Phil’s Livestream // 2.9.17

He’s wearing his fox jumper

He’s going to draw out his birthday for as long as possibly

Dan got him a signed picture of David Boreanaz in the bath

Tb to that awful radiator photoshoot 

“It was very crotchy”

He doesn’t know how to smile with his eyes

In most photoshoots they want Dan to smile and Phil to do a funny face but that may change

They went to see Manchester by the Sea

The theater had footstools and some poor man kept falling over them

He ended up falling face first into Dan’s popcorn

“Why us? Why us?”

The Lesters attract weird people 

He had a list of movies he wanted to see before the Oscars

“I got to see about 4 snows”

“’You need to move out. I know!”

They had 3 more gas leaks that they had to get fixed

They are fine though dw

If there’s another leak they’d have to leave the house for a while so perhaps a holiday

Emu update

He hasn’t played Kingdom Hearts

“Why do people want to stick duct tape to fish?”


He doesn’t like mouth noises

“Mouths man. They’re weird.”

His flowers are bloomed to the max

“Philly did something right”

They’re still loving Steven Universe 

He’s excited for Stranger Things season 2

He’s also watching Santa Clarita Diet 

He got a big new winter coat that’s black with a furry hood 

They got to feed meerkats with a girl named Zoe with Make A Wish

One of the meerkats was digging into his crotch because some food fell 

“If you’re ever bored just combine dogs and google it”

They also saw penguins, lions, and llamas at the zoo

He was singing Jingle Bells for like a week 

Presentation tips

“It’s time for your bath”

Sugar glider research 

More 8 ball answers

“I’ve had a lovely time chatting with you”

New Sims video soon

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||| |||||


IN AN EARLIER EPISODE, RONALDO SAID, “Wait, so the giant hand didn’t come here to kidnap us for a human zoo!?!?”
Ronaldo has a knack for predicting things
He predicted the diamond authority
He predicted they would hollow out the Earth

He predicted the human zoo
He predicted alot of stuff
In another earlier episode, he said he was spoiled for the ending of Dogcopter 3
Dogcopter dies saving the world, and is then revived cause he’s half dog half cat, and cats have 9 lives
What if Steven dies saving the world and then he’s revived somehow because he’s part gem?
Food for thought

anonymous asked:

Hiiiii!! Can you please do a domestic/husband!Yixing? Your Soo one killed me and gave me heart palpitations for days, I'm still on the path to recovery! Thank you. <3 Also, just as another Anonie pointed out, finally a not so innocent and nice Yixing, because that's just unrealistic and often reduces our national unicorn to this dumb, somewhat gullible guy when he's human just like everyone else with his defaults and qualities and wow I should shAT APP, but it's baby unicorn and I'm sensitive ;;

hehe hello lovely anon! lemme tell you, you are so cute and i loved reading your message- it made my day!! here’s cutie husband yixing for you~ (i guess i should do all the members for this au heuheu)


  • yixing sleeps shirtless so the first thing you see when you wake up is his bare back
  • so you know how he’s really ticklish, when he’s still sleeping you would draw little circles and patterns on his skin, and it would wake him up
  • the first thing he’d do upon waking is giving you a smile, kissing your forehead, before leaping out of bed to go make his daily morning smoothies
  • he puts in different fruits and stuff into the smoothie but never forgets the kale
  • his s/o hates green vegetables but he makes her drink them anyway
  • “if you finish it all, i’ll grant you a wish ;-)))”
  • headcanon that his s/o leaves for work earlier than him so when she leaves, he showers her with kisses all over her face
  • he always, always packs her a lunch
  • going on zoo dates when they both have off days
  • he always stops at the petting zoo and hugs all the sheep “look! they’re my family!!”
  • always buys a different sheep stuffed animal every time they go to the zoo
  • he has a whole shelf full of stuffed sheep
  • he has a name for ALL of them
  • “you can have this one, s/o. it can protect you when i’m not here” “it’s a sheep, what is it gonna protect me from"
  • making a huge fuss every time his s/o kisses his neck because he’s so sensitive
  • ok so every night, yixing and his s/o sit on the couch facing each other, a steaming mug of tea in their hands, and they just talk about random stuff about how their day went, something interesting that they experienced, etc.
  • this ends when one of them yawns and then the other drags the two into the bedroom
  • yixing holds his s/o’s hand and sings or hums to them until they fall asleep

ahhh i feel like this isn’t as good as the kyungsoo one and i’m sorry about that ;_; 

send in your requests here lovelies!!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any dating Alex Summers headcanons? Thank you!

  • He gives you constant kisses, cheek, forehead, nose, hands, wherever whenever
  • He gets hella jealous when people look at you
  • He always wants to hold your hand
  • He is a huge softie when it comes to you
  • You are the only one who can get through to him
  • He cooks you breakfast in bed on special occasions
  • You two cuddle more than you have sex
  • Not to say you don’t have sex
  • Because you do
  • The kind of sex that leaves you sore for days after but it’s really nice
  • Scott jokingly asks when you two are getting married
  • His parents don’t approve because you’re a mutant
  • Neither of you care, you still love each other
  • You hold him when he has nightmares
  • You won’t let him do laundry cause he always messes it up
  • He asks you to wear his dogtags “for safe keeping”
  • You wait for him when he goes to Vietnam
  • He sneaks into your bed at night at Xavier’s
  • He helps you with your powers
  • He plays footsie in his sleep
  • He snores and you think its cute
  • You tease him about his snoring
  • He loves to watch you top
  • When he couldn’t control his powers he was worried he would hurt you, it took a lot of reassurance
  • You love running your fingers through his hair
  • He loves his hair pulled
  • He loves to take you on picnics
  • He loves to take you on surprise dates
  • He is kind of a clinger
  • You two go to concerts together
  • He loves taking you to rich people places like restaurants and museums so you two can laugh at the angry rich people glaring at you two
  • You both really like the zoo
  • He likes to travel and takes you on random roadtrips
  • You two take pictures of you two kisses in various locations
  • You have all of them on a pin board on a map of the US
  • You once had sex in Charles office and he was furious
  • You two have a stiff drink and make out the rest of the night
  • He says he loves you for the first time the day he gets home from Vietnam