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So for this whole month I haven’t gotten to really sit down and celebrate Halloween, and at the rate things are going, I don’t think I’ll get to do much on the actual holiday either. To make it up to myself, though..well, you see what happened. 4 times. ..With 13 characters. 

Anyway; had a huge amount of fun doing these! Don’t count out the chance of another one showing up before the holiday’s over! 

Czech zoo to remove horns of 18 white rhinos following French attack
Zoo deems danger to animals from poachers to be ‘really intense’, with black market rhino horn selling for more than gold or cocaine

A Czech zoo has said it will use a chainsaw to remove the horns from its herd of rare rhinos after a brutal attack last week in a French zoo where poachers shot dead a white rhino and hacked off its horns. “It’s for the sake of rhino safety,” Andrea Jirousova, spokeswoman for the zoo in the central Czech town of Dvur Kralove nad Labem, said. “The attack (in France) put us on alert, the danger is really intense,” she said, but declined to reveal when the surgery would take place.On 7 March, the zoo in Thoiry near Paris said unknown intruders had broken security barriers and killed a male rhino of the critically endangered southern white subspecies for its horns.The Dvur Kralove zoo currently has a herd of 21 black and southern white rhinos, including three calves who will not undergo surgery.


Your smile could rival the sunrise -  {One-shot, FWB, Fluff and Angst}

There was an unspoken agreement not to fall in love but what are they supposed to do when neither of them are very good at following the rules?

Cinnamon Crisp - {One-shot, FLUFF PURE FLUFF (with like a smidge of angst cause we all need angst to live)}

Jungkook needs his daily dose of cuddles and Taehyung likes to wear Jungkook’s clothes. They don’t care that alphas and omegas aren’t supposed to be best friends. 

Dating Kim Taehyung: a rulebook -  {Don’t really count this as a fic… IT’S REALLY FLUFFY AND MAKES ME REALLY HAPPY THOUGH.} 

Jeon Jeongguk’s rules and tips on how to deal with excessive human bean Kim Taehyung. 

You give me the whole damn zoo - {One-shot, Fluff & smut ;3 , mentions of bullying}   

“Taehyung, I don’t think this is a good idea,” Jimin complains as he follows closely behind Taehyung, “I mean, what do you know about this kid? He looks like some punk.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes and laughs, “You know better than to judge a book by its cover.” He spots Jeongguk standing by some lockers, probably one of them is his, but he doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere.

“See? He looks lost,” Taehyung points out, “It’s our job, as seniors, to offer a helping hand to new students.”


aka. taehyung learns what it means to have friends, that not everyone is as mean as those bullies that pull on his ears and make fun of his tail.

Cliff drop gradient - {One-shot, fluff & angst}

 “somewhere along the way, we will all realise that we only start chasing the things that we were once given a taste of.”

(or, in which Jungkook and Taehyung get married to qualify for more financial aid.)



Anyways all of these are one-shots so you can read them without the added stress of a cliffhanger~

I’m gonna go to bed now g’night, hope you enjoy these. <3

Zoo Visit


“Over here, Ashton! Look, it’s a kangaroo!” I squealed.

“[Y/N]. this is Australia. We have kangaroos practically roaming the streets! Why are these so special?” Ashton asked.

“Because,” I began. “I’m not from here, remember? I am only visiting you for a couple of weeks and then I have to go back home. Besides, this is the closest I have ever been to a kangaroo!”

Ashton giggled as he walked closer to me. “How about we quickly finish looking at the animals so I can take you on a drive to see more kangaroos? When we come across a kangaroo in town, you can get as close as is comfortable for you. That way, this gate won’t be in your way.”

“That sounds wonderful.” I smiled as I kissed his cheek. “Now I’m excited, so let’s hurry up looking at these animals. I wanna pet a kangaroooo!”

Ashton laughed as I bounced to the next exhibit. “Oh, aren’t you in for a treat, my dear. I don’t think kangaroos are as friendly as you think.” He muttered to himself.


“This place is so cool!” I exclaimed as I got up from the picnic table. “Thank you for lunch, by the way.”

“You’re welcome, [Y/N]! Thank you for joining me on this trip to the zoo.” Michael said.

I shot him a confused look. “Why wouldn’t I join you? It’s a date! I wouldn’t ever want to miss a date with you, Mikey! You always know the best places to go.”

Michael smiled at me. “You’re so sweet, [Y/N]! Here, let me throw away our trash.”

As he was walking away, I couldn’t help but admire everything about him. I loved his soft smile when he stared at me with those gorgeous greyish-green eyes, the way he would bite his lip when he was nervous, the way he would sing quietly in my ear to calm me down, and his gentle touches on my skin to show his affection.

“You’re so perfect.” I told Michael when he returned back to my spot by the picnic table.

Michael laughed. “I’m far from it, my love. However, you bring out the best in me. Now c’mon, babe, let’s go look at some animals.”


“I like this penguin.” Luke pointed. “Ooh! And this one is looking at me!” He exclaimed. “Oh, look, [Y/N]! The penguin over there just waved at us. Oh, I love penguins so much.”

“Luke,” I giggled. “We’ve been at this exhibit for twenty minutes! That’s fifteen minutes too long. Can we please go look at some different animals?”

Luke pouted. “It’s never too long to look at penguins! We can’t leave them alone! They have accepted me as one of their own, and I can’t betray them now! Besides, nobody else is watching them. What if one of them gets hurt? Also, they will probably feel back because if we, the only ones at this exhibit, leave, nobody else will be able to admire them!”

I rolled my eyes. “Luke, I promise you they will be fine! They have zookeepers to take care of them. I promise we can visit the penguins on our way out, but that is only if we leave right now.”

Luke hesitated for a moment, but eventually gave in. “You’re lucky I love you.” He mumbled as he kissed my neck.


Calum wanted to surprise me with a super fun day. He knew I loved animals, so I was absolutely thrilled when we pulled up to the zoo.

“Oh my gosh, Calum…I’m gonna cry if I see any of my favorite animals.”

Calum laughed. “Well then this is going to be a fun trip, isn’t it?”

As we were walking in, I noticed the lack of people. “Wait…” I began. “If nobody is here, we can stay as long as we would like to without bothering anybody! Let’s go to your favorite animals first.”

“Why can’t we go to yours first? I brought you here so you could see all of your favorite ones!” He said.

“But, Cal…if we start with my favorite animals, we probably won’t be able to visit yours unless you pull me away from my animals. Plus, my eyes will be all watery from my tears, so I won’t be able to admire your favorite animals!”

Calum thought for a moment before saying, “You know what, [Y/N]? You’re probably right. Let’s begin with my favorite animals because Lord knows I won’t be able to pull you away from yours.”

I rolled my eyes as Calum grabbed my hand and led me to his favorite exhibits.

The Littlest Winchester - Zoo Day

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Word Count: 855


           Goats smell bad. Like, really bad. Bad as in Dean doesn’t know how he’s not gagging from the stench. There’s sheep too, and also a couple of alpacas, but goats are the dominant species in the open pen. Maybe if he wasn’t standing so close to them, the smell wouldn’t be so bad, but he can’t go very far. If he moves away, his four-year-old daughter will follow. She’s too nervous about the animals to stray far from her father while they’re close.

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drabble 10 with Grayson

“no no, not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you fucking dare, dammit.”

Originally posted by thedolangifs

You and Gray were discussing where the two of you were going to go on your date tonight, you really wanted to go to the zoo but Grayson wanted to go to the beach to go surfing “Come on Gray we go to the beach every weekend” You whined as you laid down on the bed “And we went to the zoo last month” You shot up looking at Grayson “Yeah last month baby please.” He rolled his eyes playfully and walked into the kitchen ignoring everything you said. You groaned and followed him “Graaaaaaay!!” When he didnt answer you started poking his sides and all around his stomach he chuckled and ignored you even more. “Grayson! Stop ignoring meeeee” You started to dance around him, hip bumping him every chance you got, soon the two of you started dancing and laughing. He wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you close to him “So the beach?” You frowned and gave him the puppy dog eyes “no, no not the puppy dog eyes, dont you fucking dare.” You didn’t even flinch you kept the face batting your eyelashes a bit “Dammit” He rolled his eyes in defeat “Fine babe we can go to the zoo” You smiled wide and kissed his cheek “Yay!” he tried to keep his tough act but as soon as you said yay it was over he smiled so wide and hugged you tightly “I love you Y/N” You smiled and hugged him back “I love you more Gray”

A/N: I’m sorry its so short half of it deleted and i didnt remember a single word i typed out. but i did the best i could im sorry

anonymous asked:

It's my birthday/graduation and it looks like I'll be spending the better part of it alone. Tell me things about FTNS or Robbie or Mike/Liam to make me happy?

I’m sorry buddy, I know exactly how that feels, and it sucks. So here’s a little bit of everything:

- Here is a list of things Harry is scared of: insects (all kinds), arachnids (once he learned they don’t count as insects), snakes (the idea of them, mostly, since he’s never actually seen one outside of a zoo), that blocking a shot might end up shattering a bone or something, needles, cats (in his defense he’s slightly allergic) 

- Robbie refuses to let me make a fear list because he fears nothing! (and resents my laughter at that statement). Robbie was Spiderman for four straight Halloweens, with the silly string web and everything. 

-Whenever Liam’s injured, Mike builds a pillow wall so Liam can’t accidentally injure himself worse on Mike’s body in the night with his constant movement, since he can’t take the couch anymore, and he’s not making Liam sleep on the couch for getting injured because what is he, a monster? Somehow every time he wakes up Liam has somehow dismantled those walls to cuddle up to him while simultaneously not hurting himself. Mike’s honestly pretty impressed. 

Last of all, happy birthday, and congratulations on graduating! It’s a huge achievement and I’m proud of you.

Little Swift

A/N: at first this was meant to be a one-shot, but then it was getting long and I like suspense so…yeah…. I’m a little rusty but hope it’s at least readable. It’s based on an old old suggestion with my own flair.

November 2020


It had taken me a few years but here I was….in the role of a lifetime….a life milestone I’d given up on until about 5 years ago. As I opened my eyes I couldn’t help but smile as two bright blue eyes stared back at me.

“Good morning!” I said, smirking at the person who had decided to wake me up by climbing on top of me and opening my eyelids up.

“Hi momma!” The sweetest little voice replied, giggling as she realised I was awake and trying to wrap her arms around my neck as she laid down on my chest.

“Why are you up sweetheart?” I asked as I shifted up the bed so I was half sitting and she could wrap her arms around me properly, looking at my clock to see it was just gone 7am.

“Well…. Mr.Bear woke up and then I woke up and the sun was up so I decided it was time to get up….and my tummy was making noises at me.” She explained, her voice slightly muffled by my pyjama top.

“Okay little one” I said, combing my fingers through her delicate dark blonde hair, “Well I guess we need to feed that tummy of yours before we go to the zoo.”

Her head shot up and she smiled at me, “Yes please mummy! Can I have chocolate banana pancakes like Auntie Karlie makes me?”

“Ummm…. why not!” I replied, making her smile even more, “Go put on your slippers and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” I helped her down off my bed and let her run off to her room.

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The Guitarist And His Melody - Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction

TGAHM Masterlist


Preference #1 - Late Night Phone Calls During Tour

Preference #2 - Coming Home From During The Night (Clean)

Preference #3 - Rainy, Lazy Day - Requested

Preference #4 - He Finds Your Stash - Requested

Preference #5 - Prequel - Morning After A One Night Stand - Part 2

Preference #6 - Putting The Baby Girl To Bed

Preference #7 - Concert With The Boys - Requested

Preference #8 - Someone Does Something Perverted To You - Requested

Preference #9 - He Writes A Song For You - Requested

Preference #10 - But I’m Dating Another Member - Requested

Preference #11 - Best Friend’s Brother - Part 2 (Smut) - Requested

Preference #12 - You Join The Band - Requested - Part 1 - Part 2

Preference #13 - Don’t You Remember You Left - Part 1 - Part 2 - Requested

Preference #14 - Seeing More Than Just My Sister - Requested

Preference #15 - I So Told You So - Smutty-ish - Requested

Preference #16 - Take Care Of Me - Requested

Preference # 17 - My Crush Next Door - Requested

Preference #18 - Christmas With Him

Preference #19 - Tongue Tied - Based On Stereo Skyline Song - Requested

Preference #20 - Boyfriend, Girlfriend And Project Partners - Requested

Preference #21 - I’ll Be Gentle - Smut - Requested

Preference #22 - Mr. Brightside - Based On Killers Song - Requested

Preference #23 - Give Me Love - Based On Ed Sheeran Song - Requested

Preference #24 - Anxiety - Requested

Ashton Imagines

Management Intern - Part 1 - Part 2 - Requested

Sick Day With Ashton - One Shot - Requested

Hated Family Friend - Requested - Smut

Bad Boy’s Tutor - Part 1 - Part 2 (Smut) - Part 3 - Requested

Pitching To Win - Baseball AU Imagine - Part 1 - Part 2 (Ashton’s POV) - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 (Smut)

I Thought I Wasn’t Wanted Anymore - Part 2 - Requested

Why Does He Have To Be My Step-Brother - Imagine - Smut - Requested

The Return Of SmAsh - Halloween Party Series - Smut

Calum Imagines

Running In The Outfield - Baseball AU Imagine - Part 1 - Part 2 (Calum’s POV) - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 (Smut - End)

Irish Or The Hood - Part 2 - Part 3 (Smut) - Calum Imagine - Smut - Requested

Learning To Let Myself Fall - Calum One Shot - Requested

But I’ve Got A Blank Space - Based on Taylor Swift Song - Requested

Wildest Dreams - Based On Taylor Swift Song - Requested

Comforting Calum - Calum One Shot - Requested

Michael Imagines

A Day At The Zoo - Michael One Shot (Fluffy) - Requested

Catching Games - Baseball AU Imagine - Part 1 - Part 2 (Michael’s POV) - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 (Smut)

I Wanted More Than Friends - One Shot - Smut - Requested

Winter Night Cuddles - One Shot - Requested

Wonderland - Based On Taylor Swift Song - Requested

Luke Imagines

Things I Never Thought Would Happen - Part 1 - Part 2 (Smut) - Part 2.5 (Luke’s POV) - Part 3 (Smut) - Part 4 (End)

Friends With Benefits - Part 1 (Smut) - Part 2 - Part 3 (Smut) - Requested

Cool Kids -  Based Off Song By Echosmith - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (Smut) - Requested

Meet N’ Greet - Luke Imagine - Part 1 - Part 2 - Requested

Playing For Keeps - Baseball AU Imagine - Part 1 - Part 2 (Luke’s POV) - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 (Smut)

Meeting Baby Hemmings - Luke One Shot - Requested

What Do You Mean You’re Dating Luke? - Protective Older Brother Michael Luke Imagine - Requested

The Math Teacher And His Student - Halloween Party Series - Smut

Bad Boy Luke Snuck In - Smut - Requested

Calum & Luke

But I Like Her Too! - 2 Endings (1 For Each) - Requested


More Than One - 5some With All - Smut - Requested


Too Hot - Ashton Imagine - Requested

There Can’t Be More Than One Of Them - Luke Imagine - Requested

Chasing The Runner - Cross Country Luke AU Imagine - Requested

Still Watching Over You - Preference - Requested

Volleyball Girl - Preference - Requested

Meet N’ Greet - Luke Imagine - Part 3 - Requested

Management Intern - Ashton Imagine - Part 3 - Requested

They Say You Shouldn’t Sleep With People At Work - Preference - Request

Sleeping With The Hot Boss - Ashton Imagine - Requested

Nursing The Guys For STDs - Preference - Requested

Nursing Them Back To Health - Preference - Requested

Surprise For Your Anniversary - Preference - Requested

I Guess The Surprise Is On Me - Preference - Requested

Even Though He Has A Girl Friend - Preference - Requested

Why Does He Have To Be My Step-Brother - Ashton Imagine - Part 2 - Requested

Happy Birthday - Preference - Requested

My Fans Can’t Keep Quiet - Preference - Requested

Friends With Benefits - Michael Imagine - Requested

A Surprise Proposal - Preference - Requested

Loving Curves - Michael Imagine - Requested

I Found The Ring - Ashton Imagine - Requested

Daddy Calum - Calum Imagine - Smut - Requested

Jealousy - Calum Imagine - Requested

Being Convincing - Michael Imagine - Requested

Well This Is Getting Tangled - Halloween Party Imagine Series - Calum

Hogwarts Here We Come - Halloween Party Imagine Series - Michael

Old Friend’s Phone Calls and Jealousy - Preference - Requested

I Thought I Wasn’t Wanted Anymore - Ashton Imagine - Part 3 - Smut - Requested 

I’m Just Not Religious - Preference - Requested

Look I’m Not That Sick - Preference - Requested

Sexually Frustrating Guitar Teacher - Luke Imagine - Smut - Requested

Best Friend’s Little Brother - Calum Imagine - Requested

Cuddle Buddy - 4/4 Blub - Michael Requested

Wanting His Dad Back Home - Luke Imagine - Requested

It’s Almost Like Repeating The Past - Ashton Imagine - Requested

Blowing Smoke - Preference - Requested

5 O'Clock - Preference - Based on T-Pain Song - Requested

Happy Little Pill - Preference - Based on Troye Sivan Song - Requested

Blind Ashton - Imagine - Requested

Being Bi And Dating Him - Preference - Requested

High School Nerd Luke - Imagine - Requested

All Time Blush - Calum Imagine Feat. All Time Low - Requested

End Up Here - Calum Imagine -  Based On 5SOS Song - Requested

Jet Pack Blues - Preference Based On Fall Out Boy Song - Requested

Sweet Nothings - Luke Imagine - Smut - Requested

Wet Dream, An All Time Low - Calum Imagine feat. All Time Low - Requested

Getting Caught Then Moving Along - Bad Boy Michael –> Ashton Imagine - Requested

Don’t Need Diet Pills - Preference - Requested

Saved By A Hero While Drowning - Bad Boy Calum –> Luke Imagine - Requested

Calum Fluff - Calum Imagine - Requested

The One I Choose - Multi-Ending Style Preference - Requested

Taking Lessons - Student/Teacher AU - Preference - Requested

Meant To Be - Soulmate AU Preference - Requested

Going Public, On Accident - Ashton Imagine - Requested

My Jealousy - Preference - Requested

His Jealousy - Preference - Requested

If You Don’t Know - Calum Imagine Based On His Verse in If You Don’t Know - Requested

Crew - Rowing AU Preference - Rquested

My Teacher - He’s the Teacher AU Preference - Requested

My Doctor - He’s the Doctor AU Preference - Requested

What Happens After You Hook Up  - Luke Imagine - Requested

My Shortie - Preference - Requested


  • Doctor
  • Lifeguard
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • College Nerd
  • Frat Boy
  • Bad Boy

Don’t Forget To Request More Lovelies!


Snowy owl by IN CHERL KIM
Via Flickr:
Snowy owl @ everland.korea

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Em talk to me about the batboys please!


- YOU TAKE DAMIAN WAYNE TO THE ZOO AND YOU’RE NEVER COMING OUT. He’s that little squirt that takes his binoculars and the map and his backpack full of books to read about ALL the animals and he will tell you more than any tour guide there. But I’m afraid, he’s also that child who climbs over fences and jumps the ropes and squeezes through wires to get to aforesaid animals.

- Tim takes his camera to the zoo. He has to take the perfect shot. The zoo is a very relaxing place for Tim and he’s usually the one wandering by himself or dragging behind. He’s talks to the animals and tells the parrots he isn’t afraid of them because they squawk the loudest when he’s around. Also tells the jaguar to fight him. He may or may not mean it. 

- Jason is the guy who’s trying to tell everybody fake facts in an Australian accent and feed the animals wherever there is a sign that says DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. He tells Bruce that he can catch the alligator because he saw a guy do it on TV and Bruce is like “oh jay please no no no no nah-uh” and Jason also threatens to push Tim in the water. Because big brothers.

- Dick is the one who actually goes to the zoo the right way. He reads the signs out loud to the rest of them, he picks up Damian if he can’t see the animals very well, he forces Bruce to come and orders him to keep an eye on wandering Tim. He gives Jason a quarter to feed the swans. He shows Tim ways to get a better shot. 

- Bruce like…gets all…like a football coach with them. Because “Okay, when we entered this place we were in one unit. I’d LIKE to LEAVE as one unit okay, last time I had to come all the way back to the otter place to find Tim–” and Tim’s like “–HEY OTTERS ARE COOL AND–” and Bruce covers Tim’s mouth with his hand  and finishes “am i making myself clear” and they’re all like “Yes. Sir.”

- Bruce still comes back to get Tim who’s with the otters.

So it’s taken about a year or so for me to compile all this, but I’ve been collecting together a bunch of episodes from all sorts of shows that contain whump and I’ve finally gotten round to making this post :D (I’ve got a list of whumpy movies too, so I’ll probably be doing a movie post as well sometime)

Under the cut I’ve just put the show, episode and a wee description of the whump (so spoilers, probably) and they might not be the best descriptions so I’ve bolded my personal faves and if you want any more info on the episode feel free to ask me :)


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Crazy Facts about King Farouk of Egypt

One of the most interesting figures in history, King Farouk ruled Egypt from 1936 until 1952.  One of history’s most legendary mad monarchs, Farouk’s craziness and hedonism is the stuff of legends, rivaling mad Roman Emperors of ancient times.  Here’s a short list of facts detailing his nuttiness.

-Made it illegal to own a red car in Egypt. Amassed a large personal fleet of 100 red cars, so that he could drive like crazy all over Egypt and police would know not to pull him over.  Would shoot out other people’s tires.  Ambulances followed him around to pick up people injured by his antics.

-Would go to restaurants and throw food at people.

-Typical breakfast started with caviar, followed by large quantities of boiled eggs, toast, lobster, steak, lamb, chicken, and pigeon.

-Often drank 20-30 sodas a day.

-Once had a nightmare where he was attacked by a lion.  Went to the Cairo zoo and shot all the lions with a rifle.

-Though married, had numerous mistresses, including novelist Barbara Skelton.

-Favorite aphrodisiac was honey with powdered rhinoceros horn.

-Was a kleptomaniac. Hired professional thieves to teach him how to pickpocket.

 -Would pickpocket guests, politicians, and diplomats at official functions.

-Pickpocketed Winston Churchill, stealing his pocket watch.

-Stole a ceremonial sword, sash, and medals off the corpse of the Shah of Iran during his funeral in 1944.

-MI6 and CIA codenames for him were “Fat Pig” and “Fat Fucker” respectively.

-Was ousted from rule 1952 and forced into exile.  Left behind collections of jewelry, ancient Egyptian artifacts, various trinkets he had stolen, a sizeable stamp collection, a rare coin collection comprising 8,500 pieces, and a collection of pornography so large it can only be described as “epic” in proportions.

-Lived the rest of his life in exile in Monaco and Italy.  Died in 1965 at a restaurant table after consuming a large meal of oysters, lobster with sauce, lamb, and beans, followed by a Cuban cigar.