zone out songs

me preparing for long car trips: brings three different books, game boy, downloads fun apps, lots of activities,
me on long car trip: listens to a single song on repeat for two hours while staring out the window

Welp…it seems the muse had decided to not let his mun mingle as casually as she was, nudging the woman right out in the spotlight.

He figured she could use a little more fun, and gave prompt that she should sing for the crowd. Anything that came to mind. Riley however was very flustered and nervous at the thought. She wanted to hit Darkstache but he’d dashed away quicker than she could swat at him.

‘Just let it happen. Any song at all. Really get into it.’

She sighed, sinking in realizing that she’d been put on the spot what with the various muns and muses who were watching her, wondering what she was to do. So…she might as well. Taking in a deep breath, and the assistance of her muse, she let go and just forgot that there was a vast crowd out there. The many peering eyes (minus a few she actually honed on…that she held familiarity with) were no longer a problem. Zoning out on one particular song and giving it her best.

( )

So I know people can zone out while listening to songs (that post about “restarting a song bc you weren’t enjoying it hard enough”) but does anyone zone out while singing a song or is that just me? Like, you know the song super well and you start singing it and then all of a sudden you’re like “wait when did I get to this verse I don’t remember singing the chorus” lol