Chester Zoo - Baby Red Panda by david evans
Via Flickr:
Chester Zoo - Baby Red Panda taken on 02/08/10

face à face, Hamburg, 30.03.2014

1/320 sec - ¼.0 - ISO 6400 - EOS 700D

Von Angesicht zu Angesicht, zum Greifen nah, aber völlig ungefährlich, da durch Gitter oder Scheiben getrennt, lassen sich Tiere jeder Art und aus aller Welt in Tierparks und Zoos beobachten und studieren.

Manchmal jedoch fragt man sich: “Wer beobachtet eigentlich wen?”

Zootopia Movie Online (2016) 

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Tuatara Hatchling at UK’s Chester Zoo


Our keepers have hatched the first ever tuatara outside of their native New Zealand - a successful breeding that has taken several decades to achieve.

The tuatara is one of the world’s oldest living species and is believed to have pre-dated the dinosaurs, having been on the planet for more than 225 million years.

Around 70 million years ago they became extinct everywhere except New Zealand, where it now has iconic status.

Our achievements in successfully hatching the tuatara - and all of the intricate skills developed along the way - give us confidence that we can help save highly threatened species such as mountain chicken frogs and Bermudan skinks from extinction in the wild.

(via: Chester Zoo)

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The otters here are ridiculous goobers on their water slide. #cute #otter #otters #zoo #waterslide #animals #losangeles #lazoo #Burbank