When Did You Start Shipping Mitch & Jamie??

Some People: The Graveyard Scene.

Other People:  J: “That’s a nice little scratch.”   M: “I know, it’s hot, right?”

Still Other People: Look how he puts himself between Jamie and the leopards!


“Mitch Morgan? I’m Jamie Campbell.”

M: “Where’s home?”

J: “Why’s that important?”

M: “I think it’s called friendly chit chat.”

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I Didn’t Know That I Was Starving ‘Til I Tasted You.

For @warpedchyld. For reasons. I just had to ;)

Warnings: Dom/sub, sexual content (implied) & breath play (kinda?). NSFW.

Steve discovered 21st century music was far more provocative and sexual than anything he’d ever heard. It wasn’t until things had calmed down and he was back at the Avengers Compound, with a lot of free time, that he really had the ability to catch up on everything he hadn’t already learnt.

And that meant pop music.

According to Clint, anyway. Having more time, also meant he could get back to art and illustration, he loved drawing and painting, he was an artist and his fingers craved those inky sets of watercolours and crisp paper that Bucky had bought for his birthday a couple of months ago, and finally he could get down to work. Letting the radio play, he got to it, when a song he hadn’t heard came on. It was called Starving by Hailee Steinfeld, which Steve thought was a really weird title for a song. Maybe, it was about food or something.

I didn’t know that I was starving ‘til I tasted you

Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo

By the way, right away you do things to my body

I didn’t know that I was starving 'til I tasted you

It was safe to say it wasn’t. Bright red in the face, Steve almost dropped his paint pallet upon hearing the line ‘I didn’t know that I was staring ‘til I tasted you’ and as songs go, they usually make you feel something. And all Steve could do was gape at nothing in particular at the sheer sexual nature of the song, but also, at how much it reminded him of Bucky. And the first time he’d, quite literally, tasted Bucky. He could never forget that moment. Couldn’t even if he was tortured. It was when they were back home, when the worst thing Steve was worried about was rent and dying of his asthma or another illness he had, they’d been kissing and then one thing led to another…and well.

Steve couldn’t get enough, let’s put it that way.

So, engrossed in his own thoughts, he didn’t hear the door to their floor open and the lift chime, indicating that someone was entering their lobby. Pretty soon, Steve felt arms wrapping around his waist and that thick, muscled body, pressing up against him. And that did make him drop his paint pallet, which Bucky, of course, caught.

“Baby, you all right?” he asked, smirking as he mouthed at Steve’s blushing neck, “you’re all flustered.”

Steve let out something close to a whine and blushed even more. If that was possible. “I’m fine,” Steve replied, voice higher than usual.

Bucky grinned and sucked a hickey into Steve’s neck, gripping his hips tighter so that the blond was pressed against the brunette’s beefy body, with no escape. And fuck, Steve melted at the sensation of being held so tightly. His head fell back against Bucky’s shoulder, parted lips, eyes darkening, glazing over.

“You hungry, baby doll?” Bucky chuckled, somewhat teasingly. And at any other time, Steve would have snapped back with some comment but right then, it wasn’t the moment and Steve was too far gone.

A clumsy nod was all Steve could muster, whimpering when Bucky wrapped his metal hand around his throat, lightly, gently, purring in his ear, “you gonna be good for me? Eh, sweetheart?”

Steve moaned and nodded, blushing all over again. “Yes, sir.”

Bucky growled and kissed Steve fiercely. Painting was the last thing on Steve’s mind at that moment, especially when Bucky picked him up effortlessly and carried him over to their bedroom. Yeah, painting could wait.

Ride or Die.9

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Description: Some people have self control. But those people don’t have their wife wearing their shirt and no underwear in the kitchen, do they?

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Warning: Smut (unsafe sex, wear a condom children, please)

Taeyong woke up, stretching his stiff body with a grunt as he tossed his hand out to blindly search for, what should have been, his jagi’s bare, warm body. But he found nothing, forcing his eyes open as he frowned, being met with the sight of crumpled, empty sheets where his little wife should have been fast asleep.
Sighing in annoyance, knowing he wouldn’t be able to just roll over and go back to sleep without you in his arms, he pulled himself out of the comfortable motel bed and began his search for the boxers that had been discarded god knows where the night before, after your little wedding at the tattoo parlor.
Smirking at the memory, he glanced at his hand after he managed to locate and tug on his underwear, noting the shining silver band on his finger.
I did it. I married her.
Scratching at his messy hair, he left the small bedroom you’d both been in all night long, and went to the only other room in the dingy motel; the kitchen.
Hearing you, although you tried to be quiet, clanging in the kitchen, he rounded the corner and went to speak, only to choke down his words when he saw you.
Well now I know why I couldn’t find my shirt… Taeyong thought, as he stared at his jagi in his over sized shirt that had been discarded the night before. Looks better on her…as usual…
Leaning against the door frame, Taeyong watched silently as his wife bounced around the small kitchen, preparing what food there was left in the fridge for breakfast, and singing along quietly to the softly playing radio.

You know just what to say
Shit, that scares me, I should just walk away
But I can’t move my feet 

The familiar tune of the song you sang reached Taeyong’s ears, and he smirked at the memory of you blasting the song in the car every time it played, singing loudly and dramatically to him each time. Over time the song did begin to annoy him, but the sight of his barely clothed lover dancing around the room in his clothes and singing happily pushed all negative thoughts about the song out of his head.
Taking his chance as you were buttering toast, he snuck into kitchen, quietly sneaking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, tugging you into a back hug that made you shriek in surprise.
“Taeyong!” You whined, leaning back against him. “That’s not funny!”
“Seemed pretty funny to me.” Taeyong snickered, resting his chin on your shoulder and looking at your work. “Whatcha making?”
“Well I was making breakfast in bed for you,” You answered. “But then you had to jump scare me.”
“Aw, one day as my wife and you’re already doing the cute bed breakfasts?” Taeyong teased, “I should have put a ring on it sooner.”
“Oh hush, or I’ll eat it all on my own.”
“Don’t you dare. If you eat my breakfast, I’ll be forced to eat something else.” Taeyong’s hand trailed down your front, the insinuation making you blush and bit your lip.
“Jagi?” Taeyong asked, warm breath against your neck.
“Are you not wearing any panties?”
“Nope,” You replied. “I couldn’t find them this morning. I suppose I have you to blame for that, huh?”
“It’s my payback for you stealing my shirt, my little wife.” He snickered.
“That all the payback you got?”
Smirking at your teasing, he let his fingers brush your bare thighs, “If you think you deserve more, I certainly have no objection.”

The more that I know you, the more I want to
Something inside me’s changed
I was so much younger yesterday, oh

Grinning, you arched back against Taeyong, brushing against him and making him groan lowly from the contact.
Taeyong ducked his head and began pressing wet kisses all along your neck and shoulders as he let his hands trail down your body, dipping beneath his shirt your were wearing. One hand held your hip firmly, letting him have leverage to keep  you pressed against him as he bucked his hips against your behind, the other hand tracing up your thigh before slipping between your legs.
His rough fingers cupped your heat,, waiting for your approval, which you gave with a push of your hips back into his crotch and a light whine, “Taeyong, just touch me.”
His light laugh against your ear made a shiver run down your spine as he complied, running his middle finger up the length of your folds, feeling the beginning of your arousal, and spreading it with each flick of his digit. After a moment of just running one finger over you, letting his touch linger on your sense, he carefully spread your folds and rubbed at your clit with two fingers, gently brushing his blunt nails over the nerves once or twice, enjoying how he could feel your legs tense at the new sensation. He repeated his actions, just softly rubbing your clit, holding you to him and he applied more presser, then lessened his touch, over again before trailing his fingers up your folds again, feeling you become more and more wet with each touch he provided you, listening to the small groans and moans and whimpers you gave against his arm, your sounds sending waves of arousal through him as he ground himself against your backside to relieve the feeling.
“Hmm, does it feel nice?” He hummed against your neck, nearly making your knees buckle when he rubbed your clit harshly all of a sudden. “Tell me, how good does his touch feel?”
“Oh Taeyong please,” You moaned against his shoulder, mouth open and eyes tightly shut, “Please Tae, it feels so good, I need more!”
Smirking against your skin, he looked down to watch his own fingers, covered in your arousal, as he sunk two long fingers into your heat, feeling your warm walls around his digits as your hips bucked against his hand, back arching more, and a loud moan leave your lips. Taeyong groaned lowly against your neck, bucking his own hips against yours, letting you feel his hard arousal as your moans send electricity straight to his groin.
Clutching your waist hard, he moved his fingers inside you, gently massaging your walls clenching around his touch, the sound of his touch just barely able to be heard over your consistent groans and moaning every time he sunk his fingers into you, scissoring them, and removing them completely to rub your clit before they disappeared inside you again and repeating the process over.
He smirked in boyish pride when he felt your legs begin to shake as the coil tightened in your lower stomach, becoming more intense with each move of Taeyong’s fingers within you until the coil snapped, you squirmed in his hold and moaned loudly as the pleasure of your peak ran through you.
Drawing his fingers from your walls, the hand keeping your drained body upright rubbed gentle circles on your hip, giving you a moment of rest while he brought his slick covered fingers to his mouth.

I didn’t know that that I was starving till I tasted you
Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo
By the way, by the way, you do things to my body
I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you
By the way, by the way, you do things to my body
I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you 

After your heavy breathing had calmed some, and you twisted around slightly to look at Taeyong, you reached back to yank him down to kiss him messily while you blindly tried to work his boxers off his hips, letting them fall and pool around his feet on the floor, you moaned into the kiss at the warmth of his cock against your bare skin again and rocked back against it, pulling a groan from your husband.
Taeyong reached around your body, hand swiping everything you were working on when he came in right off the counter, plates and silverware and food crashing to the floor before he placed on hand on your shoulder and bending you over the counter top. You couldn’t resist the gasp as the feeling of the cold counter top your bare body was laid out on.
He grasped his member and teased you with the tip, enjoying watching you squirm as he ran himself through your soaked folds, catching on your sensitive clit and making you tense with whimpers.
Unable to take it anymore, he positioned his length at your soaked entrance and thrust as far in as he could, hips flushed against your behind, the new position you both hadn’t done yet allowing him to reach new depths inside you, both of you letting out groans of pleasure, finally being connected again.  
Taeyong paused, trying to control his breathing as he leaned over your waiting body, leaning on his elbows on either side of your body, stomach pressed against your back and placed a wet kiss at the base of your neck before he pulled his hips back and slammed back into you, you only being able to squeak at the movement.
The only coherent thought running through your pleasure fogged mind was you really hoped the walls were thick, gods forbid the elderly couple in the next motel room heard your moans and the sound of Taeyong’s hips hitting your bare behind. His hands clutched your hips tightly, trying to protect you from banging into the counter with each thrust, the room full of your sharp moans and his gruff groaning each time he was surrounded by your clenching walls and feeling your thighs twitch against his with each move he made into your sensitive heat.
Before you could rap your head around the feeling, the coil within you snapped as Taeyong hit the perfect spot inside you. He groaned deeply at your walls squeezing him through your second high, pushing him towards his own, his warmth releasing deep inside you as he bowed over, pressing his chest to your back and thrusting softly through both of your climaxes.
Gently pulling out, breathing heavy, warmth fanning across you neck, Taeyong pressed a lazy kiss against the red skin, “How’s that for a ‘good morning’, huh wife?”

“So…let me get this straight.” He said, scrunching his face up in thought. “You and dad just…dipped out when you were teenagers, lived in a car and went across the country, lived in motels, you got married in a tattoo shop, oh yeah! You got tattoos!? But I can’t go on a date?”
“Seoeon, don’t even start.” Taeyong scowled at his son, placing the plate of food in front of his oldest before he took his seat beside you. “If anything, from your mom and I’s experience, we know what you could do. You can date when you get out of my house.”
“God you’re so unfair.” Seoeon pouted, picking at his breakfast.
“Think about it though,” Seojun spoke through a mouthful of egg, “Would you really want mom and dad around with your date? They’d do the whole ‘look at the naked baby pictures of our son’ thing.”
“That’s true, we would.” You snickered at your son, who pouted further.
“Fine.” Seoeon scowled, and began to silently shovel food in his mouth.
“Sounds like a wild ride, was it worth it?” Seojun asked.
Smiling at Taeyong, you held his hand on the table, thumb brushing over his tattoo that had dulled over the years.
“Yes, I think so.” You nodded, thinking about all the moments with your husband. ”It was worth every bump in the road.”

  • Merlon: Ah, Mario, you've found an Über Stone! With this, I can power up your partners even further than before!
  • *・゜゚・*: .。..。.:*・'SHA-ZIBBY!'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
  • *・゜゚・*: .。..。.:*・'SHA-ZOOBY!'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
  • *・゜゚・*: .。..。.:*・'COV-FEFE!'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
  • *・゜゚・*: .。..。.:*・'HOOTY-HOO!'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Night Security at a Zoo

by reddit user SeasideConflux

This was a really well-written story that had an extremely terrifying concept. 

“Damned, dirty apes,” Ronnie cursed into the radio.

“What’s going on out there?” I asked, giving his quote a chuckle. I could hear the shrieking of the baboons in the background. The storm came down worse than the pretty weather girl said on the television earlier that night. In fact, it was the complete opposite. The wind gusts blew through the zoo accompanied by torrents of cold, thick rain. She said it was supposed to become a drizzle in the next couples hours yet it was intensifying.

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look ok i wanted more children for my legacy fams kids to hang out with so i made pudding goon and another one of my sims have kids and i named them scooby, gooby and zooby and i have so many regrets Im so sorry cab

OMG I LOVE THAT!!!! dang i really need 2 write those names down cuz i love them… send me pics of puddings kids i need to see them please!!!!!!!!!


Episode 1x12 - Wild Things (AKA Shipper’s Paradise)

This episode has it all: heartfelt confessions, Protective!Mitch, hand holding, THE KISS.  I mean, seriously…what more could a shipper ask for? (I mean, other than an uninterrupted flight?)

1) “The truth is…you kind of saved me.”  This is as close to “I love you” as I believe Mitch can get right now.  He’s been banged up emotionally by past lovers (*cough*Allison*cough*) and those three words are probably locked up in an impenetrable vault in his heart.  

2) What do you do when your love opens a door and is face to face with a blood-thirsty leopard?  Drop everything you are doing to save the world and save YOUR world.  (Man, that’s dramatic.  I’m gonna have to figure out a way to use it in the AU chapter, though, because it’s cheesy and I love it.)

3) Another masterful performance from Billy Burke here.  The two seconds of screen time where we see his face is all we need to understand the depth of emotion he’s feeling. Regret, despair, love, fear…I cannot say enough how amazing this man’s casting was.  

4) Everything.  Everything about this.  Her interruption, his surprise, hesitation, then enthusiasm.  The only bad thing about this scene is the ending.

5) I think it might be obvious, but this is my favorite episode of Season 1.  Because of that - and because my zoobie mutuals on here are amazing - here’s a bonus gif of Mitch with a pupper.

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Ten Songs

I was tagged by @mega-aulover  It’s been a few days but here are some of the ten songs that inspire me to write. I’ll do my three main wips and if any of you want to see more of it then let me know!

First, goes to Bride and Fortune for my lovely boo bear @mega-aulover (Hope you like the choices)

1. Suraj Hua Madham- Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

2. Zoobi Doobi- 3 Idiots

3. Dola Dola- Bride and Prejudice

4. Gerua- Dilwale

5.  Ho Gaya Hai Tujhko Toh Pyar Sajna- Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

6. Janam Janam- Dilwale

7. Haule Haule- Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

8.  Nashe Si Chadh Gayi- Befikre

9. Udi Udi Jaye- Raees

10. Barso Re- Guru

Now on to @titaniasfics favorite story Partition.

1. Abraham’s Daughter- The Hunger Games Soundtrack

2. Safe and Sound- The Hunger Games Soundtrack

3. Kingdom Come- The Hunger Games Soundtrack

4. Run Daddy Run- The Hunger Games Soundtrack

5. A Time for Us- Andy Williams

6. La Llorona- Frida Soundtrack

7. The Arena- Lindsey Stirling

8. The Scientist- Coldplay

9. Scars to Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara

10. Beethoven’s Silence- Ernesto Cortazar

Finally on to the crowd favorite Perhaps Maybe.

1. Elastic Heart- Sia

2. In Circles- Darren Korb Ft. Ashley Barret

3. The Spine- Darren Korb Ft. Ashley Barret

4. Rhythm and Rhyme- Red Martina

5. In the Ruin- Red Martina

6. Earned it- The Weekend

7. Pretty- The Weekend

8. The Flower of Carnage- Meiko Kaji

9. Stone Cold- Demi Lovato

10. Come Here Boy- Imogen Heap

Welp those are the songs that have inspired my chapters and I know they tend to be all over the place but then again so am I. I’d like to thank @akai-echo for her absolutely mesmerizing banners and tag @titaniasfics @jlalafics @peetabreadgirl @javistg and anyone who’d like to do this!

who needs disney when there’s early 2000s bollywood ?? 

a mix for all the brown kids out there who grew up wanting to find the shah rukh kahn to their kajol (or vice versa)!


Aal Izz Well / 3 Idiots // Zoobie Doobie / 3 Idiots // Give Me Some Sunshine / 3 Idiots // Kajrare Kajrare / Bunty Aur Babli // Dhadak / Bunty Aur Babli // Nach Baliye / Bunty Aur Babli // Chak De India / Chak De India // Dola Re Dola / Devdas // Sheesha Se Sheesha / Devdas // Dhoom Machale / Dhoom // Dilbaara / Dhoom // Crazy Kiya Re / Dhoom 2 // Ab Aja Mere Piya / Devdas // Dhoom Again / Dhoom 2 // Dil Bole Hadippa / Dil Bole Hadippa // Discowale Khisko / Dil Bole Hadippa // Ghar Aja Perdesi / Dil Wale Dulkanian Le Jayeinge // Mehendi Laga Ke Rakna / Dil Waley Dulhanian Le Jayeinge // Tujhay Dekha To Jana Sanam / Dil Waley Dulhanian Le Jayeinge // Desi Girl / Dostana // Shut Up and Bounce / Dostana // Nagada Nagada / Jab We Met // Mauja Hi Mauja / Jab We Met // Koi Mil Gaya / Kuch Kuch Hota Hai // Kuch Kuch Hota Hai / Kuch Kuch Hota Hai // Ladki Badi / Kuch Kuch Hota Kai // Kalay Megha / Laagan // Humko Humi Se Churalo / Mohabbtein // O Mitwaa Sun / Lagaan // Ajab Si / Om Shanti Om // Soni Soni Aakhiyon Wali / Mohabbtein // Dard-E-Disco / Om Shanti Om // Aankhein Khuli Hon Ya / Mohabbtein // Do U Wanna Partner / Partner // Deewangi Deewangi / Om Shanti Om // Soni De Nakhre / Partner // You’re My Love / Partner // Dhoom Taana / Om Shanti Om // Singh Is Kinng / Singh Is Kinng // Jee Karda / Singh Is Kinng // Bhootni Ke / Singh Is Kinng // Bum Bum Bole / Taare Zameen Par // Jame Raho / Taare Zameen Par // Teri Ore / Singh Is Kinng // Bunti Aur Babli / Bunti Aur Babli // It’s The Time To Disco / Kal Ho Na Ho // Kuch To Hua Hai / Kal Ho Na Ho // Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai / Saajan // Mere Khawabon Mein Jo / Dil Waley Dulhanian Le Jayeinge // Rang De Basanti / Rang De Basanti // Pretty Woman / Kal Ho Na Ho // Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana / Kuch Kuch Kota Hai // Mahi Ve / Kal Ho Na Ho


Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo
By the way, right away you do things to my body
I didn’t know that I was starving ‘til I tasted you