zooey barnes


Requested by @melodynightsong

“Well?  How do they look?”  You asked, taking a seat on the couch next to Bucky.  You fidgeted with your hands, slightly nervous about how your new glasses were going to go over.

“Beautiful doll, like always.”  Bucky smiled, reaching forward to adjust them to fit your face better as they had fallen crooked already.  He noticed you shifting nervously and frowned slightly.  “What’s wrong?”

“Are you sure you like them?”  You asked, finally looking up at him.  “They don’t make me look…. silly?”

“Of course not!  Why would you think that?”  You shrugged at his question, but he wasn’t letting you get away that easily.  “Y/N?  Did someone say something to you about them?”

“No!”  You hurriedly said, shaking your head.  “I just…. I didn’t want you to think that they made me look ugly.”  You mumbled, looking down once more.  You heard Bucky chuckle before he lifted your face up to his once more.

“Nothing could ever make you look ugly, doll.”

My song “Let Me Trick You” was in House of Cards, Season 1 Ep 6, during this bar scene w Zooey Barnes.

Before the first season was aired, I was aware my song would be placed in an episode. However, I never caught it while watching the show myself, so I figured they never used the track. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that they did, in fact, use the song. Super stoked because I’m a huge fan. ;)