zooper doopers

not to be auscore but i’m still bitter that this icy poles no longer makes cosmic flavours with the same labels anymore



I’m so mad i don’t own a ds9 themed icypole 

i don’t care if it’s just cordial in a plastic tube you freeze, i want it and i’m mad they changed it

butch-kickassidy  asked:

I mean…I grew up in south Louisiana, we just called those poverty pops 'cause you could get a few dozen for a couple bucks and all the neighborhood kids could share without anyone's parents going broke.

the blanket term is icy poles

but then u also get zooper doopers, which i assume is the type ur talking about

but u also got callipos and sunny boys as well

but all of em are icypoles 

Australian schoolyard gothic
  • zooper doopers are free. your classmates smile wider.wider.wider
  • the magpies swoop on the unsuspecting young. NO HAT NO PLAY they scream.
  • the library has only copies of selby and emily eyefinger. there are no other books, though legend tells that once there was a full set of deltora quest
  • the beep test has lasted five hours. your classmates skin and blood litters the asphalt but still you run
  • students walk around bewildered, the skin on their hands, elbows, knees gone. they have lost the beep test.

Its spring and 34 degrees Celsius and the dogs and I are currenlty laying on the computer room floor looking for the best place to buy a pool while waiting for the zooper doopers and billabongs to freeze, cant go out side bc the pies are swooping and the road melts onto ya feet. 

Summer is going to be a scorcher not looking forward to 45+ degrees days D: 


anomalagous  asked:

Sciles post Stiles having a Critical Otter Pop failure.

Stiles didn’t know it was possible that an Otter Pop could become so frozen it’d stick to any surface. That just didn’t seem like a viable, realistic conundrum a nineteen year old could find themselves in. It was only supposed to occur with metal, right? Flagpoles? Not confectionery designed specifically for contact with mouths. Maybe he should’ve pushed the iced pop up from the plastic before trying to take a bite, but he’d literally always eaten them like this, crunching down on the plastic to propel the sugar ice into his mouth.

It turned out, it was totally possible to freeze an Otter Pop to the point it’d adhere itself to your lips and tongue, and somehow, miraculously, be difficult to pull away without ripping off half your skin.

And Stiles had been knocked unconscious several times, and paralyzed, maimed in various tender parts of his body, but he had never felt pain quite like this. It’d might’ve also been the humiliation.

He cupped his hands around the treat, trying to generate enough heat to unstick it, but it didn’t want to budge. He tried pulling again, rocking it up and down, but nope, no dice, it just waggled. He tried to be patient, but that’d never been his strong suit.

He barged into Scott’s room. Scott glanced up at him from his sitting position on his bed with an unconcerned frown and Stiles gestured at the otter pop furiously.

“No, thanks, I’m good.”

Stiles said, “Scott! Use your wolfy senses to notice my anxiety!”, but it came out as, “Mmmahhh! Uh uhh uuu-err uu-u ooouh uhhh uhhh uh uhhierhhheee,” which sucked.

Somehow, Scott managed to decipher it, because he frowned. “Are you… is your tongue stuck?”

Stiles gestured louder.

“How do you even survive without me?” Scott said, fond exasperation evident in every word and step he took Stiles’ way. He walked close and examined the Otter Pop from multiple angles.

“You want my quick solution or my quickest?”


“Okay, then.”

Scott cradled Stiles’ jaw and tilted his head to the side. He proceeded to lick at Stiles’ top lip and then his lower one, working his tongue against the seam of the Otter Pop plastic and Stiles. Stiles felt himself physically heat up, his nerves a heady rush of excitement, confusion, joy, and arousal.

The Otter Pop slipped free, hardly noticed by either Stiles or Scott.

Scott stroked his fingers against Stiles’ cheek, and Stiles felt all pain, even that not caused by the Otter Pop Incident, draining away.

Scott brushed his finger over Stiles’ lips next, looking for all the world like he was thinking of tasting them. “There are less convoluted ways of getting me to kiss you.”

Stiles shook his head. “This was entirely accidental.”

Scott backed away immediately. “Oh.”

Stiles grasped hold of his hands before he could move too far. “But a happy accident, as it happens. The best accident. Simultaneously the dumbest and smartest thing I’ve ever done.” He cocked his head to the side, licked his still-cold lips. “Will you kiss me better?”

Scott’s smile made his eyes crinkle at the corners. “All right, but if we get stuck, I’m blaming you.”

“If we get stuck I’m gonna assume  someone put a spell on me and it wasn’t even close to a curse.”

This kiss, a real kiss, wasn’t only warm enough to melt ice. It was hot.


(Dude, I had to google this to decipher it. I was staring at my screen like ‘are these typos? has LC mistaken me for J? what is going on? You gotta know we don’t call them that over here. The four names I grew up with were: ice lolly, icypole, lickstick [ooh, err] and zooper dooper.)

the classic summer feels, love it <3

- bug spray
- insect repellent
- bugs
- mosquitoes tbh
- sweat
- getting into a car is like being in a sauna
- bugs again
- zooper doopers
- sweat and bugs

Do You Want A Zooper Dooper?
Do You Want A Zooper Dooper?

inspired by that australian version of frozen picture going around

‘Do You Want A Zooper Dooper?’ lyrics

Do you want a Zooper Dooper?

C'mon it’s really hot

I can’t take any it more, come out the door, my air conditioning’s shot

It used to be so cold here, and now it’s not

I wish we could turn back time!

Do you want a Zooper Dooper

A cola Zooper Dooper?


Yea, you too

Do you want a Zooper Dooper?

Lets make a tarp a slipping slide!

I think some sunscreen here is over due, I’ve started looking like fucking fire truck

'Bloody hell’

It gets a little crazy, all these weather reports

Watching these temps soar high

38 39 40 41   


Please, I know you’re in there

With evaporated cooling

Some say you’re hoarding

But I know you, I’m right out here with Bruce

Just let me in

I only have my sweat out here

It’s just a fan and me

What the fuck would you have me do   

Do you want Zooper Dooper?