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watch out world i made another video…. this one’s of my fav part…
spoilers for the eleventh hour

hello have you heard of brad bradson who believes in you very much


Like honestly I’ve been reading a lot of batfam fics recently and I always get sad when Kate Kane and Terry aren’t in them. BB was my fave series and I just!!

I want a fic where the Justice League (or Young Justice, maybe all of them together) decide to have a cookout because they’re fun and everyone deserves a break once in a while

They meet Batman’s family, and are like “Bruce when did you have time to adopt so many kids” because like

Dick is casually walking on his hands and Jason is slowly getting more annoyed that he can’t stay up as long as Dick can, and Damian and Tim are just at each other’s throats because “for the last time Damian, I am not going to send Aquaman into the Phantom Zone because 1) I physically cannot do that and 2) just because he talks to fish doesn’t make him the harbinger of the apocalypse”

Steph and Barbara are casually filming the entire thing and Alfred just makes sure nothing gets broken

And Duke and Harper have fun pranking everyone and Cassandra makes sure everyone is having fun in that eerily quiet way of hers (”Bruce Cassandra just smashed a hotdog onto my plate” “Just eat it Diana” “Bruce i’m vegetarian” “Well that’s your own fault indulge my daughter”)

Kate Kane is there an totally strikes up a conversation with Wonder Woman and she’s just the Cool Wine Aunt who tries to help Jason pick up girls and generally helping her nieces and nephews with pranks (”Kate I thought I said you could not give Damian a grappling hook for his birthday” “Why not? He loves it!” “Because he used it to swipe food off the dinner table and Jason convinced Dick that he could use it to reenact Sia’s Chandelier” “Ooh I wish I could have seen that” “I got him to do Wrecking Ball and the chandelier fell wanna see the video?” “Not helping, Jason.”)

And the Young Justice team thinks it’s so cool that Dick and Tim have all these siblings who fight crime too and try to rope them into joining until Jason is just like “Listen I died last time we went on patrol” “Jason you ripped your pants on a fence trying to one-up Damian in parkour skills” “Shut up Dick I’ll replace you with BatCow on the next patrol”

And suddenly the pictures are being passed around and everyone is cooing over how cute Damian was or puzzled over why there’s a selfie of Stephanie and Tim when Dick is in the background trying to keep a set of curtains from completely catching fire and yelling at Jason, until suddenly, they come to a photo of Batman Beyond

Green Arrow asks who it is and Batman answers with the most serious face:

“That’s my half-clone and biological son Terry. He pops in from the future from time to time.”

And then they actually get the chance to meet Terry somehow and everyone is baffled because they all thought Damian was the only biological kid Bruce had, but here’s Terry just lounging in the living room wearing his Beyond suit and complaining about the Bachelor while eating ice cream straight out of the carton because “This is entertainment?? Come on, we all know Vanessa can do better than Sean, he’s not even cute!” and just generally being confused about this timeline and saying how everything is “So Schway” and of course the brothers retaliate with “Oh my god, Terry stop trying to make schway happen, it’s not gonna happen”

It’s all just a chaotic confusing mess and Wally couldn’t be happier because he thought his family was a mess, what with all the time paradoxes and time traveling and just being very bad at not running into your other family member with super speed

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Week Ending April 17th, 2017

  1. Homestuck +5
  2. danisnotonfire −1
  3. AmazingPhil −1
  4. The Adventure Zone
  5. Jacksepticeye −2
  6. Markiplier −1
  7. Critical Role +1
  8. RWBY −1
  9. Thomas Sanders
  10. Eddsworld +1
  11. A.I. Kizuna +6
  12. Achievement Hunter +1
  13. Game Grumps +1
  14. My Brother, My Brother and Me −2
  15. Jessica Nigri +3
  16. CrankGameplays −1
  17. Check, Please! −7
  18. Joe Sugg +2
  19. Carmilla
  20. Cow Chop

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name or title moved up or down from the previous week. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last week.

Wip of my very last parrot piece - Special thanks to Mozambo for letting me use the track “To Describe You” in this video!

This painting is going to be the basis of a colouring template for my new colouring book “Colour Zone Volume 2″

Colour Zone Volume 1 is already out on Amazon :) -


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despicableplankton  asked:

What's your favourite music from any of the Sanic the Horgehug games?

WHAT A HEAVY QUESTION. Honestly, I love a lot of the music from many of the games, and the variety of style the games have offered over the years.

My favorite classic Sonic songs are:
Scrap Brain Zone (Sonic 1)
Oil Ocean Zone (Sonic 2)
Metropolis Zone (Sonic 2)
Hydrocity Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles) 
Stardust Speedway - Bad Future (US soundtrack) (Sonic CD)
Sonic Boom (US soundtrack) (Sonic CD)

My favorite modern Sonic songs are:
Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure)
Be Cool, Be Wild, and Be Groovy (Sonic Adventure)
Supporting Me (Sonic Adventure 2)
That’s The Way I Like It (Sonic Adventure 2)
Mystic Mansion (Sonic Heroes)
Boss: Black Bull (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Kingdom Valley (Sonic 2006)
Dreams of an Absolution - Silver’s Theme (Sonic 2006)

Sonic Colors is my favorite soundtrack as a whole. It has a variety of musical styles including electronic, rock, ska, and symphonic that give the game a really fun flavor. Each “world” has its own theme, that’s been remixed for each zone. On top of that, you have hubworld music, menu music, and boss battle music which is all top notch!
A few of my favorites:
Asteroid Coaster (Act 3)
Sweet Mountain (Act 1)
Vs. Orcan & Skullian
Area - Aquarium Park
Theme of Sonic Colors (orchestral)
Vs. Nega Wisp Armor phase 2

The Sonic fan community has so many amazingly talented musicians who produce some stellar remixes and covers. A few that I adore are:
Schizophrenic by Kruai (Collision Chaos Japanese soundtrack)
Paradise Paradox by SuperiorX (Palmtree Panic Japanese soundtrack)
Walk on Water by housethegrate (Hydrocity Zone)
Live at the Sandopolis by BrainCells (Sandopolis Zone)
Malicious Fingers by SnappleMan (vs. Dr. Robotnik)
Gotta Go Faster by Tuberz McGee (Collision Chaos JP soundtrack + You Can Do Anything)
Hidden Palace Future by FFmusicDJ (Hidden Palace Zone)
The Boom by Jivemaster feat. Rabcandy
Forever In Your Mind by begoma feat. W!SE the all.E
Sonic by The Adventures of Duane and BrandO