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Whoever’s job it is to come up with akumas in Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir is a Flash fan.  You can’t convince me otherwise.

Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom = Antibug

  • costume is exact opposite color of the hero
  • same powers/abilities as the hero
  • former obsessed fan of the hero

Pied Piper = Guitar Villain/Mr. Pigeon

  • sound wave attacks with musical instrument
  • commands a flock of flying rodents (aka pigeons)
  • with a whistle…kinda like a flute…?

Mirror Master = Lady Wifi

  • teleports through cell phones
  • hero smashes array of cell phones set up to keep her from teleporting

Weather Wizard = Stormy Weather

  • weather
  • a lot of weather

Black Flash = Timebreaker

  • faster than the hero
  • “kills” everyone she touches
  • travels through time

Master List

Masterlist of my ‘ x Reader’ fanfiction.

Italics = Smut/NSFW


Cisco Ramon
~ Fun in the Lab
~ Peppered Kisses
~ Caught
~ Nightmare
~ Like-Like
~ Imagine… 
~ Stood-Up
~ Casual Nights
~ You’re Pretty Good

Zoom / Hunter Zolomon
~ Guilty Pleasure
~ Inner Thoughts
~ Morning Date
~ Ultimatum
~ Imagine… 
~ Kidnapped
~ His Everything

Eobard Thawne / Harrison Wells
~ Longing
~ Acceptance
~ Captured 
~ See-Through
~ Damn Your Morals

E-2 Harrison Wells
~ Arguing Again
~ Goodbye Left Unsaid
~ Temptation
~ Doppelganger
~ Your Harry

Caitlin Snow
~ Tipsy Confession

Leonard Snart
~ Really?!

Mick Rory
~ Warmth from an Arsonist

I remade the mosaic of kids for reasons (mostly because I have some better-quality images now).  Kind of wondering if I should use the same picture of Albert from the previous mosaic, though.  The other pic’s cuter.

Row 1: James, Evan, Roy
Row 2: Lisa, Len, Digger
Row 3: Roscoe, Hartley, Mick
Row 4: Albert, Alvin, Eobard


170119 SMA — Lucky One
Chen focus

711 ficlet.

“C’mon, Danno!”

Steve ground his teeth, guarding the wall opposite the bathroom door as if doing so would somehow compel his partner to hurry the hell up.  “The party starts in ten minutes!”

Still the door did not open.  Just as Steve was about to push his luck and storm in, Grace flitted out of her room, a momentary distraction.

“You look beautiful, sweetheart,” Steve said.  “Where’s your brother?  We’ve got to go.”

“Oh, he’s… y’know, I don’t know,” she replied, her current teen-penchant for vagueness feeling even more suspicious than usual.  She looked up at him for a moment, leaving him with the distinct impression that she saw him as an alien with three heads, then zoomed into the master bedroom.

“Grace, what’re you”–a crash from inside the bathroom–“Danny!  Old house, old!  You can’t slam the”–Grace zoomed back out into the hallway, darting into her room–“Grace, we’re going to be”–she shut the door.

Steve took three deep, calming breaths.  “This is like herding cats.”

From inside the bathroom, Danny finally piped up.  “You love cats!”

“Cats are ninjas!” Charlie offered, confirming that he was at least alive somewhere in the house.

“Charlie!”  Steve seized upon the opportunity to gather one member of the family.  “C’mon bud, it’s time to go.”

Grace’s door peeked open, but it was quickly slammed shut again.  “No, wait!” she hissed.  “Not yet!”

Something was definitely up.  Steve ignored the faded instinct to order the troops into the hallway to present for inspection, deciding to go with the softly-softly approach instead.  Family made him feel like a giant ol’ marshmallow, and he loved it.

Eventually, at the end of time itself, Danny opened the bathroom door.

“What the fucking… frog, frogging, what the frogging heck are you wearing?” Steve amended, in deference to Grace’s door opening, and two little nippers (one not so little) decanting into the hallway.

Danny’s left eyebrow did something complicated and judgemental.  “Frogging heck?”

Grace snorted, and Steve dragged his gaze away from the sight of Danny in a garish print shirt and green pants, to the sight of little Charlie looking all dapper in a suit, complete with suspenders and a bow-tie.

“Surprise!” Charlie shouted.  “Do you like my costume?”

“It’s really great, bud,” Steve said.  “Danny?  I repeat my question: what the frogging heck?”

Danny scowled and darkly muttered, “Kono.”  He said no more, as if that answered Steve’s question.  In a way, it did, because Steve knew that if Kono truly insisted that Danny had to do something, then Danny would fold like a house of cards.  Steve only wished that he had Kono’s power, and he was sleeping with the guy.

“She said I had to wear this,” Danny finally continued.  “That it was Chin’s birthday, and that I’ve been on this rock for seven years now, so it was time for me to fully embrace the print shirt, for the good of Chin’s party, and for the good of kittens and rainbows everywhere.”

Steve blinked, digesting that.  "And,” he said slowly, working things out, “because the balance of the universe needed to be restored, you made poor Charlie dress up as a mini James Bond?”

“Yes,” Danny said, nodding.

Charlie snapped his suspenders, smiling.  “It’s okay Uncy Steve, I like it!”

Steve stared at Charlie like Grace had stared earlier: as though looking at an alien with three heads.

“That’s my boy,” Danny crowed, beaming, and Steve would have lamented this state of affairs if not for that fact that they were all really goddam late.

“Right!” he said, putting on his Serious Business Voice.  “Everybody out!  We’ve gotta go!  Out out out!”

The kids thundered down the stairs, and just as Danny turned to follow, Steve grabbed a handful of his shirt, tugging him closer and leaning to whisper in his ear.

“You’re leaving this on, later,” he said, scrunching the material in his fist.  He looked Danny up and down, a lascivious glint in his eye.  “Just this.”

what if somehow Jason isn’t really good at sewing (or he doesn’t really think it’s fun) and one day Alfred sees footage of the Red Hood and goes like rewind that, please Master Bruce, could you zoom in on Master Jason’s jacket oh no how dreadful that won’t do look that button’s about to fall off and the seams are all rugged

and he shows up at Jason’s apartment with a sewing kit

(a month later Damian joins in because he’s apparently really good at sewing ((I’m only helping Pennyworth deal with your incapability Todd))

Jason just makes them tea, goes don’t sit there, there’s a shotgun under the cushion and says okay, then a lot