zone of the enders: the 2nd run


   Everyone laughs in mockery about kojima, but why? This guy has the credentials to blow our fucking minds off! No no, in fact, he blows our socks off; because I take my socks off when i play my kojima games.
Policenaughts, cyber punk greatness! Those sprites MMNN!!! MGS on NES; revolutionized gameplay. MGS3?? you remember those cut scenes? ZOE? traaaash but he made a dope mecha game. BAM! ZOE 2nd runner drops; god like. MGS 4 and 5? oh my go0osh….dont even….DONT EEEEVEN. Listen…..this guy knows what he’s doing. Everyone thinks he’s going to fumble his up coming project, nah….naaaaaahhhh.

   Honestly, from an artistic perspective this guy is on a whole another level of game design and directing. Kojima is Mozart of video games. He creates not only a game, a work of art, to the very end the game is crisp, tight, conveyable.
   The media is playing right into the palm of his hand. I think what people need to be excited about is the idea of a new IP by kojima. What’s he doing? how’s it going to play? These are questions we are not asking.
  We’re so use to what we have now; mobba, FPS, puzzles, 3rd person, 2D plat formers; we’ve already adapted to these styles. And kojima is, haha, he’s going to be making a new game, not only that, it’s going to have a pretty dope ass story.

  Look, kojima does not work at konami, he’s under sonys wing.This budget is beyond limitless. Kojima’s running at full power in terms of ideas. Honestly…….Who the fuck knows what he’s doing. If you’re a die hard kojima fan you’ll figure out the bread crumbs  he’s casually leaving behind. I mean lo0o0o0ok……it’s kojima……you gonna honestly tell me there’s no cryptic metaphor behind his actions? You’re a fool then