Zoobooks is planning to create a scientifically accurate new series of dinosaur magazines, and is raising funds for the project on Kickstarter. The updated art will include dinos with feathers! Zoobooks was started in 1980 and publishes 10 animal-themed, amazingly-illustrated magazines for kids per year. They also publish two similar series’: Zoobies and Zootles, for younger children.


Terrifically Tiny Turtles Hatch at the Houston Zoo

by Jackie Wallace

Houston Zoo is experiencing a baby boom. A very small baby boom of critically endangered, terrifically tiny turtles. 

In late August, eight Madagascar big-headed turtle babies were found swimming in their parents’ home in the lemur moat at the zoo’s Wortham World of Primates. Also discovered was a pregnant mama turtle full of 20 eggs that she has since laid, which are expected to hatch in the next few months. The babies and eggs are currently being cared for behind-the-scenes…

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Endangered SoCal Frog Species Coming Back Thanks to San Diego Zoo


The San Diego Zoo is helping save the critically endangered Southern California mountain yellow-legged frog by breeding the amphibians in Escondido and returning them to the San Bernardino National Forest.

This year, the program resulted in more than 5,600 eggs laid and the most viable embryos in a single season: nearly 1,800.

On Thursday, 200 tadpoles that hatched this year, along with 27 froglets, or metamorphs, from last year’s breeding season, were released into Fuller Mill Creek north of Idyllwild.

The frogs, which live in perennial streams in portions of the San Gabriel, San Bernardino, and San Jacinto Mountains, have been decimated by the Chytridiomycota fungus

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photographs:  USFWS and Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Global