Story time: At my high school, in a very rural, Southern setting, a few friends and I decided it would be a good idea to create a club that advocates women, LGBTQA, and other minorities in society through community service and other things. We called it ROAR: Raising Awareness, Organization, Action, and Revolution. Later we found out about Zonta International, a respectable club on a global scale that tailored to our needs. After three weeks of tedious reasoning with our principal to allow such a thing (she was very reluctant; equality?! How absurd!), we were finally able to get Zonta/ROAR off the ground. In one of our first meetings, my friends and I (so far we were the only members) created signs displaying the importance of the club with various slogans and statistics. The sign on the right is a simple one I made in our school’s main hallway, referring to the crisis in Ferguson and overall that black people are, well, people. It sparked conversation in many people, my friends and I would hear talk about it in the hallways and in classrooms. And then this happened. The sign on the left appeared this morning. This is why we need our club.
Notice my sign (on the right). Three words. Black Lives Matter. Because they do. Where on that sign did I say white people do not? Where, specifically, are white people brought into this sign at all, specifically? Keep in mind that our school only has approximately 2 or 3 black people, but those individuals are just as valid as anyone. It is ridiculous that our student body cannot accept a simple statement, but must incorporate themselves into whatever issue, no matter how irrelevant/ignorant they are to the matter.

So i was nominated for the Amelia Earhart Junior Award from #zonta for being able to over come my person obstacles. I am so proud of myself for being able to excel past my limits and so thankful to have been given the opporunity to be a part of something so great. ❤

Sketch dump since I can’t color any of these right now~!!! We have Markiplier saying how he got a haircut ( I needed to try and practice his haircut plus no scruff) Izy and Zonta from the AIS webcomic my friend and I are doing (although I can’t do anything till my laptop is fixed) Tiny Box Dim dreaming about something while the Septic Eye Sams watch curiously. AntiJack trying to find his eyes because Dougal hid them in a game of extreme hide and seek. My face. 2D from the band Gorillaz. Never drawn him before but I wanted to try because he is my blue haired child and he’s a cutie. And then a doodle of Amazonite, who I haven’t really drawn in a while lol. I tend to scribble little notes next to sketches, dunno why but it’s something I started doing a while ago. Also side note, Dim likes to try and eat the septic eyes, no one knows why cuz they probably don’t taste too good… Lol.