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Thats Right, I’m doing some FREE Commissions!

Sorry I don’t have any good pictures to show as examples right now, but that’s part of the reason I’m doing this, the others being from some clout(brand awareness) and practice.

The pieces will be Paper, PensPencils, an and I’ll only being doing 15 commissions.

This post will be updated as more spaces will be filled out, it is a first come first serve basis, send me a message in my submission box using the the the title format of:

Cannoli Free Commission *INSERTNAMEHERE*

Please read the commission info before sending a submission(shoutout to @nolanthebiggestnerd for letting me borrow his format)

  1. @kalimari-mak
  2. @homemade-snuff-films 
  3. @nootaz-with-the-spagethii
  4. @epixdude342 
  5. @tgunn64
  6. @scentedpandadonut
  7. @theradiomonkey
  8. @dreamysnoozer  
  9. @ineffty
  10. @fennecfoxfanatic 
  11. @lyrik-rose 
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Good Luck!

Αν με γνωριζες στα 21, ολα θα ηταν αλλιώς, αλλά με γνώρισες στα 15. Μέχρι τα 21 μπορεί και να μην με θυμάσαι και καθολου. Ή απλα θα θυμασαι πως κάποτε αγάπησες κάποιον στα 15. Αν με γνώριζες στα 21, θα μπορούσες να με παντρευτείς μετα απο 1,2,3 ή 4 χρόνια. Μπορεί όντως να ήθελες μια ζωη μαζι μου, αλλα τι να λεμε τωρα. Μέχρι τα 21 σου θα έχεις γνωρίσει τόσους άνθρωπους, τόσους καινούριους έρωτες. Θα θες να ζήσεις καινούρια πράγματα, αλλα δεν ξέρω αν θα ήμουν ικανό άτομο για να τα ζησω μαζί σου. Πάντα ήθελες κάποιον να σε ακολουθήσει με τις σπουδές σου και με το επάγγελμα των ονείρων σου, αλλα ποιος ξέρει πως θα έρθουν τα πράγματα μάτια μου; Αν με γνώριζες στα 21, θα ήμουν ένα τελείως διαφορετικό άτομο. Ώριμο και με μια ζωη σε τάξη. Αλλά στα 15; Αν με γνώριζες στα 21 ψυχή μου ολα θα ήταν διαφορετικά…


patch of sunlight by galuppi

ID #46660

Name: Niten
Age: 15
Country: Switzerland

Um.. I´m not sure how stuff like this usually works but whatever, here I am.

I´m Niten, Hi. Basically Niten is not my real name but I´ll tell you my real name as soon as we start a conversation lol. I´m and actually an introverted dork who likes books, videogames and bonfires at summer nights. When we become closer I can tell you more things about myself, like Sexuality etc. lolol (Im a shy and insecure bean don´t kill me) I´m in love with Astrology, Space AND WANT SOMEONE TO DISCUSS CONSPIRACY THEORIES WITH LIKE oMG this SHITS wILD. I love art and I´m super passionate about drawing, which is one of my hobbies. (That’s right, this girl got hobbies.)

I hate mathematics but only because I sometimes don´t get it otherwise I actually enjoy math. I love History.

I fluently speak 2 Languages. I really want to improve my English. Currently I´m learning Spanish and French (WHICH I REALLY SUCK AT OMG HELP MY POOR SOUL)

My MBTI Type is INTP. (like I said; Introverted dork lol)

I make a lot of stupid puns and jokes don´t hate me for that but I can´t help myself. AYYYY-


I love listening to music. So if you want to we could send each other CD´s with music on them. (only if ur ok with that)

(Or CD´s with music and WITH secret messages on them that you can make with the program DeepSound – which I used to do with one of my friends. Call me childish but that shit´s cool, especially when nobody gets it.)

I listen to Ed Sheeran, Oh Wonder, Billie Eilish – Actually I listen to almost every kind of music.

I´m a sarcastic piece of shit. I love to watch TV Shows such as : SKAM, Sherlock, Doctor WHO, Riverdale, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Mr. Robot, Big Bang Theory etc. -> I also watch Anime.

I have ship´s such as : PHAN, LARRY, JOHNLOCK, VICTURI, Reylo etc.

Also I´m searching for a best friend who I can facetime/Skype with at 2 am, who I can send ugly Snapchats to (lmao) and who´s there for me and who I won´t lose contact with after 2 days, and maybe even someone that I could meet one day. We can chat on Tumblr, Whatsapp, Snapchat, it doesn´t matter and if you want to we could send each other letters with stuff like pictures, pressed flowers or just gifts. (Again, only if your ok with sending letters etc. )

I´m shy and awkward at the beginning but just give me time and I will release the beast. Lmao jk

Preferences: Age 14-17

- Idc about gender lol (But I would prefer Girls since I can relate more but if you´re a boy thats completely fine)
- Any sexuality
- Any Religion
- Don’t be a dick
- Don’t be an asshole
- otherwise you´re welcome
- yas
- ok wtf am I doing
- I actually made myself cringe like wow
- ok bye I´m waiting