Midnight installations - Gazelli Art House.

So, we have built an installation that is currently in Toxteth, Liverpool, for the Biennial. ‘The Physical Possibility Of Inspiring Imagination In The Mind Of Somebody Living’. We have taken over a old building in a quiet street and installed a massive tank of jellyfish hidden behind a shutter.

Every night at 10pm the shutter opens to reveal these ethereal creatures emanating light and entrancing  passers by. 

The work appeared anonymously, without press or pomp, in order to allow people to experience the surreal situation with genuinely fresh eyes and to allow time for the natural word of mouth, (which shows such a rich fabric of community in this area), to do its work. 

It did, and we have had an incredible response, it has been amazing to engage with people on the street experiencing and enjoying the work. 

Now for the first month of the Liverpool Biennial, the view from within the tank is being filmed and live streamed, projected directly onto the windows of Gazelli Art House, London. 

The enlarged visions of jellyfish can be seen floating through the London night, linking the two cities until 26th July. If you look closely, you can often see cars go by and observers from the street in Toxteth gazing back at you through the installation. 

If you are in either city, pop by and enjoy the surrealism…

Live Stream - 10pm - 1am

Gazelli Art House, Dover Street, Mayfair, London

53 High Park Road, Toxteth, Liverpool

For those of you who aren’t night owls - An exhibition of works inspired by the piece is also currently on show in Gazelli Art House, so if you’re about in the day you can check it out too!