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The frontispiece for Wolfgang Franz’s Historia Animalium depicts many of God’s creatures gathered around the luminous figure emerging from a tree trunk. There’s the snail, the porcupine, and of course the majestic lion, smaller somehow than the turkey but with such an interestingly styled mane.

Wolfgang Franz.  Historia animalium, in quâ plerorumqve animalium præcipuæ proprietates in gratiam studiosorum theologiæ, & ministrorum Verbi ad usum eikonologikon breviter accomodantur. 1659. New-York Historical Society. 

Care of a Magical Slytherin: Draco x Reader

**You are extremely talented in Care of Magical Creatures, Draco however is not. Dumbledore and Hagrid assign you to help Draco pull up his grade. Enjoy!**

You sat at a table in the back corner of the library waiting for the infamous Draco Malfoy. You had just been assigned to the job of tutoring him for Care of Magical Creatures the class you excelled in. You had read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them like 20 times you knew every detail front to back. After that you went on to many other magic-zoology books and memorized them as well. Animals loved you, you weren’t sure why but they were always drawn to you. You were skimming the latest issue of The Quibbler as you waited for Draco. You look at the clock it was 3:50! Draco should have been there 20 minutes ago. About 10 minutes later Draco Malfoy strolls into the library, a green apple in his hand.

“What are you doing?” You questioned him.

“You’re supposed to help me study, remember?” He replied cockily.

“Yes I remember you twit! You were supposed to be here a half an hour ago!” You were shouting.

“SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH,” that came from the librarian, who’s name was escaping your mind at the moment.

“Wow Y/n getting in trouble already,” Draco mocked shaking his head.

“Oh shove it Malfoy,” you retorted. Draco took a bite of his apple and sat down.

“Well, are you going to tutor me or not L/n?” Draco kicked his feet up onto the table. Your eyes shot daggers at him as you got out the monstrous book of monsters. You promptly stroked its spine as it opened up immediately. Draco’s eyes widened.

“How did you do that?” Draco was completely shocked.

“Well I stroked his spine and I don’t mock him,” you replied turning the pages.

“It’s a him?” Draco asked genuinely curious.

“Yes, Hagrid told me, and his name is Jared,” you finally found the lesson the class was working on.

“Oh, okay,” Draco took his feet off the table and scooted closer to you.

“Yeeeessssss?” You questioned. Draco was a little close for your liking.

“I couldn’t see,” Draco replied already reading the lesson. You couldn’t believe your eyes, Draco was actually interested!

You two spent the rest of your free period studying. Draco actually seemed genuinely interested in Magical Creatures. Just as the bell rang to signal it was time for lunch, you reached into your bag. You pulled out your copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and handed it to Draco.

“Here, I think you’ll like it,” you smiled and surprisingly he smiled back.

“Thank you, I’ll give it back next week,” he looked at you one last time before his face went slightly pink as he muttered a goodbye and ran off to lunch. You shook your head and made your way to the great hall.

You went and sat down at the y/h table and coincidently you could see Draco from where you sat. He was reading the book you gave him, and he was barely even eating. You smiled and shook your head, maybe this isn’t going to be as hard as you thought.

Next week came by quick and again it was time for a tutor session with Draco. You strolled into the library about 10 minutes early so you could find a new book. As you walked back to your usual table to sit down your things you saw Draco sitting there his feet up, once again eating a green apple. You walked up and sat down your bag.

“Well, early are we?” You questioned smiling. Draco immediately took his feet off of the table.

“Well I didn’t have anything else to do,” Draco seemed anxious which was extremely odd for him but you ignored it. “Oh yeah,” Draco exclaimed. He reached into his robe pocket and handed you Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. “I really liked it, thank you,” Draco said genuinely. You took your book and smiled.

“I’m really glad you liked it, Newt Scamander is an amazing person,” you replied happily.

“I agree,” Draco smiled. You couldn’t believe the way he was acting! He went from a complete dickwad to an actually nice human being. It was so weird to you, how he could go from one extreme to the other. It didn’t bother you, you actually liked nice Draco. It was just odd.

~Draco’s POV~

Y/n has been zoning out for the past 5 minutes, just staring out the window. I took the chance to study the features of their face. It was perfect really. The e/c eyes, the adorable nose, the h/hl/c hair that pulled everything together. I had liked Y/n for awhile but I kept it hidden, I didn’t think I was good enough for them. Should I tell them? I thought as I gazed at Y/n’s face. Suddenly Y/n came out of their ‘trance’. I quickly looked away, I could feel the red slowly creeping up my cheeks.

~Y/n’s POV~

You shook your head and realized you had been zoning out the whole time! God that’s embarrassing! You looked over at Draco and just managed to see his head turn away quickly. You smirked. “Like what you see Malfoy?” You asked flirtatiously, for about two seconds before you started giggling up a storm. Draco’s face was bright red, you felt kinda bad. “Hey I was just kidding,” you told him holding your hands up like you were surrendering. You sat there for a moment awaiting Draco’s response, suddenly Draco grabbed the sides of your face gently and kissed you. Your eyes flew wide open, and then slowly shut as you melted into the kiss. Draco’s hands caressing your jawline as you two kissed. It was perfect, except when you heard a flash. Both of you backed away and looked to see Colin Creevey hiding behind his huge camera.

“Oh this will look great in my scrapbook!” Colin said running off. You and Draco both took off running, but holy shit for a small kid he sure was fast. You eventually gave up after Colin ran outside. You had you hands of your knees and your head hanging down. Draco stopped next to you, red faced and out of breath. He smiled, you smiled back.

“Hey ..(breath).. Y/n?”

“Yeah?” You replied lifting up your head.

“Would you..(breath)..like to go out sometime?” Draco asked very nonchalantly. You stood up, eyes slightly widened.

“…You know what, yes that sounds great,” you smiled brightly.

“Amazing, want to go grab some gilly water?” Draco asked holding out his arm.

“I’d love to,” you linked arms and walked away.

     All was well.

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend me some books on animal behavior??

Of course hon! Check out the posts on my Book Recommendations page for previous posts (from myself and others) on this topic. 

Disclaimer: While I much prefer to read every book before I recommend it to others, this is not always possible. This Ethologist doesn’t get paid enough to support her book addiction, but I keep adding to these sorts of lists in the hopes that I’ll slowly be able to add them to my library (or at least check them out). That being said, if anyone has any additional recommendations or constructive comments on the titles listed here, please let me know. 

  1. Anything by David Attenborough
    I believe I listed some specific titles in previous posts, but really you can’t go wrong with Sir David.

  2. Anything by Frans De Waal
    I was required to read Our Inner Ape as a part of a freshman general science course, and it opened me up to the world of Ethology (and that I could actually get paid to do this)! I have a number of his books and they are educational while still being accessible and entertaining to scientists and general public alike. 

  3. The Primate Mind: Built to Connect with Other Minds
    Frans De Waal and Pier Francesco Ferrari (editors) compiled works from Ethologists, Psychologists, Neuroscientists, and Primatologists to look at primate social behavior from multiple perspectives. I haven’t read this yet but am a huge nerd for a number of the contributing authors included in this book. Let’s just say this one is high up on my Christmas list.

  4. The Handbook of Ethological Methods - Philip N. Lehner
    Although dated, this hefty text is the knock-down-drag-out best reference to break down (and familiarize yourself with) animal behavior and ethological research. The hefty price tag has kept it out of my personal library, but I’ve curled up in a library carrel with this text a number of times.

  5. Animal Intelligence: From Individual to Social Cognition - Zhanna Reznikova
    This book covers a multitude of species in the wild and in the lab. It’s another (potentially) hefty price tag but the accessible language and wide subject breadth should make it a well worth investment to most readers.

  6. Among African Apes: Stories and Photos from the Field 
    Martha Robbins and Christophe Boesch  (editors) go beyond the (much beloved) household name of Jane Goodall and get stories from ape researchers still working in the field. The first-hand accounts share the breakthroughs, joys, frustrations, and challenges of field work. 

Have your own Ethology must reads? Add them to the list!


Some more pages from my Golden Guides! These things had so many cool facts. Each are 160 pages.

In order of appearance: Reptiles & Amphibians, Stars, Exotic Plants for Home and Garden, Hallucinogenic Plants, Non-Flowering Plants, Zoo Animals, Venomous Animals, Endangered Animals, Bats of the World, and Rocks and Minerals.

A beautiful lantern slide depicting the larva and adult Wood Wasp. 

This slide is part of a collection used by Professor F. J. Cole, the first Professor of Zoology at the University of Reading. The artist, Georgiana Elizabeth Ormerod (1825-1896), studied painting under William Hunt alongside her sister Eleanor Anne Ormerod (1828-1901), who was a renowned economic entomologist, a consultant to the Royal Agricultural Society and the first woman in Britain to receive an honorary degree. Georgiana illustrated her sister’s work and sometimes accompanied her to meetings with The Etomological Society.