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It’s Twins!

Lun Lun, a female panda hosted by Zoo Atlanta, in Atlanta, Georgia, became the happy mother of twins on July 15, something that hasn’t happened in the United States since 1987. Panda twins are rare and it’s a good thing that this happened in a zoo and not in the wild. Panda mothers typically only care for one of the cubs when this happens; but the zoo can trick the mother by rotating the cubs during the early days and care for the other one in a nursery. The technique is working, although the mother has been very reluctant to give up her cub when it comes time for them to be switched.

The cubs are as yet unnamed. This is intentional. Based on a Chinese tradition for good luck, pandas are named when they are 100 days old during a “100 Days Ceremony”. The twins and mother Lun Lun are doing just fine.