28 Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia 1964 race riot
1965: March 7 Selma, AL Bloody Sunday
1965: July Springfield, MA
1965: August 11-17 Los Angeles, CA Watts Riot

… only to name a few….


Cherry Poppin’ Daddies - “Zoot Suit Riot” (original video)

Lemme hear one more white person say that White people don’t start nor participate in Race riots.

1824: October 18          Providence, R.I.             Hardscrabble Riots

1829: June- August:       Cincinnati, OH            Cincinnati Riots of 1829

1831:                                Providence, R.I.              Snow Town Riots

1834: July 7                       New York City, N, Y     Farren Riots

1834: August 12                 Philadelphia, PA            Flying Horse Riot

1836: April and July      Cincinnati, OH                Cincinnati riots of 1836

1841: September              Cincinnati, OH                Cincinnati riots of 1841

1855:                                 Cincinnati, OH

1863: March 6                   Detroit, MI                  Detroit Race Riot of 1863

1863: July 13-16.              NYC City, NY            New York City Draft Riots

1866: May 1-3                    Memphis, Tennessee   Memphis Riots of 1866

1866: June                          Charleston, SC

1866: July 30.                 New Orleans, LA        New Orleans Riot of 1866

1867:                              Pulaski, Tennessee       Pulaski Riot

1868: September 28     Opelousas, LA                   Opelousas Massacre

1868: September 19       Camilla, Georgia              Camilla Riot of 1868

1870:                                 Eutaw, Alabama             Eutaw Riot of 1870

1870: June                          Alamance, N.C.                 Kirk-Holden War

1870: October 20             Laurens, SC                       Laurens County Riot

1871: March                        Meridian, MS         Meridian Race Riot of 1871

1872:                                  Louisiana

1873: April 13                     Colfax, LA                             Colfax Massacre

1874: July 29                  Vicksburg, MS                  Vicksburg Riot of 1874

1874: September 14      New Orleans, LA               Liberty Place Riot

1874: August                 Coushatta, Louisiana     Coushatta Massacre

1874: November 3          Eufaula, Alabama            Election Riot of 1874

1875: September 1          Yazoo City, MS        Yazoo City Race Riot of 1875

1875: September 4         Clinton, Mississippi         The Clinton Riot

1876: July 4                        Hamburg, SC                       Hamburg Massacre

1884:                                Cincinnati, OH

1891: October 18           Omaha, NE                         Omaha riot of 1891.

1898: October 12             Virden, IL                            Virden Massacre

1898:  November       Wilmington, NC   Wilmington Insurrection of 1898

1898: February 22         Lake City, South Carolina   Lake City Mob

1898: November 9-14    Greenwood County, S.C.    Phoenix Election Riot

1899: April 23                    Coweta, GA                   Lynching of Sam Hose

1899: September 19          Carterville, IL

1919: July 19-23.                      Washington, D.C.

1919: September 25-28. Omaha, Nebraska

1919: May 10                             Charleston, South Carolina

1919: May 25                             Milan, Georgia

1919: July 10                              Longview, Texas

1919: August 30                      Knoxville, Tennessee

1919: August 21, September 16. New York City, New York

1919: August 27-28.               Laurens County, Georgia

1919: October 1                        Elaine,  Arkansas

1919: June 13                             New London, Connecticut

1919: July 3                                Bisbee, Arizona

1919: April 13                             Millen, Georgia

1919: July 7. July 31.               Philadelphia, Penn

1919: July 15                                Port Arthur, Texas

1919: July 21                                Norfolk, Virginia

1919:                                               Argo, Illinois

1919: July 31                               Syracuse, New York

1919:                                              Ocmulgee, Georgia

1919: Mid Aug/Sep.                Baltimore, Maryland

1919: November 13-1.           Wilmington, Delaware

1919:                                          Waukegan, Illinois

1919: August 5                        Lexington, Nebraska

1919: August 18                       Mulberry, Florida

1919: July 27- August 3      Chicago, Illinois

1919: October 4-5                   Gary Indiana.

1919: October 9                       Donora, Pennsylvania

1919: October 10                     Hubbard, Ohio

1919: October 30                   Corbin, Kentucky

1919: November 22              Bogalusa, Louisiana.

1919: May 10                             Sylvester, Georgia.

1919: May 29                            Putnam, Georgia

1919: 31 May                              Monticello, Mississippi

1919: 13 June                             Memphis, Tennessee

1919: June 27                            Macon, Mississippi.

1919: June 27                            Annapolis, Maryland.

1919: July 5                                Scranton, Pennsylvania

1919: July 6                                Dublin, Georgia

1919: July 8                                Coatesville, Pennsylvania

1919: July 9                                Tuscaloosa, Alabama

1919: July 11                             Baltimore, Maryland

1919: July 23                              New Orleans, Louisiana

1919: July 23                              Darby, Pennsylvania

1919: July 26                              Hobson City, Alabama

1919: July 28                             Newberry, South Carolina

1919: July 31                               Bloomington, Illinois

1919: August 4                         Hattiesburg, Mississippi

1919. August 6                         Texarkana, Texas

1919: August 29                      Ocgulmee, Georgia

1920:                                  Chicago, Illinois

1921: May 30- June 1.         Tulsa, OK              Black Wall Street Massacre

1922. May 6, June 9            Kirven, Texas

1923: January 1.                    Rosewood, FL                 Rosewood Massacre

1930: October 12-15             Sainte Genevieve, MO

1931: March                            Scottsboro, AL

1935: March 19                      Harlem, NY                     Harlem Riot of 1935

1943: May                               Mobile, AL

1943: June                            Los Angeles, CA                 Zoot Suit Riot

1943: June 15-16                    Beaumont, TX     Beaumont Race Riot of 1943

1943: June 20                        Detroit, MI                           Detroit Race Riot

1943: August 1                       Harlem, NY                     Harlem Riot of 1943

1949: August-September Peekskill, NY

1951: July 11-12                        Cicero County, IL            Cicero Race Riot

1958:                                           Maxton, NC             Battle of Hayes Pond

1959: February                    Pearl River County, MS

1960: April                             Biloxi Beach, MS

1962: October                        Oxford, MS                     Uni of Mississippi

1963: September 30.         Oxford, MS                             Ole Miss Riot

1963: July 11                             Cambridge, MD              Cambridge riot of 1963 1963: May 13               Birmingham, AL                         Bombings

1964: July                                Brooklyn, NY

1964: July 18                           Harlem, NY                   Harlem Riot of 1964

1964: July 24-26                  Rochester, NY                           Rochester riot

1964: August                         Jersey City, NJ

1964: August                          Paterson, NJ

1964: August                          Elizabeth, NJ

1964: August                          Chicago, IL

1964: August 28                   Philadelphia, PA     Philadelphia race riot

1965: March 7                       Selma, AL                               Bloody Sunday

1965: July                               Springfield, MA

1965: August 11-17                Los Angeles, CA                      Watts Riot

1966: July 18                           Cleveland, Ohio                      Hough Riots

1966: July 4                             Omaha, NE

1966: September                  Dayton, OH

1966: September                  San Francisco, CA           Hunter’s Point

1967: June                               Atlanta, GA

1967: June 6                            Boston, MA                            

1967: June 11                             Tampa, FL                                                Tampa Riot

1967: May 22                    Houston, TX      Texas Southern University Riot 1967: July 22                           Detroit, MI                                                Detroit riot

1967: June 26- July 1            Buffalo, NY                                             Buffalo Riot

1967: July 30                          Milwaukee, WI                   Milwaukee Riot

1967: July 21                   Minneapolis, MN    Minneapolis North Side Riots

1967: July 12-17                      Newark, NJ                                          Newark riots

1967: July 16                   Plainfield, NJ                                   Plainfield riots

1967: July 24                   Cambridge, MD      Second Cambridge Race Riot

1967: June 11-16               Cincinnati, OH                           Avondale Riot

1967: July                                Newark, NJ

1967: July                                 Detroit, MI

1967:                                        Birmingham, AL

1967:                                         Chicago, IL

1967:                                         New Britain, CT

1967                                          Rochester, NY

1968: February 8                Orangeburg, SC            Orangeburg massacre

1968: April                   Nationwide riots Assassination of MLK

1969: June 24                         Omaha, Nebraska

1969:                                      Camden, NJ

1969: July 17                            York, PA                             York Race Riot

1969: June 28                         New York City, NY             Stonewall Riots

1970: May 11                            Augusta, GA                    

1970: May 5                            Jackson, MS                Jackson State killings

1970: July 4                      Ashbury Park, NJ             Ashbury Park Riots

1970: July                             New Bedford, MA

1971:                                       Camden, NJ                         Camden Riots

1972-1977:                              Pensacola, FL     Escambia High School Riots

1975-76:                                  Boston, MA                     Anti-Busing Riots

1980: May 18                            Miami, Florida                        Miami Riots

1980: July 24                          Chattanooga, TN                Chattanooga Riot

1984: August 8                      Lawrence, MA             Lawrence Race Riot

1986: December                  Howard Beach, NY

1987: February 20               Tampa, FL                              Tampa Riot

1989: February 1                   Tampa, FL                                Tampa Riot

1989: August                        Bensonhurst, NY

1991: August 19                       Brooklyn, NY                Crown Heights riot

1992: April 29                          Los Angeles, CA             Los Angeles Riots

1996: October 24-26            Petersburg, FA                 St. Petersburg Riots

1998: June                              Jasper, TX                              Lynching

2001:                                         Cincinnati, OH                Police Riots


oldie but a goodie (old time songs to dance to)

1. everyday // buddy holly
2. mr bass man // the andrews sisters (ft. thurl ravenscroft)
3. fly me to the moon // frank sinatra
4. the headless horseman // thurl ravenscroft
5. little red riding hood // the big bopper
6. boogie woogie bugle boy of company b // the andrews sisters
7. fifty fathoms // the mellomen
8. luck be a lady tonight // marlon brando
9. peggy sue // buddy holly
10. zoot suit riot // cherry poppin' daddies
11. chantilly lace // the big bopper
12. it don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing) // ella fitzgerald


return for one final nightmare infused swing with mr. cipher…

genres: jazz, electro-swing, electronic, swing, nu-jazz 

1. showtime - kormac, 2.  maniac - caravan palace, 3. puttin’ on the ritz - alex swings oscar sings, 4. monster - parov stelar, 5. i am sick of people being sick of my shit - world inferno friendship society, 6. it don’t mean a thing - proleter, 7. hooked on swing (swing bot remix) - glenn miller. 8. zoot suit riot - cherry poppin daddies, 9.  betaphone (club mix) - caravan palace, 10. no swinngity - minimatic, 11. pepper steak - off ost, 12. cool cat in town (killawatt remix) - tape five, 13. in the mood (club remix) - glenn miller, 14. bella belle (the noisy freaks remix) -  electric swing circus, 15. all night - parov stelar

listen here  - cover by coffeepup 


S U B V E R S I O N  ||  A  ||  an instrumental mix for gentleman spies, the anticipation of action, and the end of the world.

Smooth Criminal - VSQ // Highway to Hell - 2 Cellos // Where the Streets Have No Name - 2 Cellos // Uptown Funk - Symphonic Pops // Sweet Dreams - Eklipse // Dangerous - Bryson Andres // Irresistable - Symphonic Pops // O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Piano Guys // Get Lucky - VSQ // A Lannister Always Pays His Debts - Ramin Djawadi // Turn Down For What - Piano Tribute Players // The Phoenix - Symphonic Pops // Don’t You (Forget About Me) - VSQ

I M I T A T I O N  ||  B  ||  An a cappella mix for over-the-top megalomaniacs, kick-ass partners, and really weird plans to take over the world.

Sympathy for the Devil / Born This Way - Dartmouth Aires // Medley: Killer Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody / Somebody to Love - Dartmouth Aires // People Get Ready - Messiah’s Men // Dog Days Are Over - Pentatonix // Medley: Oops! …I Did It Again / Toxic / Hold It Against Me - Pentatonix // Wicked Game - Sonos // Hot In Here / Fever - Urban Method // Spaceman - Boston University Dear Abbeys // Showstopper - Clemson Takenote // Two Step - Pentatonix // Hit ‘Em Up Style - Low key // Starships - Pentatonix // Put Your Records On - No Comment // Call Me Maybe - The Duke’s Men // Gonna Make You Sweat - Vocal Rush // Holding Out For A Hero - Vocal Rush // Blackout - North Carolina State University Accapology // The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power) - Tufts sQ! // Gangnam Style - Pentatonix // Funky Muisc - Voiceplay Emoni // Zoot Suit Riot - HPU Toccatones // Dying In Ya Arms - Fundamentally Sound