When Did You Start Shipping Mitch & Jamie??

Some People: The Graveyard Scene.

Other People:  J: “That’s a nice little scratch.”   M: “I know, it’s hot, right?”

Still Other People: Look how he puts himself between Jamie and the leopards!


“Mitch Morgan? I’m Jamie Campbell.”

M: “Where’s home?”

J: “Why’s that important?”

M: “I think it’s called friendly chit chat.”

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I Didn’t Know That I Was Starving ‘Til I Tasted You.

For @warpedchyld. For reasons. I just had to ;)

Warnings: Dom/sub, sexual content (implied) & breath play (kinda?). NSFW.

Steve discovered 21st century music was far more provocative and sexual than anything he’d ever heard. It wasn’t until things had calmed down and he was back at the Avengers Compound, with a lot of free time, that he really had the ability to catch up on everything he hadn’t already learnt.

And that meant pop music.

According to Clint, anyway. Having more time, also meant he could get back to art and illustration, he loved drawing and painting, he was an artist and his fingers craved those inky sets of watercolours and crisp paper that Bucky had bought for his birthday a couple of months ago, and finally he could get down to work. Letting the radio play, he got to it, when a song he hadn’t heard came on. It was called Starving by Hailee Steinfeld, which Steve thought was a really weird title for a song. Maybe, it was about food or something.

I didn’t know that I was starving ‘til I tasted you

Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo

By the way, right away you do things to my body

I didn’t know that I was starving 'til I tasted you

It was safe to say it wasn’t. Bright red in the face, Steve almost dropped his paint pallet upon hearing the line ‘I didn’t know that I was staring ‘til I tasted you’ and as songs go, they usually make you feel something. And all Steve could do was gape at nothing in particular at the sheer sexual nature of the song, but also, at how much it reminded him of Bucky. And the first time he’d, quite literally, tasted Bucky. He could never forget that moment. Couldn’t even if he was tortured. It was when they were back home, when the worst thing Steve was worried about was rent and dying of his asthma or another illness he had, they’d been kissing and then one thing led to another…and well.

Steve couldn’t get enough, let’s put it that way.

So, engrossed in his own thoughts, he didn’t hear the door to their floor open and the lift chime, indicating that someone was entering their lobby. Pretty soon, Steve felt arms wrapping around his waist and that thick, muscled body, pressing up against him. And that did make him drop his paint pallet, which Bucky, of course, caught.

“Baby, you all right?” he asked, smirking as he mouthed at Steve’s blushing neck, “you’re all flustered.”

Steve let out something close to a whine and blushed even more. If that was possible. “I’m fine,” Steve replied, voice higher than usual.

Bucky grinned and sucked a hickey into Steve’s neck, gripping his hips tighter so that the blond was pressed against the brunette’s beefy body, with no escape. And fuck, Steve melted at the sensation of being held so tightly. His head fell back against Bucky’s shoulder, parted lips, eyes darkening, glazing over.

“You hungry, baby doll?” Bucky chuckled, somewhat teasingly. And at any other time, Steve would have snapped back with some comment but right then, it wasn’t the moment and Steve was too far gone.

A clumsy nod was all Steve could muster, whimpering when Bucky wrapped his metal hand around his throat, lightly, gently, purring in his ear, “you gonna be good for me? Eh, sweetheart?”

Steve moaned and nodded, blushing all over again. “Yes, sir.”

Bucky growled and kissed Steve fiercely. Painting was the last thing on Steve’s mind at that moment, especially when Bucky picked him up effortlessly and carried him over to their bedroom. Yeah, painting could wait.


Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo
By the way, right away you do things to my body
I didn’t know that I was starving ‘til I tasted you

you give me the whole damn zoo

by themelonlord (1/1 | E | 31,111)

“Taehyung, I don’t think this is a good idea,” Jimin complains as he follows closely behind Taehyung, “I mean, what do you know about this kid? He looks like some punk.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes and laughs, “You know better than to judge a book by its cover.” He spots Jeongguk standing by some lockers, probably one of them is his, but he doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere.

“See? He looks lost,” Taehyung points out, “It’s our job, as seniors, to offer a helping hand to new students.”


aka. taehyung learns what it means to have friends, that not everyone is as mean as those bullies that pull on his ears and make fun of his tail.

admin a: ahdkjsadhkajshkj finally another hybrid tae fic omg I was so happy when I came across this ;u; this was all fluffy cuteness with some nice smut thrown in there (and also just a pinch of hurt tae). tbh my fave jungkook characterization in fics is when he seems like the brooding bad boy type but he’s really just a shy awkward lil bub and that’s exactly how he is in this and I love it so so much. this fic briefly touches on hybrid discrimination but not too heavily, and I really loved how hopeful and optimistic tae’s character was despite the crap he faced as a kid

  • Merlon: Ah, Mario, you've found an Über Stone! With this, I can power up your partners even further than before!
  • *・゜゚・*: .。..。.:*・'SHA-ZIBBY!'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
  • *・゜゚・*: .。..。.:*・'SHA-ZOOBY!'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
  • *・゜゚・*: .。..。.:*・'COV-FEFE!'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
  • *・゜゚・*: .。..。.:*・'HOOTY-HOO!'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*