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hey! can I ask your opinion of where you think nick belongs within the hogwarts houses? from the survey 50% of people have voted gryffindor and at first that was my first instinct but with the characteristics you added to the post I'm not too sure 😕

I was already writing a post on how I would Sort the characters into Hogwarts houses when I got this question, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ll insert it here! Because I’m lazy.

Nick Miller, Nick Miller from the streets of Chicago, Hufflepuff

  • He’s very loyal and caring to his friends and those around him; customers at the bar, his family in his childhood. He is/was very protective of Schmidt when it came to Gavin, and is always there for his friends when they are down; e.g. Tinfinity, Menzies, Relaunch
  • Also I don’t think he fits into the other houses. Hufflepuff takes those who aren’t Sorted into other houses (probably should have put that above).
  • I wouldn’t Sort him into Gryffindor because I don’t consider him inherently brave. I think that he only tends to act or make big decisions (e.g. Cooler, Virgins, Elaine’s Big Day, Five Stars for Beezus) when he thinks it’s the last chance or if he’s not thinking.
  • Neither is he cunning or ambitious for Slytherin; he’s become more ambitious in the later seasons but I certainly don’t consider it a defining trait.
  • As for Ravenclaw, I was actually considering it but decided against it. Reason being, I think that Nick does have his own brand of intelligence and thinking, like Luna Lovegood. In the end however, Luna believes in the unknown and the unseen; she is clever, insightful, and observational — she just thinks there is more to know, and seeks to find out what, which is why she has all these absurd-sounding theories. She values learning. Nick, on the other hand, doesn’t really want to learn more than he has to and is stubborn in his thinking.

Jess, Ravenclaw

  • She’s a smart know-it-all and always has been: she taught Cece when they were children, and by now has imparted knowledge on hundreds of kids
  • She really values learning as a teacher. Teaching is her passion. She chooses teaching over a higher-paying job at a museum.
  • She is a quick thinker: she gets Holly to stay and sets her up with Nick in True American (Cooler); she manages to get employed at Banyon Canyon despite the Sam-ex-debacle by use of a Feelings Farm (Sam Again); distracts Sam from ‘proposing’ to her with True American (Wedding Eve)
  • Also I wouldn’t Sort anyone else into Ravenclaw and like in the name of House unity and stuff we want the whole collection ya know

Cece, Gryffindor

  • She’s quite brave, or as she likes to put it, ‘doesn’t think through her decisions’
  • But she’s pretty fearless and headstrong and just does stuff. She goes with her instinct. She became a bartender because she thought ‘why not’ and said yes to Schmidt’s unexpected proposal because it felt right, even though they weren’t even in a relationship
  • Like she became a model, which isn’t the most stable job and has had to pose with birds and climb onto rockets and shiz

Schmidtty, Slytherin

  • I would bet my life savings on Schmidt definitely being in Slytherin. He is the epitome of Slytherin.
  • He’s cunning in getting people to buy stuff as he works in advertising marketing
  • The Captain was sneaky and clever and cunning as hell
  • He is really ambitious and strives to be at the top. Up until Prince he had been waiting along for better friends because ‘this can’t be the finish line’, and he has been steadily climbing the ranks in his corporate job for years
  • He’s also ambitious in that because he wants to be at the top, he buys premium stuff

Winston, Huffle the puff

  • He’s just a friendly, sweet, and kind dude who has pure intentions. He almost bought a boat because he wanted to help Aly’s sister and thinks dropping a badger on a priest is a good prank.
  • Behind the weirdness is thoughtfulness: he dresses up as a bobcat because
  • Look at how he treats Furguson
  • He shares Furguson with his neighbour because he’s a fair person
  • He works hard at what he does, whether it’s being a cop or extremely elaborate proposal plans

Coach, Gryffindor

  • Like Cece, he goes with his instinct and never doubts it in life-changing decisions
  • He becomes ‘Coach’ because the players on Winston’s basketball team were doing badly so he stood up and shouted instructions to them
  • He becomes a coach because it seems like the right thing to do
  • After The Pilot he moves to be with his girlfriend
  • He moves to be with May only a few months into their relationship

TLDR: I would put Nick in Hufflepuff, but it’s your decision :) Who’s to say you’re wrong?


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