7 Contact Notifications Pending

Hrm…seems there are quite a few people who have found me in this place. I do apologize for how long I’ve kept you waiting…the zone does need its guardian, after all, and while I’d love to sit about and partake in idle banter, the fact that I am a busy man cannot be taken for granted. 

That being said, let’s see who’s wandered into my sight today. 

ladyoftheapp started following you

I’m afraid we’ve never met before. Hello. 

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onetwothreestrikesyoureout started following you

…There’s two of you? Begone, evildoers. Take your “holy mission” elsewhere. I don’t want you nor need you here. 

idonthavetimetobreathe started following you

Hello there, Elsen. It seems to me that you are in the wrong zone. 

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incognitodealer started following you 

I’ve permitted the two of you to sell your wares to my Elsens, but I’m going to state this very clearly, right now…do not include weapons in your goods available for purchase. I don’t want my workers hurting themselves.