The Leipzig Zoological Garden, or the Leipzig Zoo, was opened in Leipzig, Germany on June 9, 1878. It was taken over by the city of Leipzig in 1920 after World War I and now covers about 225,000 square meters (56 acres) and contains approximately 850 different species. The zoo is internationally noted for its spectacular building projects and its large carnivore exhibit. It has bred more than 2,000 lions, 250 rare Siberian tigers, and other carnivores like bears.Leipzig Zoological Garden is known as the “Zoo of the future” source Wikipedia


Tokyo Series:

I never thought I would be planning trips based on the interest of a two year old but here I am, visiting every Zoo, Aquarium and Museum insight. Our first visit was Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. Apparently they have a wonderful Panda exhibit but it was overly crowded and viewing the pandas were very structured. Line to get in, and get out immediately! Japan has a very controlled way of having fun. That’s the best way I can describe it. They had a great selection of animals - which were all awake for once and their food area had everything from plate lunches to hamburgers/hot dogs. I really liked their already made ice cream cones which were about $.84 usd.

Entry fee’s were really good for the US. Dollar which had an exchange rate of 121 yen to $1.00. (600 yen entrance = $4.95 for an adult.)