zone trip

 After the battle, Tony couldn’t sleep.

He dreamt he was falling. He couldn’t see or hear or touch or taste, but he could feel it. The sensation of his stomach plummeting into his boots; the weightlessness of limbs being tugged downward by gravity. It was all-consuming, terrifying in a way that Tony simply had never known before. He’d wake up screaming and screaming and screaming. This had been the fourth night he’d had to go to the guest bedroom, so as not to hurt Pepper.

After the battle, Tony couldn’t sleep.

There’s always something, see. An improvement in the suit- a whole new suit, in fact- just anything that would make him better, Stronger. More able. Less likely to let everyone down. He needed to work. He had to work. And maybe Pepper hated it and maybe JARVIS said he had a problem, but it’s not like Tony didn’t already know that. Of course he knew. Same way he knew Pepper was eventually going to leave him, or there would eventually be something bigger, better, stronger, that no amount of upgrades would be able to defeat. 

He just ignored it. It was either that or going insane.
Well- more insane, anyway.

After the battle, Tony couldn’t sleep.

He wandered, a lot of the nights. It was dangerous to walk through the rougher parts of New York in the early hours of the morning, but he couldn’t say he cared much. It was better than the other option.
The streets were mostly empty, and there were barely any shops open- except the one. One that caught Tony’s eye, anyway. He’d been hungry, and so he’d looked for the nearest light source, because there were usually some 24hour places tucked away in corners somewhere. 

That’s where he met the kid. Can’t have been more than 12- working the counter at some run-down store, barely even able to stand, he was that tired. Just handed Tony his change and then continued to stare vacantly out of the window. Tony asked him why he was working so late, and how he was even allowed, because he was curious and a little bit too tired himself. The kid just replied that he had to help pay the bills. The Battle had cost them dearly- his aunt couldn’t afford it all on her own. And there were some people just as desperate as him; who didn’t care how old he was. Hence the 3am shift on a Monday night.

Tony didn’t know how to answer that. It was difficult to just hear the name of the battle, most nights.
He just nodded and left as quietly as he’d come.

After the battle, Tony couldn’t sleep.

But he could still walk. And walk he did. 

All the way to the corner store,  3am on the dot.  The kid was there. Of course he was. Bills didn’t disappear in a week- especially not ones caused by alien-related structural damage.

Tony asked his name as he bought his bottle of milk. The kid looked at him, eyes a little squinted. He was probably trying to figure out, in his sleep-deprived state, who exactly Tony was. But it seemed he couldn’t find what he was looking for, because eventually just looked back down to the till again and mumbled the name ‘Peter’ through barely open lips.

Tony nodded. Handed over a few coins and a slip of paper. “Keep the change,” he answered, before turning away.

It took a minute, but he finally heard the sound of running footsteps down the street as the kid hauled ass after him, eyes wide and calling him ‘sir!’ as he waved. “This…this is a cheque for fifteen thousand dollars! You…I think you made a mist-”

“Queens is a nice area,” Tony interrupted, rubbing a hand across his face. God, what had it been- four, five days, since his last sleep? He felt like death warmed up. “Better than this end of Manhattan, anyway. Maybe tell your Aunt to save up, find a better place. Good schools, too, I hear. You won’t have to work for a while yet, with that.”

The kid- Peter, he said his name was- looked back down at it. He opened and shut his mouth a few times, before his eyes slowly returned to their normal state and he sighed. “This is a dream, isn’t it?”

Tony chuckled. “I’d hold on to it, just in case.” He waved a little, before turning back around and shoving his hands into his pockets. “I’d better never see you ‘round here again, kid,” was the last thing he called out, before he turned the corner and let the kid disappear from view, still gripping the cheque between bony fingers.

Tony went back the next week. The shop was closed up.

After the battle, Tony couldn’t sleep. But at least the kid could.

Some thoughts on the “Field trip to the Ghost Zone” fanfics...

Overlaps with this post as well

If you’ve been in the DP phandom for a while, then you’ve probably stumbled on a lot of cliche “field trip to the Ghost Zone” fics that usually follow more or less the same script: field trip to the Ghost Zone is announced, the Trio thinks it’s a bad idea and prepare beforehand, they go into the Ghost Zone with the Fentons and something goes wrong, Danny can’t go ghost and has to lead them out of the Ghost Zone which leads to questions, the Trio (and maybe Valerie) reveal that they know the Ghost Zone/are really good fighters/carry ghost weapons with them/personally know a lot of ghosts, Skulker/Walker attacks, blah blah blah you know the rest. 

But I think that writers kinda miss an opportunity on how Danny/Sam/Tucker feel during this whole thing. Probably something along the lines of invaded. Think about it: usually in this fics the Trio already has a close(ish) relationship with most ghosts in the Ghost Zone (Frostbite, Johnny 13, Pandora, Clockwork) and know the Ghost Zone by heart.
And here come the ghost experts who don’t know shit about ghosts, the girl who hates ghosts, and teens who will not listen to them and don’t tell me that Danny, Sam, and Tucker wouldn’t feel like they’ve just let their worst enemies into their home. These three teens who have to lie through their teeth and swallow their anger because it’s their territory these assholes are trespassing and they want to get them out as quick as possible but they go against everything they tell them to because they still think this is Casper High and not another dimension where they could get badly injured/lost if not for the three strange teens who actually know the place inside out. 

On another note, think of how this concept could also be applied to other fandoms. Jim’s class accidentally ends up on Trollmarket/is attacked by goblings or gum-gums and suddenly Jim, Claire, and Toby have deadly weapons with them/know every creature here/can fight off attackers easily. Ely probably faints at some point.
Dipper and Mabel’s school bus gets lost and ends up in Gravity Falls and other kids are surprised because for some reason all this madness makes sense to them. The weird-ass bear gives Dipper a bear-hug, gnomes run away in fear when they see Mabel, the citizens of the strange town treat them as heroes and everyone else is so confused and scared because the twins have acted weird ever since they returned from summer vacation but they look so at ease in the madness. 
Jake hates when his normal and magical life interlap - a kid in his class turns out to be a magical creature and he just screams internally because he can’t even escape dragon duties in school. Rotwood maybe one day takes them out on a field trip to anywhere in NYC really and magical creatures in disguise casually address Jake as “The American Dragon” (and sometimes acknowledge Trixie and Spud too) and Jake just wants the earth to swallow him whole. 

In conclusion: give me more scenarios where two worlds that should never overlap meet and characters in the middle have to fight the territorial feelings that comes with belonging to a different world and having people trespass it and having to work to disguise the truth as much as possible until they just have to reveal themselves.

anonymous asked:

I have a question. Can you explain the adventure zone to me? Like what is it. Is it good?

Aaaa sorry for the late late late reply! The Adventure Zone is a dungeons and dragons/storytelling podcast ran by the Mcelroy brothers/dad. It’s a lot more storytelling than dnd, with the dnd stuff just serving as a basis for progressing the plot. 

The story itself follows the adventures of three dudes- Taako, Merle, and Magnus- and ends up leading them through some pretty awesome arcs and stories with a lot of depth and cool characters. Griffin, the DM of their game, is an incredible writer and tbh there hasn’t been an arc in this show that I haven’t loved. The genre of the show spans from standard medieval stuff to sci fi to a god damn gameshow and its all wonderful and amazing. 

Each episode is an hour long, and the series is broken up into different arcs.The first seven episodes can be a little bit boring for people who aren’t into standard DND stuff- it takes place in a pre-written story that griffin breaks away from after the first arc. After that first arc, though, the show gets SUPER SUPER good and fun and crazy and I seriously recommend sticking through the first arc or two!! This show is my favorite thing ever and really recommend listening to it!

Happy Halloween!
Inktober, Day 25: Ship

It’s a little late, but I wanted to sync this for Halloween: my main ship johnlock cosplaying as my new ship taagnus ~ love that otp dynamic! Tagging below the cut the only people I know of who might appreciate both ships *^_^*

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Okay so I don’t have a picture but my Merle headcanon is this dude in my area that everyone calls seabeck santa. he is only seen in cargo shorts and a white tank top, sunglasses, socks and sandals, and with a parrot on his shoulder buying Arizona tea at the gas station. He’s an enigma of lifestyle and fashion. my hero

I’m Only Honest When It Rains (If I Time It Right the Thunder Breaks)

I found this from months ago, back in the ‘only so many lifeboats’ craze. So it won’t be canon obviously, but it’s somehow giving me 4x03 feels despite distinct differences and I worked frickin hard on it so here you go.


“He’ll make it.”

           The words sound hollow to Octavia, in the same way an I’m sorry in the wake of tragedy sounds insincere—no matter how genuine they are, they simply can’t process the situation enough to say it with authority.

           And surely Clarke can’t comprehend what’s happened, because Bellamy is not going to make it.

           Octavia enters her new room with a loud grunt, partially to keep everyone away but mostly to trick her mind into forgetting how empty the place is. It doesn’t, of course, and she finds herself thinking inexplicably of Lincoln, and how much he would’ve liked the earthy color of the tent walls, the dull saltwater smell, the soft blanket on the cot. The peace they found here. Then she pushes away the idea, because Lincoln is dead, and wishing he was here only reminds her of what she did after he died, and those memories hurt much, much worse.

           She still remembers the day she finally came back to Arkadia, empty of anything but her sword and her regrets; can feel the imprint on her skin where Bellamy clutched her to him, the divots in her cheeks where tears flowed helplessly as she whimpered, I’m so sorry, you can never forgive me, I shouldn’t have done any of it, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. He forgave her immediately, right there at the gates of Arkadia, and somehow she was almost angry about it because after she betrayed him, beat him, hated him, he shouldn’t still love her. He should’ve yelled at her, pushed her around, made her feel what he felt.

           But he didn’t, and he won’t, because of course he wouldn’t. He’s Bellamy.

           And now he’s gone.


A month previous, Clarke stands at the top of the hill outside Arkadia. She watches the sun rise slowly over the distant horizon, the yellow and pink light beautifully lighting up the forests as they burn.

           The storm has been getting closer and closer for weeks now, and finally they’re taking action. In a few days, they’ll flee to the sea, where Luna will take everyone to the safe zone in two trips—everyone, that is, except for those who will make the one last attempt to stop the storm and the reactors.

           “Hey,” says a low, gentle voice from behind her. She doesn’t turn, only waits for Bellamy to stand by her as he always does. Their hands barely touch, knuckles against knuckles, and she thinks of intertwining their fingers.

           “Hey yourself,” she says after a long drought of silence, not sure what else to say. Anything she actually wants to talk about frightens her too much to open her mouth—her feelings, her regret, the knowledge that some of their loved ones will get left behind to die.

           So she just stands still, arm against Bellamy’s, her soul tucked into his, and she prays.


Bellamy walks into the quiet meeting room with a twisting nausea eating at his gut. He knows the plan is the best one they have, but that doesn’t make this any easier.

           “Bellamy,” Kane says, looking up in surprise from some papers. He’s alone, as Bellamy intended. This was not a matter he wanted public yet. “What do you need?”

           “I wanted to talk about the lists you gave in the meeting today.”

           “For the evacuation?” Kane swallows. “If you were wondering why I put you in the second round, I merely assumed you and Clarke would want to be together, and give others a higher chance—”

           Bellamy forces his voice not to shake. “That’s not what I mean. I want to be taken off.”

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a simple trip

uM no one asked me to write this but the writers in the TAZ discord got me inspired, so have some sweet sweet fluff! 

Kravitz was nervous. He’d never felt nervous around Angus McDonald, not once– not like this. He could feel anxiety building in his chest, making his hands oddly numb. The folder he held practically whispered to him.

Taako had said it was a good idea. Or… or he implied it. He had looked at Kravitz when he was done explaining with an expression Kravitz had never seen before– something so full of wonder and awe. Then he had kissed him, slow and sweet and soft.

It was the best go ahead he was going to get.

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Quite a few of Earth’s poisonous animals are brightly colored, so as to ward off predators.

Terezi licks brightly colored things to investigate them.