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Coffee Shop Soul Mate- NewtxReader

Please read before reading! Things I’ve never done before: written a characterxreader fic, been to the central park zoo, posted my writings on tumblr/anywhere, or written anything more than a drabble about hp characters. SO. Please excuse any mistakes on locations, or characters or the use of past/present nouns bc those are not my strong points.

A/N: It’s a soulmate au. You are marked with a person’s name and you’ll find them someday. Not very original but I’m a sucker for these au’s.

y/n = your name // y/f/m/l/n - your first, middle, last name // e/c = eye color


It was another cloudy day in New York. A light snow was beginning to dust the streets. You were at work at a small coffeeshop that had it’s fair share of regular customers.

“Welcome!” You politely shout as the bell on the door rings. A tall man with wildly curly hair enters with a blonde woman bundled up in pink. She flashes you a quick smile.

“Well honey, do you know what you’re going to get?” You overhear their conversation.

“N-no, you can go first,” he pleaded. She orders a simple cup of coffee and steps aside for her friend.

“And for you, sir?” You ask the freckled man. He awkwardly makes eye contact with you and his cheeks grow pink.

“Y-yes, um, a double espresso, p-please,” he hands you some cash and you return the change quickly. The sleeve on your shirt slides up your arm a bit as you move, revealing the start of a name. The stranger takes notice and sees ‘Ne’ starting just past the wrist. His eyes grow wide for a moment before the customer behind him coughs out of frustration.

“S-sorry…” he trails off as he wanders over to the table where his friend is sat. You give him an odd look, but your thoughts are quickly brought back to the line of customers.

~over at the table~

“Newt, what was that all about?” Queenie asked, intrigued.

“I saw a name on her arm, and I think it might be mine…” he spoke softly. Queenie set down her drink and clapped her hands together.

“You must find out! Go back up there and ask her!”

“I couldn’t possibly!!” They argued back and forth, neither of them giving in.

“Don’t you want to finally meet your soulmate? Especially if she’s a cute girl barista who has probably been just as anxious about meeting you?” There was a pause as Newt took a second to think. “Besides, if you don’t ask her, I will,” Queenie started to push out her chair, causing Newt to flail his arms out of panic.

“P-please, don’t! I’ll go…” he sighed and stood up slowly. He turned around to see a different barista behind the counter. The bell on the door rang as Newt caught a glimpse of the blue skirt leaving the restaurant.

“Go after her, honey!” Queenie gave him an encouraging smile. Newt grabbed his coat and ran out the door.

~back to you~

You walked rather quickly down the streets of the city. The cold wind hit your face but you stayed determined. Eventually you made your way to the Central Park Zoo where you were greeted by some of the employees. The zoo wasn’t too crowded, allowing you to quickly get to your favorite animal: the sea lion.

You stood in front of the sea lion’s home smiling at how they were swimming around. It wasn’t until he was right next to you when you noticed the tall man from the coffeeshop running towards where you were standing.

“Excuse me!” he was out of breath and his face was red. You took a step back, unsure of what was going on.

“I’m terribly sorry to interrupt your time with the sea lions but I-I have a question for you.”


“Are you y/f/n y/m/n y/l/n?” Your eyes widen at the sound of your name. Your e/c eyes met with his green ones.

“N-newton Artemis Fido Scamander?”

“You can call me Newt,” he showed a small smile. You rolled up your sleeve to reveal his long name on your arm, him copying your actions.

“So, you like animals?” Newt looked to the sea lions lying on the rocks.

“Yes, with all my heart. Do you?” you asked innocently. Newt couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You could say so…”



        SCENARIO. reese and finch take arya to the bronx or queens zoo and all the wolves in the gray wolf exhibit come to the fence to lick at her hands. @fatherofmachine @anurbanlcgend

Series “NO” #7 ~ So bored

I’m not fond of zoos but remain open to discussion and a few arguments such as wildlife conservation - but I definitely hated the Bronx Zoo where I didn’t have the heart to take a photo of the lonely white rhino tied on a stage under an open arch, exposed to cold drafts and “patiently” waiting for… I should have… My friend and I immediately left the zoo, disgusted and heart-broken.

© Marie V Vollmer aka Lulette  ||  The Bronx Zoo, New York City, 20 avril 2011

Snow Leopard Cub by Janet Holmes