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10 Things We've Noticed About Aquarius

1. Shit talks a lot

2. Really distant to most people. If they love you theyre 10/10 there for you

3. Doesn’t have to study to get 100%’s on tests smh

4. Very responsible

5. Goal oriented

6. Fantastic drivers

7. Loves dogs

8. Isn’t afraid to challenge themselves and go out of their comfort zone

9. Loves reading

10. Can and will consume everything in their house


Close-up of rocket stage separation, fast flip, boostback burn in a ring of fire and then landing burn

Heavy is the Crown (of Madness)
  • Justin: I'm gonna cast Crown of Madness on whichever one is not obviously steering the vehicle.
  • Griffin: *disbelieving chuckle* ...what?
  • Justin: Are they working in tandem?
  • Griffin: Yeah, it's almost like Pacific Rim style.
  • Justin: Ok, then the one on the left.
  • Griffin: Ok. What does that mean?
  • Justin: Well, what Crown of Madness does is good. What Crown of Madness does is, first off, it puts a twisted crown of jagged iron across his head-
  • Griffin: Holy shit... this is some HELLRAISER stuff!
  • Justin: Yeah, some brutal stuff. And then the charmed target must use its action before moving on each of its turns to make a melee attack upon a creature other than itself that I mentally choose. So I'm gonna cast it on one of them.
  • Griffin: And have them attack the other one?
  • Justin: A-yeah.

Here, Kaito is trying to Comic Sans. Kaito hopes she did good.

And yeah, Flowey on the last panel… wake him up inside.

Sans, u creepy bastud. U having fun with this.

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The Healing Power of Caramel
  • Clint: I'm going to cast healing word on Magnus.
  • Magnus: Cool!
  • ----------
  • Clint: So that gives Trav 10 points of healing!
  • Travis: Love that.
  • Clint: And I do it with a sage look in my eye and a little glint... and I give him a Werther's.
  • Justin: What a... what a... this is a level of confident and responsible play that I'm not used to from this group.
  • Clint: Oh don't worry!
  • Travis: We're doing... good?
  • Clint: We'll work our way out of it.
  • Justin: Don't jinx it.

4K @ 60Hz, enough said


Dominion Attack a Space Station


Have you ever wondered why SpaceX lands their Falcon 9’s on a drone ship sometimes and on land other times? Other times they don’t even try to land at all! What gives? Hold on tight, the reason is pretty dense, but also a lot of fun!

Got the Deresute blues?

Get some new blue tile room items to match your mood! If you don’t see them in your shop, wait until 3 PM your time and change your device’s time zone to Tokyo/GMT+9:00.

  • Tile Table
  • Tile Chair
  • Tile Dresser
  • Tile Chest
  • Tile Wash Basin
  • Frog Fountain
  • Hydrangea Vase
  • Beta Fish Tank
  • Wall Mirror
  • Tile Art
  • Hydrangea Wreath
  • Simple Mat - Pink, Blue, Orange
  • Tile - Blue, Aqua Blue, Purple
  • Tile Partition
  • Tile Wall
  • Tile Floor
  • Rainy Season Background

Gryffindor Moody Playlist ♡


1) Don’t Go Home Without Me by LIGHTS
2) Without You by Lana Del Rey
3) I’m Already Gone by A Day To Remember
4) Addict With A Pen by Twenty One Pilots
5) Stay Away From My Friends by Pierce the Veil
6) Haunting by Halsey
7) Drunk On Love by Rihanna
8) I’m A Mess by Ed Sheeran
9) The Zone by The Weeknd feat. Drake
10) The Quiet by Troye Sivan