zone of enders 2


Twitter Dump Pt. 7

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Smaller Twitter dump but of some really nice sketches I did recently. 

1. My Guild Wars 2 Mesmer character, Gamboge, with The Shatterer boss in the bg. I have a little story in my head relating the two. 

2. The Lancea class character from Dragon Nest.

3. My main Guild Wars 2 Warrior Charr, Geoluhread (the original name for Orange, pronounced “Yellow-red”).

4. Anthro version of my favorite Zone of Enders robot, Anubis.


Nendoroid 538 - Raiden: MGS2 Ver.

Feat. Exclusive Z.O.E. Cardboard Box

So much fun! I hadn’t picked up a Nendoroid in awhile and this one came out at a good time! Now I have to hunt down Solid Snake for a good price x.x

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Our let’s play of Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 has begun! Let’s meet up with a kid that’s not Shinji and witness some children get crushed by a giant mech.