Zoo Adventures || Alton & Aria

Tuesday had finally rolled its way down the calender, and as per usual, Aria was a nervous wreck. For no real reason, honestly, she was relatively comfortable around Alton, but all the same, it was still a date. She’d spent hours curling and recurling her long, dark locks, looking for a casual, yet adorable outfit, and then of course, preparing the two children for their day away from home. Aria really hadn’t ventured away from their house with Aubrey just yet, only trips to the grocery store and back, but she had everything they’d need to travel – a stroller, carseats, diaper bags.. you name it, and she was prepared. With one final check in the mirror, she smiled at herself, pleased with her appearance, before explaining to the children their plan for the day: “Alright, guys, we’re going to go to the zoo with one of Mommy’s friends, okay? You both better be good, or I don’t think he’ll want to hang out with us anymore.” Both nodded their heads, though Aubrey was merely nodding because Silas was. After they’d grabbed a quick breakfast, there was a knock on the door, and the tiny woman rushed to open the door, a bright smile on her lips as she held the door open further, “Hi there.. we’re just about ready, if you are.” She paused, her voice quieter, “You look really nice, by the way.”


I promised sweetxxtjhin that I’d take picture’s today of my boyfriend and my zoo/conservatory date today. :)  ((I also asked my boyfriend if he’d let me show his face on here. He agreed. >w<))

We originally went to take pretty pictures of flowers and other stuff, but I love zoo’s! :D So I had to go and see my favorite animals such as the beautiful Lioness and Tiger. :3 But I got some shots of other cute animals too. :) 

The reason for the water marks is because these will probably go up on my facebook page for my art and photography. :) 

Enjoy! :D