zone 0 (off)

Good good OOC TAZ things

because the fact this thing was made by three nerd brothers and their nerd dad is a cornerstone of what makes it so great

  • Griffin introducing an NPC and instantly going ‘shit I have to come with a voice’
  • Griffin coming up with a voice and then instantly retconning it because he hates it
  • The boys’ derisive yet affectionate mockery of their dad’s horrendously out of date pop culture jokes
  • Clint’s horrendously out of date pop culture jokes
  • The use of nicknames (Juice, Griffy, Ditto etc.)
  • The unironic use of the word ‘Daddy’
  • Justin growing outrage at everyone else’s lack of character voices
  • One of the players suggesting something really stupid and Griffin’s deadpan voice saying ‘you die instantly’
  • Something bad happens/is about to happen and you just hear Travis go ‘well tits’
  • ‘which celebrity would you say this new NPC most resembles?’
  • Some dope plot twist occurs and one or more players breaks character to congratulate Griffin on how dope it is
  • Justin laughing so hard it sounds like he’s dying
  • Someone trying to surreptitiously open a bag of snacks but it ruins the audio and everyone else yells at them
  • Clint never knowing what dice to roll
  • One or more of them bursting into song
  • Someone making a hella good attack roll and Griffin going ‘holy shit’
  • ‘You’ve solved my [X] puzzle!’
  • Someone does some crazy-ass stunt and it works and the others start cheering and clapping

So the subplot of Holes is that Kate Barlow deals with the politically-sanctioned execution of her black boyfriend—who unlawfully kissed a white woman who was in love with him!!!—by becoming a serial killer who targets racist/sexist white dudes who harassed her, were rejected, then went after her boyfriend as revenge from the depths of the “friend zone”.

Go off Louis Sachar, let em know!

  • Doomfist: *Shatters every bone in Genjis body and literally fucking snaps off Tracer's accelerator*
  • Mercy with one heel on sprinting, shoving, putting the fear of god into everyone who she decides is blocking her one way course to the take off zone back at the Gibraltar base: NO ANGELA WE DONT NEED A HEALER THEY SAID. IT'LL BE AN EASY MISSION THEY FUCKING SAID.