zooey x joseph


we’ve been friends for 10 years. she loves movies, music and art, and she’s incredibly knowledgeable about that stuff. she’s turned me on to so many movies and so much good music. it’s fun just so have conversations, watch movies with her.” - joseph gordon-levitt

Relationships on TV [1/?]

(500) Days of Summer. Summer and Tom.

“What does that even mean, ‘love’? Do you know? Anybody? If somebody gave me this card, I would eat it. It’s these cards, and the movies, and the pop songs—They’re to blame for all the lies. And the heartache, everything. And we’re responsible. I’m responsible. I think we do a bad thing here. People should be allowed to say how they feel— How they really feel. Not, you know, some words that some strangers put in their mouths. Words like 'love’, that don’t mean anything.”


She and Him