9th Battalion AIF photos for my anon.

Lines of the Australian 9th and 10th Battalions at Mena Camp, looking towards the Pyramids. The soldier in the foreground is playing with a kangaroo, the regimental mascot. Many Australian units brought kangaroos and other Australian animals with them to Egypt, and some were given to the Cairo Zoological Gardens when the units went to Gallipoli.

Empress Sissi’s interest on Psychiatry/mental illnesses:

>>More, and more clearly, she gave preference to insane asylums –even abroad, where there was no question of representing the crown; her visits were purely private. She inquired at length about the stories of the patients. At that time, treatment of the insane was still in its infancy. It was considered sufficient in most cases to keep the patients locked up, to feed them and care for them. Elisabeth had a burning interest in new therapeutic experiments; she was, for example, present on one occasion when a patient was hypnotized –at the time, a new sensational procedure.

This striking interest in mental illness and its treatment might have indicated the beginning of a commitment. But Elisabeth never took the step leading to active support of new therapies, though in 1871 she proposed a singular name-day wish to the Emperor: “Since you have asked me what would give me pleasure, I beg you for either a Bengal tiger (Zoological Garden in Berlin, 3 cubs) or a locket. What I would like best of all is a fully equipped insane asylum. Now you have enough choices”. And four days later: “My thanks in advance for the locket… Unfortunately, you appear not to have given the other two things a moment´s consideration”. Elisabeth’s interest in insane asylums was seen as another of her many bizarre ways, frequently ridiculed and disparaged as completely unsuitable to an empress.<<

Brigitte Hamman, The Reluctant Empress: A Biography of Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

Paradise Place – Red

  1. Espiritu Estate

  2. Newlow House

  3. Dente House

  4. Rossum House

  5. Beaker House

  6. The Strangetown Community Pool

Deadtree – Blue

  1. Old Library

  2. The Meeting House

  3. Nightowl Saloon

  4. Florica’s Market

  5. The Kine Dairy

Division 47/West Strangetown – Green

  1. Barracks

  2. Medical Barracks

  3. Hogg’s Trailer

  4. Labs

  5. Fusilli House

  6. Player’s House

  7. 51 Colonel Drive (Grunt House)

Strangetown – Yellow

  1. 1 Tesla Court (former Beaker House)

  2. Warehouse

  3. 101 Road to Nowhere (Smith House)

  4. 2 Cover Up Road (Curious House)

  5. 13 Dead End Lane (Specter House)

  6. Strange County Fire Department

  7. Local Shopping Center

  8. Re-Spawn Pawn Shop

  9. Strange County Sheriff’s Department

  10. County Hall

  11. Saloon & Casino

  12. Optimum’s Tech Factory

  13. The Strange Zoological Garden

  14. The Gothic Gardens

  15. Nuclear Power Plant

Outskirts of Strangetown - Orange

  1. Silver Rocket Service Station

  2. The Strangetown Billboard

  3. The Monument


Little human eating camel

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Mother’s little hairdresser
Мамин маленький парикмахер

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Entering through a portal, three reapers entered Hell. Not for extermination but for business. After some persistent convincing, William T Spears had agreed to partaking in a diplomatic meeting with the Princes of Hell. If it lessened the incidences with the savage beasts and saved William’s side from being poked anymore by an insistent photographer, so be it.

Sascha was elated, having brought many rolls of film and their field notes in their role as documentor for the mission. In actuality, the mission was an excuse to visit and become more acquainted, as well as feeding their ever-curious desires. And to see the two demons; it had been some time since the incident at the zoological gardens. Rudgar had agreed beforehand, not wanting to risk Sascha traveling alone and in close proximity with a certain violet-haired annoyance. And, as William had put it, it was good to have two recorders.

Approaching the castle, Sascha already had their camera out and William was without his scythe. For now. “Do maintain yourselves here,” he spoke cooly, adjusting his glasses. “We may be among the fallen here but that does not suggest we should join them in their antics.”

“Yes, sir.” The two Germans gave a salute, one stern and the other chipper with excitement as they waited for their friends to arrive.



The Leipzig Zoological Garden, or the Leipzig Zoo, was opened in Leipzig, Germany on June 9, 1878. It was taken over by the city of Leipzig in 1920 after World War I and now covers about 225,000 square meters (56 acres) and contains approximately 850 different species. The zoo is internationally noted for its spectacular building projects and its large carnivore exhibit. It has bred more than 2,000 lions, 250 rare Siberian tigers, and other carnivores like bears.Leipzig Zoological Garden is known as the “Zoo of the future” source Wikipedia