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Eventually, it works. 

My lab is/used to be (it’s complicated) a veterinary lab, and they’ve cleaned their archive recently, and these and a very big pile of books were going to the trash. 

I picked up a bunch of zoology treaties (one for big stuff each : mammals, birds, fish, arthropods, etc…) and a veterinary vade-mecum both from the 1930s, and that last book about fecondation and sterility on the subject of purebred horses that is from 1912. 

The only one I’ll probably read is the veterinary vade-mecum because dang, it sounds useful, the zoology ones I took for the illustrations, and the last one because look at this beautiful book talking about horse dicks, I mean. With actual advertising about brands that were AWARDED AT THE EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE DE PARIS IN 1900. 

I’ll be forever angry that my boss had already picked up the 19th century big book on comparative anatomy of mammals, but these are good too. 


Historia Serpentum et Draconum, 1640.

Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605) is considered the founder of modern Natural History. Along with the collection of worldwide specimens, which were one of the first Wunderkammer, he used to collect drawings of animals hard to find or preserve. Thanks to artists like Agostino Carracci, Teodoro Ghisi, Jacopo Ligozzi, he created an archive of 8000 sheets, from which 3000 planks are still preserved in Bologna. 

Guardians of the Jungle// Closed RP


Millins feet walked through the jungle. The magical jungle that dropped with folklore and legend. Legends of creatures one woukd not find in your everyday zoology book.
Well, with someone with the curiousity to rival that of a cat, who could resist seeking that out?

A beautiful lantern slide depicting the larva and adult Wood Wasp. 

This slide is part of a collection used by Professor F. J. Cole, the first Professor of Zoology at the University of Reading. The artist, Georgiana Elizabeth Ormerod (1825-1896), studied painting under William Hunt alongside her sister Eleanor Anne Ormerod (1828-1901), who was a renowned economic entomologist, a consultant to the Royal Agricultural Society and the first woman in Britain to receive an honorary degree. Georgiana illustrated her sister’s work and sometimes accompanied her to meetings with The Etomological Society. 


Posting in honor of the great new film, LOGAN

‘Logan Hero’ Copyright Julio Cotto 2013. Ink on 1970’s elementary science book page.

‘The Uncanny X-ray’ Copyright Julio Cotto 2013. Ink on 1960’s zoology book page. Featured in Geek Art Volume 3.