Week of May 15th, 2017
  • Aries: Logically speaking, money matters are better suited for you, at least, as opposed to how they've been.
  • Taurus: Your mind finally comes into contact with your ego, leaving the dark introspection you've been through until next year.
  • Gemini: You're beyond attractive, lately. Caution may cause you to skip out on amazing opportunities, however.
  • Cancer: Making new friends is always fun, but are they asking you to step too far out of your comfort zone?
  • Leo: Focus shifts to work, and money is on the way... just don't spend it too quickly.
  • Virgo: This is a time of growth. The problems that have been nudging at you are demanding to be dealt with.
  • Libra: Who do you love? Who do you lust after? Remember these are different things, and you can have one without the other. It is also just as easy to confusing love as lust, as it is to confuse lust and love.
  • Scorpio: Love is straining. Should you be committed? Is your partner spending as much effort as you are?
  • Sagittarius: How are you feeling? Take care of yourself. You're your biggest limitation, this week.
  • Capricorn: Your intellect serves you well! Are you prepared for the upcoming recognition?
  • Aquarius: What comforts you? You've been staying home lately, but, that duplicates now as shift focuses into the home.
  • Pisces: You're better at communicating this week. Put your imagination into action, especially around the home!
My tips for workout motivation!

So, you want to work out. But, oh no! You’re feeling a little unmotivated? You don’t know where to start? It isn’t always helpful to hear “just do it,” even if it’s a little bit true. There are times where we all feel unmotivated and that’s why we need to be dedicated, let out a deep sigh, and just do it.

It’s more mental than physical. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I know exactly what you’re thinking.


How do we become dedicated? It can take weeks to months for a habit to solidify so how do we break down a few of these mental barriers to even get there in the first place?

You don’t need a gym: A lot of people get stuck on “where” before “how” and there are a number of reasons why a gym membership is actually an inconvenience or out of budget for many individuals. There are also people who find the gym absolutely boring. That’s fine! Our bodies already come equipped with cardiovascular machinery and can be used as a resistance tool. Our own homes, parks, and backyards are perfect places to workout and with the addition of a few small, affordable tools you can even up to ante without ever setting foot inside a gym.

Small steps before big leaps: If you’ve never worked out before or simply need to get more active in general; then don’t worry too much with whipping your ass into a protoplasmic pile of goo quite yet. We’re all beginners at some point in time, and you need to let yourself be a beginner. The risk of injury is high for a beginner and that’s the biggest mood killer of them all. Don’t pop in a “Maximum Hardcore Power Shred 9000X²” DVD and expect to come out of that experience with a positive outlook on the days and weeks to come. You probably have some idea of where your fitness level is at, so be generous and be forgiving. For some people, fitness starts simply at taking more stairs and walking longer distances around town and that’s absolutely great.

Write out a plan for the day: At night, I often write in my phone’s little “sticky note” application what I want to do at the gym tomorrow morning and what weight, sets, and reps I may want to attempt them at. Not only will it help you zone in and focus on the task, but you’ll be thinking about your workout in advance as well. Having a plan will reduce the number of “unknown variables” so you can just get started and stop second guessing yourself, a life-saver for the anxious. 

Set out your workout clothes and supplies the night before: No matter when you’re planning to workout, just be ready well in advance. Don’t get stuck in a situation where you’re frantically trying to slap things together, getting stressed out, and only to discover your shorts are dirty and your water bottle has mysteriously been stolen by gremlins.

Try a different time of day if you’re stumbling with your current one: This one is dependant a lot on personality and the mercy of your schedule and home life. Understandably, some people have less flexibility so it’s not always possible to switch time slots around. This was personally my biggest game changer, though. I used to workout in the evening but by the end of a day my “introvert battery” was clocked and more times than not I said, “it’s blanket time.” Morning is my favorite time of day and I’m fresh when I wake up, so I started going in the morning. It sounds obvious but it honestly was the best thing I ever did.

Find an exercise that genuinely excites you: The best workout is one that is fun for you to do, not the one that burns the most calories. Don’t waste too much time on running if you’d rather have your toenails ripped out with a pair of rusty pliers. There are a million ways to get a workout, so shop around!

Switch it up and be open to trying something new: Having a game plan in place certainly is a pillar of success, but a good dose of spontaneity can give you that twinge of excitement you’re looking for and even introduce you to new workouts you never guessed you’d like. Personally, I’d love to try a Zumba class sometime!

Try a podcast or audiobook instead of music: Only continue your playthrough a little before a workout, while working out, and a little after a workout. If you’re getting somewhere juicy, guess what? Gotta workout.

Do something if you’re not up for everything: Making a good habit and becoming dedicated isn’t about having all cylinders firing at max 24/7. That is the key difference between motivation and dedication. If you don’t feel like challenging your personal records today, that’s fine. Pick a comfortable intensity, pick a nice small chunk of time. Also, going for a walk is an absolutely marvelous workout. It counts. It all counts.  Feeling like a shut in today? Keep a jump rope and a yoga mat around. Build a list of Youtube videos you could do on that rainy day. Get some bodyweight routines in or jog in place a little. If you’re sore, just stretch. Doing a little bit of anything will uphold your habit and your dedication. Some days we achieve, other days we survive. 

Sometimes rest days are announced, not planned: If you’ve been getting into the swing of things but wake up feeling sick, exhausted, or have unexplained pain take the rest if you really think you need it. You’re not “skipping the gym,” if you seriously need the rest. Try as we might to have a super tight plan, sometimes we have unexpected issues. Rest is also necessary.

@unfcking Ask and you shall receive! I hope you find something helpful here.

List of TAZ Animatics Story 2: Murder on the Rockport Limited

Chapter 1 (Ep. 10)

Unfinished TAZ Animatic - What Are You Wearing 

PJ’s :: Taz Animatic  

Magnus Gets Shitfaced|TAZ Animatic 

The Adventure Zone - Wink! (Animatic) 

TAZ Animatic - Magnus is Wasted  

Chapter 2 (Ep. 11)

we can’t kill tom bodett [the adventure zone animatic]  

The Adventure zone - WE CAN’T KILL TOM BODETT  

Chapter 3 (Ep. 12)

[The Adventure Zone] “Thank you for having me on your choo choo”  

The Adventure Zone Animation - Welcome to the Rockport Limited  

wizard snack (TAZ animatic) 

The Adventure Zone Animatic: Spellslots 

Shitty Wizard - Adventure Zone Lip Sync 

Kind of a Shitty Wizard 

taako’s mic drop (the adventure zone animatic) 

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adventure zone lipsync animatic - a word not spoken 

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Chapter 4 (Ep. 13)

The Adventure Zone Animatic - “Emotional” 

The Adventure Zone Animatic - Angus McDonald: World’s Greatest Detective 

the world’s best detective, now, with bad art! 

The Adventure Zone - I detective’d good enough 

The Adventure Zone Animation | Angus McDonald, Prying Eyes 

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TAZ - Rough Storyboards/Animation 

Chapter 5 (Ep. 14)

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Chapter 7 (Ep. 16)

The Adventure Zone - More Kleptomania 

Really Focus on It - TAZ Animatic 

the adventure zone - angus’ business card – animatic

ANIMATIC - Hero’s Welcome (The Adventure Zone)


Stiles hates the new guy at the office. Derek’s a natural at everything the job throws at him, whereas Stiles still sometimes struggles to use the fax machine. Derek’s really nice too – he’ll bring coffee for the whole team and always asks if everyone’s okay. Stiles… doesn’t do that. The biggest problem of all? Since Derek’s arrival Stiles just. can’t. focus. He zones out in meetings because he’s too busy trying to work out the color of Derek’s eyes. He’s missing deadlines because he gets distracted wondering if Derek likes guys, if Derek’s seeing someone, if Derek would keep his glasses on whilst they– Derek’s very distracting is the point, and it’s starting to affect Stiles’ work. So, yes. Stiles hates Derek. Still loves to watch him leave though.

The INFJ Stare

The most distinct quality of Ni dominant eyes is their Steadiness. The eyes will appear focused, present and able to maintain contact on an object or person for long stretches at a time. Ni/Se eyes tend not to blink or divert their gaze as often as Ne/Si eyes. When changing focus point, Ni eyes will often move the whole head in the new direction as opposed to just the eyes.

When in deep thought or searching their memory intensely, their eyes may go out of focus and “zone-out”. When this happens the brain becomes involved in a holistic, zen process and accesses all parts of itself in unison to find its perspective. As such they will often respond in universals - from a collective (rather than specific) perspective they have of reality.

Penetrative Stare The eyes fall into a dream-like state and stare off into the distance. The eyes will appear to be looking through the object of it’s focus, rather than being fixated on it like Se or Si.

When the eyes come out of this state, they reconnect with Se with the environment, but not as strongly. Ni eyes have a mild penetrative quality to them at all times.

(can anyone find the source of this quote? I can’t.)

I gained 20lbs in 6 months.
I’m over 20% body fat.
I have cellulite and a pretty decent belly pooch.
Clothes don’t fit right.
I’m uncomfortable in my skin 75% of the time.
My legs are so pale that they could blind you in the sunlight.
I have stretch marks EVERYWHERE.
My stretch marks are also bright purple.

I really hate my body. It’s something I’ve always dealt with, but lately I’ve been trying more and more to appreciate the little things, like:

My eyebrows are amazing.
The color of my eyes change and that’s beautiful.
I LOVE the freckles on my face and body.
Hell, I wish I had more freckles.
I have a beautiful smile.
My tattoos are Fucking awesome and badass.
I can rock a pixie cut pretty well.
My nose piercing works really well on my face.
My legs allow me to walk all around the city.
My arms allow me to carry ALL the groceries.
My stomach holds all my favorite foods inside.

It’s so easy to zone in and focus on all the things you hate about yourself; it’s so easy and so detrimental. Take those negative thoughts, acknowledge them, and counteract them. Weigh those thoughts down with positive affirmations and suddenly life is a little bit sweeter, the sun shines a little bit brighter, and you become a little bit happier.

Staying positive and moving forward ✌🏻

(Also these pasty-cellulite-thunder-thighs got me through a 202lb back squat last night so hell. fucking. yes.)

Open letter to everyone who says ‘don’t focus the tank’, ESPECIALLY to the ADC/squishy backline. THIS IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE 90% OF THE DAMN TIME. While y'all are tanking their backline, THEIR tanks are tanking YOUR backline. An ADC’s job is to hit whatever is CLOSEST to them to stay in the fight. If a mage is getting zoned, THEY’RE GONNA FOCUS TANK SO THEY CAN DO ANYTHING IN THE FIGHT. CHRIST. I hate low Elo.

Mercury in Virgo - Butterfly Eyes

The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing. - J.K Rowling

Mercury is most gracious in Virgo. It rules and exalts in Virgo, a curious and unique phenomena. Rulership and exaltation in tandem is said to unite the qualities of mind, rationale, and intelligence with mysticism and mystery. Information is absorbed and processed on two planes, one being calculation, discrimination, equations, and logistics. The other is through an earthly intimacy that weaves itself through intricate components and spiritual patterns. This mind is like a geometric flower of life. It can work like finely humming machinery, decoding what is available, intuiting what is missing, and arranging information in particular detail. The eyes are sensitive and highly observant with Mercury in Virgo. It’s impossible to miss anything.

Mercury in Virgo people have an enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge. The individual takes it in her pride to develop mental talents. But Virgo is a sign that cannot tolerate clutter. Information must provide a useful and suitable application. Anything that is not useful is swiftly discarded. This mind is like a  file cabinet, structured in pristine and orderly conditioned, each division of knowledge, observation, and opinion neatly arranged. It doesn’t necessarily mean she has a peaceful mental experience, for all its brilliance it can be quite the opposite. She can suffer at the hostage of controlling and confining thoughts, becoming trapped by her anxieties and rituals dictated from the mind. Sleep and relaxation can be evasive. The individual can be most soothed by challenging mental stimulation like puzzles and complicated books. Although she can be avoidant of conversation or initially shy, once she warms to her company it can be hard to keep her quiet. Mercury in Virgo people can be captivating conversationalists. The individual may have a natural talent for anything lingual or mathematically based, possess good editing skills, and express admirable judgement and discrimination.

Despite the systematic quality of Mercury in Virgo the mind is enchanting and entranced in this capacity, capable of zoning deep into rhythmic focus. The individual can be sensitive to critique referring to her cognitive abilities, she can feel the need to prove her intelligence. Her mind can be somewhat comforted by routine, and she can be quite a habitual person with unique idiosyncrasies. She commands a remarkable concentration and becomes fixated on intricate and fascinating details. It is common for Mercury in Virgo people to possess a natural dexterity and acute hand-eye co-ordination. The individual can be an expert at repairing things, developing planned solutions for problems, and keeping company grounded and comforted if chaos ensues. She can have a fantastic problem solving capacity, this is partly due to her relentless need for order and pre-planning and her mind’s tendency to tremble between the variable of every situation. She has already seen every way the scenario could go wrong and how she will need to restore it. This ability makes her an angel in disastrous situations, but it can also make her fearful of living and restricted by paranoid thoughts. Because Mercury is the astrological trickster, its common for Mercury in Virgo people to suffer his greatest deceits. 


art: Caia Koopman

That ADHD feel when:
-You get hyperfocused on a subject and drop it two weeks later
-“Can you please hand me that?” “What?” “Can you please hand-” “Yeah”
-Doing or hearing something and then immediately forgetting it
-“I can’t find my wallet” “I can’t find my keys” “I can’t find my pencil” etc etc
-trying so hard to focus and zoning out immediately
-always messy room/work area
-Super depressive episodes that come out of nowhere
-“I think I have adhd, I’m so random” “:/”
-people getting mad at you for fidgeting
-failing classes no matter how hard you try
-procrastinating to the extreme
-Multiple people trying to talk to you at once is absolute hell
-jumping from task to task before finishing anything

Dating Jongsuk;

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masterlist <- make sure to request your fave from the list because it’s looking empty as hell

- he’s always biting his lip when he looks at you

- like down boy relax a little

- the way you met was kinda normal i guess

- you were an extra on a drama that he was shooting and you just had to walk past

- but oh no, not on jongsuk’s watch.

- he would do something to make the whole scene start again

- why?

- so he can see you

- cute right?

- wrong it was getting to a point where everyone was getting fed up of his shit

- and you were talking the blame for it


- so you huff and look up to glare at him

- and this puppy is looking at you smiling

- like can you not? i’m trying to be mad at you

- in the end he apologised and ask if you wanted to grab a drink something

- “i don’t like coffee sorry,”

- “anything you want, i just wanna get to know you,”

- hold up let me hold onto my wig before it flies away

- you mean THE lee jongsuk wants to spend TIME & get to KNOW with an EXTRA

- the world is shaking

- so you accept his offer and 2 years down the road you guys are dating

- you were kind of hesitant to date him

- because of all the fame & the hetric lifestyle that came with dating one of south korea’s popular actors

- but in the end, you pushed all negativity aside and choose to follow your heart

- *audience sound: AW*

- he practices lines with you

- really puts his all into his kisses

- “um, i hope you’re not going to be kissing the lead like this because…”

- “of course not baby, i’m only doing it because i love your kisses and beside whenever i do kiss someone i always think of you,”

- “don’t know if i should be flattered or not,”

- inside jokes 100%

- he tells you about his day and he looks so happy

- and you can’t help but zone out and just focus on his face

- like damn how did you get so lucky???

- “babe, are you even listening?”

- “nope,”

- he kisses your face a lot

- when you wake up, CHECK

- whilst you’re brushing your teeth, YES SIR

- whilst you’re watching tv together, OH YES

- whilst you’re cooking, is that even a question anymore

- basically he likes your face A LOT

- tries to bring you on set

- but you’re like the world’s biggest distraction

- you’re the kypotnite to his superman

- the fish to his chips

- the cinderella to his glass slipper

- the cold to his runny nose

- BASICALLY his everything ok

- he loves you so much, it’s scares him

- no scratch that, terrifies him

- if you one day piped out saying you wanted to break up

- his whole world would come crashing down

- he would go into this slump where he couldn’t work properly or if he did turn up to work, he would play his part and just say in his trailer, refusing to speak to anyone

- so when you get a call from one of his co stars saying he was in hospital

- you RAN over like dropped everything and end to him

- panicking thinking something really bad happened

- but he’d only gone and fainting and hit his head

- luckily everything was alright

- as you sat down on the chair next to his bed

- you began to cry super hard

- blaming yourself for this happening

- explaining why you decided to end the relationship, mainly down to distance and insecurities and the fact you thought you were keeping him trapped

- but he heard everything but decided to say quiet

- “this never would have if i wasn’t such an idiot, i’m so sorry jongsuk,”

- don’t call me that,“ he muttered

- you shot away from him, letting go of his hand, wiping your tears

- you searched for a pitcher of water and poured into a paper cup for him

- “thanks, sit down,” he patted the side of his bed

- doing as he said, he took your hand in his again staring at you

- “you were never weighing me down, never ever. don’t say that ever. you’re far too important to look at yourself so lowly. so please please please don’t. for my sake.”

- he always knew what to say in any situation

- and you found yourself leaning into him again

- “that’s my baby”


- long phone calls

- “jongsuk baby, it’s been 3 hours, i’ve got to go,”

- “it doesn’t matter, i’m international right now so i’m paying the phone bill, let’s talk more,”

- you always give into him

- everyone calls you whipped

- but mate, have you seen HIM

- if you looked up the definition of “whipped”

his picture and biography would be there

- late nights where you’d just talk in bed about everything and anything

- you guys don’t hold hands, you just lace your pinkes together

- he brought you a matching couple jumper and purposely brought yours really big

- because he liked how it engulfed your body

- he loves loves LOVES you wearing his clothes because it’s looks “sexy”

- something wearing his clothes leads to AHEM

- when he’s mad or frustrated about something that happened at the shoot, angry sex

- the best sex but mostly you guys have like no labels sex

- like there’s no dom or sub, it’s just the two of you having sex and feeling each other’s bodies

- real cute shit you know

Scenes from a relationship with Niall #3

“Oy! You listenin’?” Niall snaps his finger.

“Huh? Yeah..” You jerk out of your zone and focus on him.

“It says it’s fusion food with a twist in the review” He reads off his phone.

“That just means it’s the same old shit with like a new sauce.” You shake your head, striking it off the list.

“Ehm, alright then. Next, you in the mood for Chinese?”









“Uh uh”



“Fuckin’ hell babe, what d'ya want then?” He says locking his phone. “I’m hungry as a horse. Pick somin’!”

“You pick something. I don’t care” You shrug. You were 5 days away from your period and the PMS was peaking through.

“No, no, no. Don’t say you don’t care. I hate that. What do ya want?” He asks, standing up and grabbing your hand to pull you up. “Teeeeell meeee baaabbbeeeeeee.” He whines, shaking your arm, restless.

“I. Don’t. Care.” You reply curtly, pulling you arm away and sitting back down.

“FUCK!” He yells walking out of the bedroom. As he leaves you hear him muttering “Fucking impossible is what this Italian, no Japanese? What even does that..fuck fuck fuck!”

You sit there and sigh. You didn’t even know why you were being so bitchy. While you’re thinking, you hear the clattering of utensils and some familiar kitchen sounds.

You walk into the kitchen to see Niall pulling out random ingredients. “What are you doing?” You ask, leaning against the frame of the kitchen door, feeling overwhelmed.

“I’m cooking something for ya, ya fussy eater. Screw the restaurants, Chef Nialler is at your service.” He smiles.

You feel the emotions taking over and your eyes well up. “Niall..I’m sorry.” Your voice cracks and a tear rolls down your cheek.

“Oy, babe, no cryin’. I knew when you said no to Japanese what was up. Have a seat, I’ll pour ya a drink and dinner will be served” He bows, imitating a posh Chef, a joke you both always did while cooking for the other.

You smile, lean in for a kiss and then pull him into a tight hug, thankful that Niall was Niall.

Just a Suggestion on Tomorrow/Monday

So I think we are all prepared for the beard storm that will be tomorrow.

We already know the show is being performed at von beard enterprises.

She will be snap happy.

Likely get a “happy” couple pic.

There’s a video being filmed and I’m guessing she too will be in the audience.

And there’s a high likelihood the audience will be tortured with her singing. (I still, for the audience’s sake, hope no. But I’m not optimistic).

I say. First. Take a deep breath and remember why it’s happening. And the why is a very good thing.

Next. Remember-there’s literally nothing they can do to shock us. We are already prepared.

And finally, I say. Ignore it. Don’t give her what she wants. And yes. I know I’m one of the worst offenders at times.

But tomorrow, and for me Monday as it’s way past my bedtime and for many of my international friends it’s when it’s happening in your time zone, the focus should exclusively be on the two people who have earned the right and the privilege to be on that stage. And who have worked hard over the past few months to conceive, give birth to, and promote Computer Games.

And let’s just celebrate Darren and Chuck, their performance, and their success.

bri’s essay supertea ☕

its 3am and the deadline is today! you’re still just not in that essay zone! you’re looking at the page but your hands arent moving and neither is your brain. 1.5k words left to go!? WHAT DO YOU DO???

first, you grab…

  • some mint, for creativity
  • some rosemary, for mental ability
  • some allspice/cinnamon, for energy

then, you infuse those herbs into a DELICIOUS TEA whilst focusing on your intent: getting in the zone to speedtype a whole bunch of really insightful critical analysis. 

make sure to charge it with your intent - you can do this several ways depending on how you prepare it. for example if you’re boiling it in a pot, you could stir it clockwise and chant a short incantation (a simple one might be something like: mint, allspice, rosemary/bring me mental agility). if you’re using a homemade tea bag or just letting it steep in a mug, you could visualise your intent as you pour hot water over the herbs. i used a homemade teabag, then lit a purple candle, blessed the tea, and let it steep under the light of the candle.

this tea is fragrant, fresh and minty. drink it before you start writing, or to bring you back into the zone when you’ve lost focus. happy essay-writing!

Imagine Woozi helping you out when you’re doing chores because he knows how easily distracted you get when you’re cleaning.

enter-the-mind-of-a-degenerate  asked:

Hey again, sorry I'm like so bad at these things 😂 Umm as much as I'd like a Neville x pansy I think my two choices would be Ginny x Pansy or Luna x Ginny Just because I really like Ginny rn. Love your writing btw ❤️

Thank you!!!  And sorry for the long wait.

I’ll be doing Ginsy <3 (although i also did linny here, you can check it out if you’re interested)

this is also for @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet ‘s hogwarts challenge!

  • Pansy didn’t want to go back to Hogwarts for the eighth year. She wasn’t keen on returning to the place with those horrible seventh year memories, of the Carrows, of the fear at the final battle. And especially not the awful moment when she’d shrieked to turn Harry Potter over.
  • She didn’t want to face her classmates’ hatred or sneers either, and she was sure all the students from other houses would hold her outburst in fear against her.
  • But with her house confiscated by the Ministry because of her father’s death eater affiliations, and her parents forced to move to a small apartment, staying home didn’t seem like a great option either.
  • And it would probably be hard to find a job, because nobody would want to hire a girl who had proposed to hand over Harry Potter.
  • So, at the end, even if she didn’t want to go back to Hogwarts, it became the only bearable choice. (Since not everyone had the money to simply leave the country and still manage to live luxuriously like Blaise Zabini, Pansy thought bitterly.)
  • Pansy had never been a particular outdoors girl before, but she found herself spending time out of the castle more and more during the eighth year.
  • Perhaps it was because the Carrows had mostly confined them to within the castle, cancelling outdoors activities such as Quidditch, it felt easier when she was not inside the castle that was nearly suffocating her.
  • At least there were fewer unhappy memories here. And it helped her avoided people too. She couldn’t stand the looks of disgust, nor the looks of pity.
  • One day, Pansy was sitting by the lake, gazing at it absentmindedly, remembering the events at the Triwizard Tournament, the last innocent time before Voldemort came back and everything went to hell.
  • Suddenly, someone on a broom flew to the air beside her, blocking her view. Pansy’s thoughts on the good old days flashed away, and a whirl of fiery red hair zoned into focus, catching her attention.
  • “Brooding, Parkinson?” Ginny Weasley drawled.
  • “Yes,” Pansy replied, curtly, not bothering to say more.
  • Weasley’s eyes went from vaguely bored to a sparkle of interest. “Running away from the crowds, are we?”
  • “How observant,” Pansy said, a bit drily. Pansy had no intention of engaging in a conversation with Ginny Weasley, and the faster the other girl leave her alone, the better. She could only hope her short and curt answers would drive Weasley away.
  • Weasley stared at Pansy for a while, a frown on her face, but it wasn’t an annoyed frown, more like a slightly confused one.
  • Finally, Weasley said, “Want to fly?”
  • Pansy gazed back, impassively, “No.” She wasn’t sure why Weasley hadn’t left yet. She’d thought Weasley wouldn’t want to spend any extra second talking to her. But here she was, continuing asking Pansy questions. Annoying, perhaps, but not scathing or sneering.
  • Weasley was indeed quite strange, Pansy thought.
  • And then, Weasley landed beside Pansy, got off her broom, and sat down beside Pansy. Pansy raised an eyebrow skeptically, and Weasley offered her a half-defiant shrug, “Well, I can sit anywhere I want. This grass isn’t yours.”
  • Pansy rolled her eyes, slightly amused despite herself. It was only after the amusement had faded that Pansy realized that it seemed to be the first time since forever that she’d feel amused. 
  • It was a disconcerting thought, if she dwell on it.
  • So Pansy didn’t. She merely gave Weasley a bored look, and said, “Well, suit yourself.”
  • Weasley smirked a bit, and leant down on the grass as she looked up at the sky. Pansy was planning on ignoring her, but couldn’t stop herself from glancing a bit.
  • Pansy let her gaze admire the way Weasley casually lied there, legs stretched out. Her thighs and legs looked strong, just like most Quidditch players. There was some kind of beauty in it. And her hair, spread out slightly – bright red, shining under the sun – it was captivating.
  • Weasley’s eyes met Pansy’s, and they stared at each other for a moment.
  • “You’re staring, Parkinson,” Weasley murmured. “Now I know why you don’t want to come fly with me. It’s easier to stare at me when you’re on the ground.”
  • Pansy scowled and blushed a little, “I wasn’t staring at you.”
  • “Yes you were,” Weasley sounded amused. “Else, come fly with me to prove it.”
  • Before her rational sense came back to her, Pansy already snapped, “Fine.”
  • And when Weasley gave her a victorious smirk, Pansy realized that she might just have been manipulated.
  • (But perhaps she didn’t mind that much after all.)

finishing up the 500mmc asks

Post Its (Jimin Oneshot)

Pairing: Jimin/Reader

Idea Started: September 2016

Words: 3285

Posted: August 31st 2017

Author’s notes: For Megan, because I know how much you love your dorky boy in his big sweaters. I hope Seoul is amazing for you. <3 @jiminlush 

In your own experience, college could be summed up in a matter of six statements…

1) Too much alcohol and not enough studying.

2) I could buy a salad but cup noodles are only 99¢.

3) What day of the week is it again?

4) Wait, this isn’t my class…

5) I thought that assignment was due next week…fuck.

6) I haven’t slept in three days.

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