What mammal and bird keepers get excited about:

My animal did so well in their training session! They also climbed up a tree and loved their new enrichment feeder!

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What reptile keepers get excited about:

My animal yawned today! And…and…. I SAW IT DRINKING SOME WATER!

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Hawaiian Crows, using tools to get at insects, and fighting over them

When Eren and Levi go to the zoo, they spend literally the whole time pointing to the most ridiculous animals saying ‘that’s you’ and sticking their tongues out at each other

then they get ice-cream and watch the otters play together and float on their backs while holding hands

unconsciously Eren and Levi shift closer until they are holding hands as well, stealing adoring glances at the other

Just hangin’ in Omaha and thinkin’ ‘bout stuff. Happy Friday! Today’s Friday Bear was submitted by the always fabulous @geordilaforged! They added:

“A gorgeous sunbear from the Omaha Zoo! She’s lost in thought, truly beautiful….”

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