Lady just shed out, so I’m using her as my example. These are all iphone photos. Are they grainy? Ye. Are they bad photos? Nah. I wouldn’t be sending them to any publications, but for tumblr they work just fine!

If anyone is struggling, work on having good light (avoid flash like the plague), good subject focus and don’t use the artificial zoom. Good photography ethic will shine through whatever potato you might be limited to at the time.

Disclaimer: I have taken many photography courses and have been shooting stuff with cameras since way before I had sneks, so don’t feel bummed if your initial serious attempts don’t look like anything amazing. Mine didn’t either.


Levi Maestro creator of Maestro Knows (Vimeo him) came to London again :D (super miffed I missed him the last time)

BUT I met him and got myself a red Infinity piece

Hold tight

Mr Maestro himself *Continuous scream* @MAESTROKNOWS

Fynn @MRFynnXprinceOf

and of course the one and only, Mr Andre Zoom Anderson @ZOOM4YOU

who had to put up with my severe gassed state


Mandy_20937-2 by Flash Parker
Via Flickr:
Yeongdeungpo-gu Office, Seoul I’m under strict orders pertaining to what I can and can’t upload from this set. Gosh… someone is picky. haha. Anyway, the album cover shoot was a lot of fun. I toned it differently than I do with a lot of my other stuff and I’m happy with the results. I also love having a concept to work with. Makes things more fun and easier on everyone. Flashes: Fomex D1000 @ 1/32 power, overhead, XL octobox Fomex D1000 @ 1/64 power, camera axis, XL softbox Fomex D1000 @ 1/64 power, far camera right XL softbox *Flashwaves Triggers