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(Nearly) Everyone’s here!

i’m sorry this won’t be done in time for the finale, but i want to thank the brothers for taking me on this journey, i’ve had a lot of fun.

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Merle: Hello sister, have you heard the word of Pan today?

Cassidy: No, what’s a pan?

Merle: Pan can be your best friend, m’lady.

Cassidy: Like using a pan, like you’d use a pan to pan for gold or diamonds! I get it, I get it and I like ya!

Merle: There are rewards in the afterlife that are just like gold and diamonds that are more precious, if you follow Pan.

Cassidy: Well, I like gold and I like diamonds, so-

[Magnus leans over to Taako]

Magnus: Admittedly, this is the best this has ever gone.


It’s finally done! I want to thank everyone for supporting me throughout this piece. I hope you all enjoy it as much as i adored the finale to #thezonecast!

All character appearances are based loosely on a mix of my own headcanon and the consensus the fandom seemed to have come to. No design theft is meant.

Gaia Sash: Oh ok, you, nature cleric, I should have come to you first! C’mon man, put me on! There’s no vine you’ll never be able to fuck! I’ll give you sexual conquests over anything, what do you want to fuck, an onion?

Merle: I don’t need your help, pal, to have sex with an onion. Bermuda, red, doesn’t matter! Onion rings?! They’re MINE!


I really dig when artists use little animated mascots to represent themselves and their artwork. I doodled these transparent stickers of a few while experimenting with zero G poses.

The artists I’ve depicted here are


aaand I also threw in the one I use at the end there since these were so ridiculously fun to draw   

So during the Eleventh Hour arc, Istus reassures Merle that it’s ok if he works for her because she and Pan are friends, and then during their date in the next Lunar Interlude, Kravitz says that he’s sure he can pull some strings to keep Tres Horny Boys in business because the Raven Queen is friends with Istus

So like

This could indicate that Istus is just, like, super popular on the Celestial Plane and gets along with everyone, but I think I prefer to interpret it as Istus, Pan, and the Raven Queen are all members of the same heavenly clique