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Kill Zone

Pairing: Sniper/WildlifeOfficer!Dean x FBIAgent!Reader (AU)

Preview: FBI agent Y/N Singer and her partner Castiel Novak find themselves working on a string of gruesome and cold blooded murders. The angle and precession of the kill shots leads them to enlist the help of an expert in the field - former Us military Captain and elite-sniper , Dean Winchester. However, when tables turn and evidence points fingers at the last person she expected, how does Y/N deal with it?

A/N: For my 6k Celebration I let you guys vote and tell me which series you wanted me to write next. Kill Zone is what you selected.

This is the first time I am going to attempt to write a full blown thriller and I am so happy to believe I can do this. It will have angst, fluff and a bit of smut just like all my series. Just like my series this is a very plot heavy fic though. Buckle up and get ready for a roller coaster ride.

I have never been to Yellowstone, so the places I describe in series might not be accurate and they might not be as close together in real life as I make them seem in my series. Bear with me on that one - the place is only the backdrop of the story.

Thanks to my sweet amazing friend Ana aka @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.

Status: ON GOING



Part 1: Better Left Alone

Part 2: Kill Shot 

Part 3: Past and Present

Part 4: Into the Wild

Part 5: Trail of a Killer 

Part 6: Haunted 

Part 7: More to Him (Coming Soon)


Shori making sure everybody knows Kento is a narcissist.

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Zayns actually a really talented singer though. When he was in one direction music critics always said he was the best singer in the group. He also is a pretty talented song writer and has a voice that can adapt into various different genres. Look at his I don't want to live forever acoustic or the lesser known songs on his album for an idea of how good his voice is. Reducing him to just a pretty face is dumb

His voice is fine but the songs on his debut album are cookie cutter pop faux R&B garbage and the lyrics are depthless and sound like they were written by a high schooler in a creative writing elective. “Pillowtalk (weird synth sounds) it’s a paradise and a war zone” what??? The selective capitalization of the track list makes me cringe and brings me back to middle school, and as a performer he has absolutely no charisma and his videos lack any creative concept beyond making out with his trash bag of a girlfriend on film for 5 minutes.

Bedside Comfort- Isaac Lahey Imagine

Prompt by @kissmesharman: Hi! I’m in the hospital for the first time so I was wondering if I could request an imagine? Maybe with Isaac keeping you company and being worried about you? Thanks!!

Note: This is an AU imagine as this takes place before the pack heads down to Mexico to find (Young) Derek during the first episode of the fourth season and Isaac never left to Paris after Allison’s death.

Also, sorry for the lame title name. I couldn’t think of a better one. :/

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by just-me-and-the-tv

It’s hard to believe yesterday I was supposed to be on my way to Mexico with Isaac in Derek’s black Camaro to help Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, and Malia find Derek, who was apparently kidnap by Kate, who we were sure was dead. But of course, as luck would have it, as soon was I was about get in the car, something snapped near my right torso. The excruciating pain causing me to yell in agony. I tried to tell everyone I was fine, but they wouldn’t believe me. Then again, I’m sure they heard the lie in my beating heart.

In the end, Isaac freaked out, begging Scott to let him take me to the hospital and skip out on helping him find Derek. Scott agreed and said he would call his mother to meet us as soon as we got there. After that, everything was a blur, literally. The pain was excruciating. Tears blurred my vision and my head was killing me with a headache from all the crying. I was zoning out and had selective hearing, not to mention I was burning with a fever. I didn’t hear anything as soon Isaac busted through the ER doors. The last thing I heard was ‘appendix’ and ‘emergency surgery’. 

Now, here I am 12 hours later, sitting on the most uncomfortable hospital bed ever, hoping Melissa would come in with another round of drugs since the first round was already starting to wear off. I was beginning to feel the pain and soreness from the surgery and I was ready to be highly sedated, STAT.

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6th of June 1944: D-Day begins. Operation overlord commences 

June 1944. The Axis powers are retreating on all fronts. Italy has surrendered. The red army has gained the iniative on the Eastern Front. Germany has lost in Africa and Japan was halted at the battle of Midway. 

Planning for the invasion began in 1943. At the trident confrence, General Dwight D. Eisenhower was appointed Commander of the supreme headquarters allied expeditionary force (SHAEF) and General Bernard montgomery was named commander of the ground forces. An allied deception called operation bodyguard was started to make the German high command think that the allies were landing at different points in occupied europe. The allies utilised captured german spies to feed false information back to Hitler. The Germans believed that the allies intended to land on the Norwegian and Balkan coasts. But the most heavily fortified place was Calais, which was miles away from the selected landing zones. 

The allies where actually intending to land near cherbourg in Northern France. The American detachment was landing at the beaches codenamed Utah and Omaha. While the British were landing at the beaches codenamed Gold and sword and the canadians at codename Juno.

Hitler charged legendary German war hero Erwin Rommel with the defense of the coastline. Nicknamed the atlantic wall. 2,400 miles of Bunkers, beach obstacles and landmines. Due to the bad weather, the invasion was called off for 24 hours before eisenhower gave the go ahead. He told the troops 

 “You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you.”

Later that day 5000 ships and 11,000 aircraft crossed the channel bound for France.

As the sun rose. Thousands of paratroopers landed behind enemy lines securing bridges and roads. Men and women of the french free army had disrupted axis communications. At 6:30 am the Brtish and Canadian troops crossed the horizon. Later on the Americans would land at Omaha and Utah where the bloodiest fighting would take place. 

Thousands of men would run head first into machine gun fire. attempting to get a foothold on the beach. Although the men defending the beach. The 352nd infrantry division, had little training and was mainly comprised of teenagers. Combat engineers cleared beach obstacles and tank traps. very little went to plan and many landing craft missed their targets and the americans lost 2000 men on the first day. German defenders suffered from confusion in their ranks due to the fact their commander was on leave. Rapid response from german tank units were delayed as allied paratroopers had blown up bridges which forced the divisions to take the long way round

Although casualties were heavy by the end of the day. 150,000 Aliied troops had stormed the coastlines defences and the week after the beach was fully secured and the allies were able to bring men and supplies to liberate western europe. 

“They fight not for the lust of conquest, They fight to end conquest.”         “They fight to Liberate”

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hello, question, question! if you have the time only! i'm new to this whole digital art thing, so can you show me how to give your court of owls AU thing that screencap appeal?

Hi hi, I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly so I’m going to show how I do mines :0

First of all, I used a 2560x1600 canvas (then I just adjust the size if it’s too big or too little). Most of the time, I choose the size of the bar with my eyes, I don’t really how I should do it. I look up real screenshots for reference too. Don’t forget to keep the black bars as the highest at all times

Then I just sketch it,

Imagine yourself as the director of a film. How would you film this scene if your character was an actor and you had all of the things needed for your scene? 

Here comes the lining part. I call it the torture session. 

The smoother it is, the better. Keep your line as simple as possible. You can cheat it a bit thanks to sai with the vector tools. (There’s a vector tool on photoshop but I never got the hang of it.) The thing that I like about Sai is that you can fix the edge of your vector line in post like that

Normally animation lines aren’t “slimmed out”(???) but I like to do that. It’s up to you if you want all the way through the screencap effect. 

 The I drew my ugly background

I’ve been taught to lay all the base colors first but I do it element by element, I don’t know why. 

I generally start with the skin

(Make sure that your lines are closed so you can select the zone to colour and don’t forget the little pixels forgotten by your selection tool. Check on the edges and corners)

Shading time, I generally don’t use more than two shades. You can limit the shade with your vector tool and then fill the gap. I think it gives a more authentic look, i don’t know why.

Important, it’s better to do each step on different layers and don’t be a lazy ass like me and name them. A clipping layer/group/mask(whatever) is always useful when you want to shade something. 


Add some simple effects now for example for the hair I added some highlight under the shadding layer and used the skin tone over it all to smoother it

Add some more effects, play with the layers settings

The last effects are done with photoshop. After I fixed the colors of the character so it doesn’t stand out too much compared to the background. I blur everything and add some light effects like some black around the canvas and the character. The background must be more blurry than the character. 

Try to see what could be fixed to add some drama (or not) to the picture. Last but not least add subtitles if needed. I used the Verdana font with a white subtitles and black contouring. Use Yellow if it’s not visible enough. I don’t really know what size to pick so meh just let see how it looks.


That should be enough. Last little check out to make sure that everything is alright and add some more effects and you’re done

I saved it as png but apparently jpeg can give an even more authentic look. I have absolutely nooo idea, and see how it looks for you. 

A LOOOONG time ago, when I used to do this more frequently with naruto oc’s, I did a little video showing how I did this kind of stuff, there’s not even any music, and since it was for a collab the background wasn’t even made by me. I’m not super proud of it but here you go 

Anyway, I hope it helped. you can still come to me if you have more questions. There are a lot of videos better than mine on youtube, maybe you’ll find better things than what I could offer you.And most of all, have fun! :D

Lacking Depth, But In a Good Way

For the past two Smashes, we’ve seen stages that hearken back to some of Nintendo’s earliest video games, and serve as the home for their oldest character.

The Flat Zones combine elements of various Game & Watch devices into a potpourri of old-school charm. With two such stages so far, one might wonder what a third visit to Superflat World might look like. That’s right, it’s time for a long-overdue edition of…

Superflat World: Flat Zone 3

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