Photographer Michael Shainblum took this video just before Totality in Oregon while they were prepping to take this awesome photo


Great chance to gawk at photos of rare, gem quality minerals.

Kenneth Don, an electronic technical services specialists at UA’s Steward Observatory, takes high definition images of micromount gems, metals and mineral specimens. Some of them are rare and all are too small to view clearly with the human eye. A self-taught photographer, Don produces the images for UA scientists and also volunteers for community organizations.

Vote for @anthonyacostaphoto’s photo of Elijah Berle to win this year’s XGames Zoom Photography Contest. It’s the only skate photo in the running & it could win Eli a gold medal & Anthony $10k. If the entire skate community comes together we can win this for Anthony, one of the raddest/rippingest dad’s out there.
Vote once a day until July 15th…or the skiers win.