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Magnus and Alec | Shadowhunters Season 2 | Comic-Con Trailer 

so there’s this one giant SUV that no one ever wants to drive when we go on the range for driver’s Ed right? So the coach needed more drivers and before he even finished the sentence everyone mc scattered and SPRINTED to each of the other cars (that are like v far away mind you and in a huge circle) because no one wanted to get stuck with the SUV in the front

It was hilArious cuz the guy who wasnt quick enough inevitably got stuck with it looked like he wanted to fall to his knees and cry in anguish and I don’t feel bad whatsoever lmho


I hope this shows ok!

Flareon run cycle I made back in April thanks to lots of help from some awesome folks down at the Pixeljoint and Pixelation forums! I’ve micromanaged this a lot, so I probably won’t do anymore to it unless something really bad sticks out. Nonetheless, I’m still willing to hear how it can be better for next time.