BUT imagine this:

Breakfast at the bunker. Sam, Dean, Cas, and Mary, all of them happily chatting while they’re enjoying their food, meanwhile Cas appreciating his mug of freshly brewed coffee as he watches them fondly.

Then once they are all ready to start the day, Sam leaving for his morning jog, Cas leaving to check out a possible lead on Lucifer, which leaves Dean and Mary.

And Mary staring at Dean once they’re alone, slack jawed, eyes wide, a silent “oh” falling from her lips.

Dean raising his eyebrows at her, not sure what she’s getting at, and asking “What? Is something wrong, mom?”

And Mary taking a deep breath before shaking her head, her face gradually melting into a knowing smile. “No, it’s just, I only realized just now… You and Castiel, the way he looks at you… That’s the exact same way your father always looked at me. I know that times have changed, you could’ve honestly told me about the two of you.”

Of course followed by Dean nearly choking on his last bite of leftover food, his cheeks on fire, because they’re not dating, thank you very much. 

That is to say, not yet.

Fact: Castiel must have one sassy confused one liner per episode he’s in.

E1: No, I don’t have a harp.

E2: I don’t sweat under any circumstances.

That first scene in SPN S12 E02 (Sam/Toni) was SO FUCKING DISTURBING. It was intensely disturbing. I had to stop watching for a minute because I did not expect that. I did not expect SPN to go there, because, heh, this isn’t HBO. I just got so disturbed by that I didn’t even care Sam was shirtless. (!) Nice way to fuck us up, show. I am still not sure how to feel about that, beyond slightly sick. But here’s why technically it was a good method: a) it’s trying to trick Sam into telling her things by putting him in a euphoric/trustful state of mind, b) it doesn’t require actual torture which she knows by now will not break him, c) it’s fitting to try and break Sam - who has a long history with dubious consent/assault - by taking his agency from him. Which screws me up, because do we need any more Sam-consent-issues? This was like a date-rape drug, only there was no actual physical anything. It’s still assault. From his character history point of view, this was a terrible, terrible thing for her to do. And I liked that when he breaks out of the hallucination, he’s speechless, because torture is one thing but this? This is low. I hate Toni now.

And I hate that we won’t talk about this again. Because this? This shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is taking the NO away from Sam, once again. And I love that so much of Tumblr is talking about this!