(Sorry anon I deleted your fuck, marry, get drunk with - but I remember it was Genos, Mumen, and Zomzom so…)

I’d do it with Genos and marry Mumen since I don’t want to break the little cyclists. I guess I’d get drunk with Zombieman since I don’t even know if he can be drunk.

anonymous asked:

Just so you know, I'm Saitama, but I'm going to keep calling you Zomzom. ♡

((Lmao I know I saw the hashtags you left and I love it))

Tch.. Shouldn’t you be giving cute nicknames to Boros or Genos and not me?…

anonymous asked:

I love calling you zomzom and I don't know why.

Oh God that’s even worse than Zombae. But unfortunately, I can’t stop you or anyone giving me these odd little nicknames so I guess I’m just gonna have to deal with it…