zooey deschan

500 Days of Summer Rant

Girls want to be her, boys just want her, but Summer is not the good guy. She completely breaks Tom’s heart. She lies, she manipulates him, she gets her own way & won’t commit to the relationship. If it had been the other way round and it was him doing this to her people would hate Tom. He would be bitched out & be an evil character but because Summer does it and she is, undoubtedly, hot & female, she gets away with it.
It’s ridiculous to idolise someone who crushes another person entirely. She talks about how love doesn’t exist & marriage is pointless and then breaks up with Tom and what does she do? Oh, only fall in love & get married. She is horrible & flaky toward Tom.
She does feel guilty, I suppose which is a redeeming quality but c'mon people! She is a bad guy!