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So there’s a moment I’ve been wanting to talk about in Extra Game. There are five seconds left on the clock, Akashi is facing down Nash, and he doesn’t think he can make it.

When Kuroko pops out and steals the ball from behind Nash, thus saving the game:

This moment is interesting to me specifically because of Nash’s power, Demon Eye.

Demon Eye allows Nash to see the whole court and every player with the precision of Akashi’s Emperor Eye (it’s ridiculous and I love it). But what else do we know about Nash’s Demon Eye? Very little – Extra Game was very compressed, and didn’t waste much time explaining it. However, we do know about Akashi’s Emperor Eye.

Now, the showdowns between Akashi and Kuroko are little to none. Akashi doesn’t ankle break Kuroko, and Kuroko doesn’t attempt to use misdirection on him (personally, I always thought it was meant to imply their abilities didn’t work on each other, or weren’t useful). There is, however, one notable exception – the only time we ever see Kuroko steal a ball from Akashi. Kuroko’s Quasi Emperor Eye.

According to the rules established in-universe, the only way Kuroko can steal a ball from Akashi is using QEE; so, in order to do the same to Nash, he must use at least QEE to get the ball. And the only person he could have been using that ability with here was Akashi.

Hence: Kuroko has used Quasi Emperor Eye with two people only – once against Akashi, and once with Akashi. Kuroko is so in tune with Akashi in this moment he’s able to predict his movements faster than Akashi himself can. As the manga put it,

“It’s not something [Kuroko] can use on his opponents. He can only use this on his teammates, with whom he’s devoted so much time to building up trust with. However, it’s because he has that trust… that he can see into the future, an instant farther than even Akashi.”


Random JunSol Promotion Post

Upon further inspection I realized a couple of things during JunSol’s little movie date in OFD.

Was Vernon sitting on Jun’s lap right before he toppled over? Interesting. Not the first time we’ve seen this //hinthintnudgenudge

Well, he wasn’t full-on sitting on him this time, but still. How in the world did they get into this position anyway, gdi, editing team.

There is like, absolutely no reason for you to put your hand there, Vernon. 

But while you’re explaining yourselves, please also explain why you feel so compelled to hold hands when you laugh and seriously, Vernon, stop hitting your hyung

I feel like a third-wheel just looking at you guys.

Even if they’re not touching each other (they eventually do anyways), Vernon’s position alone gives off the possessive boyfriend vibe. He pretty much just has his whole body winded around Jun like, child, isn’t that uncomfortable

And here we just have Vernon literally hanging on Jun after laughing his butt off. This child is spoiled. Though it’s hard to tell who spoils who more at this point.

Please love JunSol as much as they love each other.

On the other hand, the WonHui side of me: Wonwoo, stop flirting with Hoshi and come collect your boyfriend.

On the other other hand: I do love myself some more SoonWoo though.

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Art is the one thing that is mine I'm a very lonely person by nature I hid myself often and deal with a lot of anxiety over trying to be perfect, but the real me is literally a quiet home body with her pencil and sketch book, but I was never allowed to be that in my family, I turn 23 in October and I think I want to pursue art full time and start a business maybe sell on Etsy or something but I feel too afraid of failure and rejection

And she was rejected. Tons of times.

But because she kept trying, you know what happened :)

Destiel fic recs

I had some time and thought I should give it a try. These are my real favorites, I left out WiPs and the ones I haven’t finished reading. (If you want some more ideas, then here is my bookmark page for spn on AO3)   I’m sure there’s gonna be a few everyone has read, but I couldn’t leave them out.

<10 k

Clueless by ChocolateKid  
Five times Sam stayed oblivious and one time he didn’t.

A Different Kind of Magic by K_K_TiBal  
Castiel is a witch that prides himself on his healing spells and Dean is that one customer that keeps coming into his shop with a different illness that needs curing. 

A Thousand Words by K_K_TiBal 
Street artist AU

 Jacob’s Ladder by imogenbynight  
In which Dean develops a crush on a radio DJ who doesn’t know the first thing about the music he’s playing.

Unlit, Unmarked and Forgotten (Roads) by awed_frog 
“Where am I even supposed to go? After everything we survived together, I watched the man I love die. There’s no normal after that.” 11x17 coda

10 - 50 k

Unlikely Hero by Chancy_Lurking  
When Castiel calls Dean, after almost of decade of radio silence, for help after his daughter is kidnapped, it’s supposed to be a professional favor. But Dean’s life is never that simple and when old feelings get involved and stir up old demons, well… Why wouldn’t there be a little dose of Hell to top it all off?

like moses and batman and james dean by saltyfeathers 
Canon Divergence

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thawing, chapter 8

war ain’t fun, buckaroos!

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If it's not too much to ask, can I have a Bakugou scenario where his S/O's ex (who S/O broke up with for cheating) tries to get back together with her?


The common room of Yuuei was relatively calm except for the random dance battles that happen, mainly because Denki and Eijirou were very competitive when it comes to break dancing. At the moment, though, no dancing was happening and the aura of the room made you feel at ease. Katsuki lay beside you, his head on your lap in a light sleep, while you played on your phone and listened to music. You had one earbud out so you could still hear the world around you as you zoned out into beating Candy Crush.

The relationship you had with Katsuki Bakugou was confusing, intense, and perfect. Your last relationship ended bad, with him ending up cheating on you with a close friend of his. You heard they broke up a couple of days ago, which may or may not have made you a little happy. What can you say– karma’s a bitch.

While you swiped your thumb to make matches, someone had slunk into the common room and walked towards you, their hands in their pockets. You looked up from your phone and glared at the figure standing in front of you.

“What do you want, Monoma?” you asked, your voice lacking any emotion.

He flipped his blonde hair out of his eyes and smiled. “I was in the neighborhood and wanted to say hi. What, am I not allowed to be in the common room of my own school?” his voiced hinted at his never ending sarcasm, which would make you laugh, but at this moment in time, it made you angry.

“That’s not what I’m saying, don’t twist my words.” Your eyes traveled down to the sleeping boy on your lap, making sure he hasn’t woke up from the dispute you were having.

“That’s what it’s starting to sound like, Y/n.” he shrugged with a smirk. “But you caught me red handed, I do have something to ask of you.”

You rolled your eyes, “Well then spit it out, Monoma, I don’t have all day to play the mind games you enjoy inflicting on others.”

He chuckled, “So hostile,”

“I’m serious! You just can’t come up to me, joke around, and expect me to be happy-go-lucky. If you need to ask me something, ask me. If not, please leave me alone; I really don’t want to see you right now.”

“Ok, ok, way to cut to the chase.” He leaned down to eye level, his face showing his trademark smile. “I want to get back together with you.”

You sputtered, “Excuse me?”

“Yes, you heard right, my dear. I miss your company, and I wanna date again.”

Before you could harass the blond haired wonder boy, Katsuki raised his head off of your lap and glared harshly at Monoma.

“Do you really expect Y/n to take you back? Are you a fucking idiot? Does stealing other people’s quirks make your brain function like a toddler who’s been waterboarded too many times? You were the one who went behind Y/n’s back, chased after your best friend’s ass like a damn dog in heat, and after you fuck her you dump her. Y/n isn’t a dumb broad who’ll go back to any shit stain who cheats on her.”

Katsuki was flared up, his fists were clenched and his eyes fiery. You inwardly smirked, but your face held a passive frown. You didn’t need anybody knowing you were eating Katsuki’s rant like candy. Monoma’s eyes shifted from side to side, seeing students stare at him being verbally assaulted.

“Get the fuck out of here before I make you wish your mom swallowed you.”

Monoma, strucken by insults and humiliated, left the room without a final glance to anybody. You looked at Katsuki, whose rage had simmered and he plopped his head back down on your lap. You smiled, looked down at your phone, and continued playing Candy Crush, even happier than before.

List of TAZ Animatics: Story 4 - Crystal Kingdom

Chapter 1 (Ep. 29)

Johann’s Gift | The Adventure Zone Animatic 

the adventure zone: for candlenights (animatic) 

the adventure zone animatic - the nightmare scenario 

The Nightmare Scenario- The Adventure Zone 

[The Adventure Zone] Macarons 

Davenport: Adventure Zone Animatic 

Mini TAZ Animatic - Space Problems 

Chapter 2 (Ep. 30)

Crystal Eyes | The Adventure Zone Animatic 

TAZ Animatic: The Crystal Golem 

HEY, SALT! - the adventure zone animatic 

Snakes: Adventure Zone Animatic 

Chapter 3 (Ep. 31)

The Adventure Zone - I Love You  

The Adventure Zone - No More Elevators  

Taako and the Elevator | The Adventure Zone Animatic  

Taako Threatens Vore - The Adventure Zone  

Ready to Learn? - TAZ Animatic  

Flesh Boy | The Adventure Zone Animatic  

Chapter 4 (Ep. 32)

The Adventure Zone: Merle calls Pan (ANIMATIC)  

the adventure zone - angus gets beat up by freaking adults – animatic  

Chapter 5 (Ep. 33)

The Adventure Zone- Familiar  

The Adventure Zone - SWEET FLIPS  

Chapter 6 (Ep. 34)

Chapter 7 (Ep. 35)

TAZ ep 35 animatic   

Chapter 8 (Ep. 36)

Adventure Zone Animation: Meet Cute  

Evardian Slip (TAZ Animatic)  

The Adventure Zone Animatic - Episode 36  

Taako makes a good first impressions (TAZ Animatic)  

Chapter 9 (Ep. 37)

Chapter 10 (Ep. 38)

The Adventure Zone- Magnus Makes Lucas Cry  

Your Mother is Gone | The Adventure Zone animatic  

Taako - The Adventure Zone 

The Adventure Zone Fan Animatic: The Legion  

TAZ Animatic WIP - Magnus Vores a Rock  

merle slam dunks some ghosts - the adventure zone animated  

TAZ - Merle Rant  

Chapter 11 (Ep. 39)

-Top notch souls - TAZ animatic  

The Adventure Zone - Wizardly Magics  

Got Your Nose - TAZ Animatic 

Got Your Nose - The Adventure Zone Animatic  

The Adventure Zone - Man-Tube Magnus  

TAZ “I Saw Seven Birds” Animatic  

“I Saw Seven Birds” [The Adventure Zone] 

Flying Metal Deathtrap (Connor Murphy x Reader)

WC: 1,154

Warnings: Language and planes

Request: connor x reader and its connors first time on a plane?? thank u!!

Larry and Cynthia weren’t the best parents in the world. They tried, they really did, but sometimes Connor made it difficult. But they wanted their son to be happy, and Connor knew that. That’s why he used that to his advantage and got you to come on the annual family vacation.

This year Connor’s parents wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. Connor agreed to it, they could be asking him to go to a nuclear waste plant and he’d say yes as long as you were there. But for some ungodly reason, they decided to fly to Arizona this year. Usually then drove on their trips to Aspen to ski, he had no clue as to why they decided to fly this year.

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I Don’t Want to Be Alone

A lil Spencer x Reader fic I wrote for my good friend @spencescurls ❤️

Amy had been up later than usual tonight, working on her latest novel. It was half past 3 when her phone started to buzz on her desk.

Strange, she never got calls this late. She glanced at the phone, seeing her boyfriend Spencer’s bright smiling face on the screen, and knew it must’ve been urgent. He was still on a case. He wouldn’t call this late. Her mind started to race with worries.

“Spence?” She answered softly. The line stayed quiet.

“Spencer? What’s wrong, baby?” she asked again.

“I.. I couldn’t save her.. she was looking right at me and.. I couldn’t..” His voice was shaky, on the verge of tears.

“Spencer, baby, it’s okay. It’s not your job to save everybody..” you started, but he quickly cut you off.

“No, it IS though,” he snapped. “It is my job to save them. What else am I here for?” He sounded all choked up.

Amy knew she had to get over there fast. Spencer was breaking down. She’d never seen him like this before.

Without hesitation, she got up and rushed to her closet to change out of her pajamas. She threw on the first clothes her fingers touched, a pair of jeans and Spencer’s old Caltech hoodie.

“Please, Amy,” his soft voiced cracked and it shattered her heart. “I don’t want to be alone..”

“I’m already on my way, pretty boy. I’m coming for you. Just sit tight, I’ll be there in ten,” her soft confident voice soothing him instantly.

He thanked her and hung up, curling up on the couch to wait. Cases didn’t usually get to him like this. In fact, they almost never got to him at all. But this case was.. special.

Amy grabbed her car keys and dashed to her car. It was late so the streets were empty, and their apartment buildings were only a block away from each other.

She sped down the dimly lit streets, going 80 in a 50 mph zone.
Her heart beating in her ears, her mind racing the whole time.
Spencer never seemed phased by anything, whatever he saw must’ve really shaken him up.

When she got to his apartment, she found him half asleep on his couch, clutching a book in his arms. The Narrative of John Smith, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It all made sense to her now. Maeve.

Amy kneeled down beside her sleepy boyfriend on the couch and reached her hand out to gently caress his face. “Spence, honey. I’m here, baby..”

He opened his eyes and without missing a beat, he reached his arms out and wrapped them around Amy. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to be alone. I didn’t know who else to call.”

“Shh, don’t. Don’t apologize. I’m glad you called me.” She ran her fingers through his hair brushing it out of his face. “I’m right here, handsome.” He pulled her up onto the couch and into his lap, burying his face in her neck.
“Thank you,” he sighed softly.

He rested his cheek on her shoulder, and she rested her chin on his head. And they sat there embracing for a long moment, enjoying the comfort of each other’s safety.

Spencer calmed down almost instantly just by being in Amy’s presence. His beautiful girlfriend was so bright and full of life, warmth radiated from her.
She was just what he needed to see when coming home from another horrendous murder case.
She was the reason he still had faith in humanity.

She was the only person capable of comforting Spencer in times like these. He felt safe in her soft embrace. Safe enough to talk about the demons in his mind.

“She reminded me of her, so much,” he began, softly whimpering in her arms.

“The unsub, he was suffering a psychotic break. He thought this poor woman was his deceased ex wife. He took her hostage, and I tried.. I tried to talk him down. I tried to reason with him, but he.. he shot her anyway.. right in front of me..” he was sobbing now, tears streaming from his big brown eyes.

Amy pulled him into her lap, laying back on the couch so he could lie comfortably between her legs.
His face buried in her chest as he cried, and she tried to console him.

“I know baby, I know.” She cooed, rubbing his back in soft circles.
“But she’s not Maeve. And this wasn’t your fault, none of it.”

She ran her fingers slowly through his long curls. She knew how much he loved it when she stroked his hair. His arms were wrapped so tightly around her waist, as if he was afraid she’d be ripped away from him at any moment.

Amy could tell her boyfriend was exhausted. She reached down to wipe the tears from his sleepy eyes, and he sighed in relief at the feeling of her touch.

“Come on, sweetie. Let’s get you to bed..” She helped the boy up to his feet, and together they stumbled to his bedroom.

Spencer was so exhausted he fell right into bed. Amy chuckled quietly at her sleepy boyfriend and helped him out of his clothes.

She quickly unbuttoned his shirt and then his pants, folding them up and placing them aside, leaving him in his little purple briefs and mismatched socks.

Then she shimmied out of her own pants and crawled into bed beside her beautiful sleeping boy. His arms automatically reaching out for her and pulling her close to his chest, secure in his arms.

“Goodnight, Amy Reid.. I love you” he mumbled quietly before placing a kiss on her forehead.

“And I love you, Spencer Reid. Sleep well, sweetheart.”

She kissed his smooth chest and curled up to him, and together they drifted peacefully to sleep.

And for the first night in a long time, Spencer had no nightmares. Only the sweetest dreams of his beloved Amy.